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Florida Voters Filed a Lawsuit Against the New Redistricting Map

Local communities and individual voters protested against the new redistricting plan of Gov. DeSantis to reduce Black districts and boost Republicans’ influence.

In 2010, Floridians voted for the “Fair Districts” amendment to the state constitution. It forbids diminishing local minorities and discriminating racial and language elections to Congress. Gov. Ron DeSantis has ignored this amendment and pushed his redistricting bill to the Florida Senate.

Black Votes Matter organization, the League of Women Voters in Florida, Equal Ground, and other individuals sued the Florida government on the new redistricting map.The members of the organizations claim that the redistricting plan does not align with the “Fair Districts” amendment. Instead, the new project will leave only two Black districts and significantly benefit the Republican party in twenty out of all twenty-eight Florida districts.

The bill violates the state Constitution, Cecile Scoon, president of the League of Women Voters of Florida, said. “The League and the other plaintiffs have chosen to not stand by while a rogue governor and a complicit state Legislature make a mockery of Florida’s Constitution and try to silence the votes and voices of hundreds of thousands of Black voters,” she added.

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