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Complexity of the U.S. legal system

Today, the ordinary American state has as many pieces of legislation as the average European country’s law. If you multiply the total number of state laws by fifty, it becomes clear how large and complex the law is in the United States.

Some legislation replaced common law, but most of them established utterly new branches of law. For example, there is legislation on taxes, social security, environmental protection, and banking at the federal level. At the state level, there are laws about business, consumer rights, and family relationships. But common law has not ceased to exist. Many aspects of private law – contracts, civil law, and property law – are governed mainly by common law, with some legislation changes.

The states are given a reasonably broad legislative competence, and they actively use it. Hence – a significant array of legislation at the U.S. state level. There are 51 systems of law in the United States: 50 in the states and one federal. At the same time, no matter how crucial federal law is, citizens and lawyers put state law in the first place. The courts of each state exercise their jurisdiction independently of each other. Therefore, the courts of one state’s decisions don’t need to correspond to the findings of the other state’s courts. It is not uncommon for courts in different states to make inconsistent and sometimes directly opposite decisions in similar cases. More than 300 tomes of court cases are published annually in the United States. Despite the widespread usage of computer technology, the search for precedents is quite tricky due to their number, that’s why online legal databases with perfect codification is so important nowadays.

State law is also very different. Thus, for example, some establish a regime of joint property of the spouses, in others – separation, different grounds for divorce, criminal penalties for the same act, etc. This makes the U.S. legal system difficult for the average citizen.

The ever-increasing number of laws in the United States raises the question of their systematization, putting in order for ease of use and application. There are several collections, both official and private, covering federal or state law (such as the U.S. Code, a systematic collection of current federal regulations). However, it is often quite unclear whether the laws in this collection are relevant, whether they have not lost their validity, and whether the Supreme Court’s decision on this law’s unconstitutionality has come out at all.

To not waste your precious time, we offer you ready-made legal databases of court decisions, precedents, contract forms, and much more. On our portal you can get just such law information for free. Our website’s main advantage is the daily updating of databases of legal infor and consolidation of a variety of information in one place, including U.S. Code, Case Law, Statutes & Regulations.

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The provision of free legal services and the availability of information on legal proceedings is a tradition in almost every legal system globally, including the United States. The human right to legal data base is enshrined in the constitutions, and the possibility of its implementation is, to some extent, specified in the relevant laws. The second president of the United States, who was himself a lawyer, said, “Allocating our knowledge and energy to solve others problems without expecting material rewards is what defines us as professionals.” That is what you can expect from our platform.

What range of services do we provide to our users except legal databases?

With extensive American law experience, we provide our clients with access to many legal databases that contain updated laws, precedents, court decisions, and statutes. All of them are systematized by branches of law and by the year of their adoption. And we have all this on the portal in free access.

We also provide law information about legal forms for concluding contracts, accounting, and other legal cases. We also have a database of lawyers who are proven professionals and will help protect your rights.