About Lawrina

Lawrina.com aims to be the leading source for useful legal content and helpful productivity tools for lawyers. It’s a place where legal practitioners will find in-depth information regarding US Codes, Federal Regulations (CFR), the Federal Register, as well as forms to make their professional life easier and more productive. 

Explore the website using fast and accurate search tools that will lead you to clearly explained legal content. If you don’t know specifically which area of law you might need, use the advanced search tools in the Practice Areas section. 

In our Legal Blog, we investigate trending legal issues, publish new research, collect lawyers’ opinions, and publish law reviews. The Legal Blogs are where you can read an expert opinion firsthand. 

Also, you can find a lawyer on Lawrina. Lawrina’s base is full of legal experts that will find a way to solve your query. And buy legal templates for your need. 


People behind Lawrina

Started in 2020, the legal portal has a mission to grow into a living ecosystem for legal assistance, collaboration, and growth. The name “Law-rina” comes from two words, “Law” and “Karina”. Karina Pukaniuk is our corporate lawyer who we appreciate much. And, yes, we created a portal in her honor! 


Our founders believe that there must be a great mission behind the business aims. During the negotiation process concerning selling the previous project, our lawyers faced the problem with access to American law. That’s how the idea of creating the Lawrina platform with free access to legal information came to us. We decided to fight for access to justice by improving access to legal information.


Lawrina.com is powered by a team of dedicated professionals from around the world. We specialize in the legal innovations sector as we believe that it will make lawyers happier. 


Any Questions? Whether you want to become a part of our team of legal experts or if you’re having trouble with the portal, please feel free to contact us. We promise to get back to you very soon.

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