How Much Will I Get as Compensation for a Bicycle Injury?

Riding a bike is an activity millions of people worldwide enjoy every day. Some choose to ride a bicycle to get to work, and some for exercise or leisure. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents that involve other road users can cause injuries.

You might be cycling along when someone else pushes past you at a junction or drives at you. Then the terrors of an accident on a bicycle become all too real, and you are in pain and injured.

Your first step would be to get yourself to the hospital and checked over, but what comes next? You need to make sure you get compensation for your bicycle injuries.

All roads lead to Rome, and the same goes for compensation claims. Experiencing a bicycle accident while the other party’s at fault means you can get a bicycle accident compensation claim. It is a traumatic experience and can come with substantial financial implications. 

Here we’ll walk you through how to claim compensation for a cycling injury. The article will also provide a rough idea of how much money you could receive.

Is a Lawyer Needed When Filing a Bicycle Accident Claim?

You can file a bicycle accident claim on your own. But having an experienced professional on your side makes the procedure smoother and more successful. A bicycle accident lawyer in Riverside stated that a legal counsel can walk you through every piece of evidence and procedural need. This removes the burden from an already traumatic situation.

You should also know that insurance companies will go to any lengths to contest or deny a claim. The other parties involved will try to hinder the process. But a personal injury lawyer can ensure that you receive what you deserve.

Amount of Compensation for Bicycle Injuries

You may be looking at a big claim that includes many elements. But the value of your claim depends on many things, such as the impact of your injury on your earning capacity. 

Here is an overview of personal injury damages that you can apply to a serious bike accident claim. While this is by no means the full list, it does give you a basic idea of how your claim might pan out.

  1. Soft tissue bicycle injury

Soft tissue injuries are difficult to treat. If you ever met with one through a bike accident, you may need surgery and rehabilitation. Nonetheless, we know they will be costly and related to the value of the case. 

An example is the case of Hagerty v. City of Chicago. A jury ruled in favor of the lady, awarding her $350,000 in damages for pain and suffering.

  1. Bicycle injuries from bone fractures

The amount of money you will get if you have bone fracture injuries from bike accidents is usually huge. They’re often worth the money spent on medical costs and lost wages. Yet, if the damage is more severe and needs rehabilitation, that figure may rise. 

One instance is the case of Levin vs. CTA in 2010. During the trial, the jury believed the plaintiff’s story and awarded him $1,300,000 in damages.

  1. Bicycle injuries to the back and neck

Back and neck injuries sustained in motorcycle accidents can result in some of the highest awards and settlements. This is because they: 

  • Cause the most costly healthcare care; 
  • Need the slowest recuperation time;
  • Alter the condition of a person’s life.

The case of Rogers vs. Wilcox is one example. The jury believed that the plaintiff was sleeping in the crosswalk. This led to an award of $49,000 for the damage it caused.

  1. Brain injury from a bicycle accident

Brain injury claims are far more common than other types of claims. That’s because this type of bicycle accident injury changes the victim’s life. If you ever meet with one, your work, relationships, and entertainment will never be the same. 

In the case of Derreck against Dahlstrand John, the jury awarded him $114,000. The award is given as it is despite his neurological damage. This can be a compromise because it aligns with the average cost of brain injury treatments.

  1. Wrongful death in a bicycle accident

Wrongful death lawsuits resulting from bicycle accidents seek compensation for:

  • The victim’s anguish;
  • The tragedy of their death;
  • The family’s loss; and
  • Expenses.

In the matter of Szynalik vs. CTA, all parties agreed to a $5,500,000 settlement. This is to compensate for previous medical bills as well as wrongful death and survival lawsuits.

Am I Eligible to Claim Compensation for a Bicycle Injury?

We all owe each other a duty of care to try and keep each other safe on the roads. That means we must drive safely and pay attention to others around us. But road accidents are inevitable. In such a case, you need to prove that the other road user was negligent and they caused your bicycle injury.

Remember that you have the same legal rights and responsibilities towards motorists as a cyclist. This includes the right to compensation in the event of a road accident. You might also find it helpful to know what kinds of injuries are common in bicycle accidents.

What Documents Do I Need to File a Bicycle Accident Claim?

Your bicycle injury claim will depend on how your bicycle accident occurred. Regardless, you should strive to take measures to support your compensation claim. There are several ways of proving what really happened at the scene, including:

  • Requesting copies of a dash cam or CCTV footage, if available;
  • Going to A & E to have your injuries checked if no one called an ambulance;
  • Reporting the accident to the authorities due to aggressive driving; and
  • Taking photographs of the accident site. This will help you identify the road layout and where your bike (and other cars) ended up.

All these steps will help you to substantiate a bicycle accident compensation claim.

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Don’t Settle for Less: Seek Professional Advice Now

There are almost no guarantees on the amount you could receive. Making a claim may just be what you need to bring justice to your case. Additionally, the compensation you get from a bicycle accident case may just be your way to move forward with your life. 

More often than not, the injuries sustained in bicycle accidents are traumatic. Some of these injuries can be fatal. And others cause severe physical and psychological trauma that can affect how you live. As a result, dealing with such severe injuries can take a long time.

You can speak to your local solicitor to better understand the compensation for bike accident claims. No matter what has occurred, it is always worth speaking to a lawyer about the best way forward.

Don’t delay in contacting a bicycle accident lawyer to have your best foot forward. The quick response will improve your case for a better chance of success. You don’t have to battle it out with the defendants and their insurer on your own. Let an expert help you out so that you get the compensation you deserve.

Article by Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin has had hands-on experience in digital marketing since 2007. He has been building teams and coaching others to foster innovation and solve real-time problems. Dan also enjoys photography and traveling.

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