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The Story Behind Lawrina Name

Lawrina name comes from two words: Law and Karina. Karina is our rockstar Head of Legal, - the expert in international law, who knows all the ins and outs of the legal world.

Together we are building a remarkable legal ecosystem. You can find new clients or get a quality legal advice with Lawrina Match, create the necessary legal doc in minutes, using Lawrina Templates, make issue-free contracts with Loio and much more.
The Story Behind Lawrina Name

We love legal!

Here is how Lawrina can help legal professionals skyrocket:

Be a force for good

We make the world a better place through positive actions, business ethics, diversity, and development.

Complete rather than compete

We build an innovative legal ecosystem and partner with like-minded businesses which are ready to grow with Lawrina.

Empower others

We help legal professionals and clients achieve their goals with a mutual benefit.

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