How To Find Your Perfect Match Attorney

With more than a million lawyers in the United States, finding the perfect lawyer for your case can be challenging. However, it’s essential that you find an experienced attorney who can present a solid case in court on your behalf. Strategy is very important, and sometimes the lawyer who creates a great strategy for a weak case will have an advantage over another attorney who may lose a strong case without a plan and strategy. Without a strong attorney with a great plan for your personal situation, you may lose the legal battle, and that may lead to bad consequences. 

So, how can you find a perfect match attorney? Find out how to find the best lawyer for legal help by reading on until the end.

Finding a Qualified Attorney: Essential Tips

There are uncountable reasons why someone might need a lawyer. It can be challenging to determine which lawyer will provide the best help and win your case when you are already in a difficult situation. Most of the time, people fail even to ask the basic questions that can help determine which attorney is a better option.

The best way to avoid getting stuck in the web of legal complexities is to train yourself to identify which lawyer to hire. The below-mentioned tips can help you with hiring a perfect lawyer.

Understand your problem and choose a specialist

Take a moment to determine exactly the problem you’re facing before you dial multiple phone numbers to different lawyers. Knowing the issue allows you to filter lawyers and find only those who can help you. It is a crucial tip to follow as handling different laws require specific specialties and subspecialties. Having strong arguments in your defense is only possible with the help of an expert attorney. Choose a specialist with all the knowledge of the latest legal nuances and amendments. A marginal advantage with a strong hold over legal matters can help you win the case.

Double-check attorney’s relevant experience

A lawyer with experience in your legal matter is the best choice. A few factors that define a lawyer’s experience are the length of service, their region, the number of specialized cases they have handled, and prior results. If your lawyer has won cases for clients with the same problem as yours, you can be assured of getting the best legal representation. Other things that have high importance include knowledge of the adversaries and personalities related to the case, cumulative wisdom and perspective to evaluate risks and skills to develop winning strategies for a particular problem, and their confidence to help you through the complexities of the legal process. This information can be found on a law firm’s website and can give you some insight into the firm’s past work.

Check whether an attorney is a good communicator

Lawyers’ ability to communicate with their clients defines their expertise in handling cases. They must be well trained to communicate not only with you but also with their adversaries and those sitting in the judgment of their cases. You don’t have to call the lawyer over and over again to get updates on your case if you hire an attorney who anticipates your questions and keeps you updated as your case advances. A judiciary may ask you to take a certain decision or act during the proceedings. Your attorney should explain all the options available to you at that time. Additionally, your attorney must explain the positives and negatives of each course of action. So, if you hire an attorney, they should be able to communicate clearly and effectively.

Choose an attorney with high levels of professionalism

A lawyer’s professional status is not solely determined by their personality. It also depends on actions and behaviors that differentiate an attorney from other incompetent lawyers. Other things that represent a professional attorney include:

  • Protects your interests zealously;
  • Arrives at meetings on time and well-prepared;
  • Responds promptly to your telephone calls and emails;
  • Maintains a neat appearance and projects a successful image;
  • Provides prompt and appropriate follow-up as required by the case;
  • Advices on alternative dispute resolution;
  • Respects everyone regardless of their role, status, or position;
  • Behaves appropriately in all situations;
  • Follows all applicable laws and ethical canons; and
  • Doesn’t do anything that might expose impropriety.

Decide whether to hire a local or a national attorney

It depends on the subject of your case whether you need a local expert or a national expert. Local experts usually handle matters such as real estate or workers’ compensation. Local lawyers are familiar with the laws and procedures of the region, and they are better acquainted with the judicial and administrative authorities in the area. Wage and hour issues, labor law, and other complex issues involving federal law are best suited to national specialists. 

Take references from previous clients

You can use these tips to narrow down your search for attorneys; however, finding the most suitable attorney is a challenge. You can always ask the lawyer about older cases and contact the attorney’s previous clients. Consider other resources to investigate further and assess the attorney’s profile if you think your attorney has provided the best references only. 

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Final Argument – No Pun Intended

Considering the above-mentioned tips will help you in finding the right attorney for your case. When hiring an attorney, make sure they specialize in cases similar to yours. In other words, when you need a lawyer for immigration purposes, it is obvious that only an immigration attorney can assist you. It is not advisable to hire an attorney in a hurry. You should take the time to consider the various aspects of your case, seek advice from someone with experience, and then hire a lawyer who meets your needs.

Article by Marina Shepelsky

Marina Shepelsky is an award-winning immigration and family law attorney and the CEO and founder of Shepelsky Law Group. Marina has been licensed as an attorney in New Jersey since 2002 and in New York State since 2003. Licensed in the 2 highest level federal appeals courts – Eastern District and Southern Districts of New York. Admitted in all 58 Immigration Courts in the United States and the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

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