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Susan Andrews

Attorney, Mediator and Negotiator specializing in online dispute resolution, Founder and Principal at Andrews Dispute Resolution

“It is both important and imperative that people always have free access to those laws to which they are bound. Innovations could help by making such access more efficient and effective through the intelligible, ethical, and unbiased application of approaches and technology.”

Frank Pennetti

Start-up Business Librarian and Attorney with over 25 years of experience

“It’s always hard for people to easily find and interpret the right current laws that apply to their situation. Lawrina is confronting this problem and making legal research free, accessible, and user-friendly. I recommend you check them out and help them become a great innovation!”

Legal Citation Generator

Whether presenting information at federal court, or being involved in other elements of legal publishing, you must refer to legal sources to strengthen your case or argument.

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Lawyer’s Marketplace

Lawrina offers a free legal database of legal professionals that can be filtered by practice area, city, state or case similar to yours. Whether you are looking for a family attorney or civil rights lawyer, you can use our advanced search and find a perfect specialist for your case in an area near you.

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Many of Lawrina’s visitors leave a few words about their experience before they leave the site. Check some of the reviews out below:

After several disappointing attempts to contact lawyers, I almost gave up, but then I saw a Lawrina database of lawyers. The convenient search and the profile full of information helped me to find the right person really quickly and in a couple of days I was discussing my case with them.

Daniel Newton
Daniel Newton

At Lawrina, I found articles with comprehensive and easy to read information about various areas of law. I liked the website and recommended it to my friend, who is a lawyer. He, by the way, read the articles with interest too.

Kelly Nelson
Kelly Nelson

I was looking for a tool to help me find references for my law school paper. The Legal Citation Generator was so helpful. It saved me a lot of time and I could spend it on other assignments.

Jemmy Wattson
Jemmy Wattson student

At first, I asked my friends about the lawyer for my case, but they didn’t know anybody suitable. It was hard for me to choose, because I only trust the real reviews. Also, for me it was important to know that I will be able to communicate with the attorney comfortably. Thanks to Lawrina’s marketplace, I found just the right person.

Austin Dulton
Austin Dulton

I am a solo attorney and the pandemic situation was so stressful. I felt that I was separated from the other colleagues and found it hard to maintain my position on the market. I found Lawrina and decided to be a part of their community. Now, I have clients coming to me because they found my profile on the website.

Catherine Lutton
Catherine Lutton attorney

Legal templates

Crafting a contract requires effort and time lawyers rarely have. At Lawrina, we decided to save this precious time for legal practitioners and create a base of legal templates on various topics.

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