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Hitting 2022: Loio Releases Clause Bank and Clause Analysis, Plus Integrates with Clio DMS

The more innovative and flexible your document reviewing software is, the more tasks you can do in a short time. Once you’ve finished composing and checking your agreements, you can spend more time with clients and win more successful deals.

To help you make this a reality and optimize your daily workflow, Loio offers three exciting improvements. First, the new Clause bank feature helps you compose up-to-date legal contracts and keep common snippets close at hand. Then, Clause analysis suggests changes to a contract to add clarity for both parties. And for the connected lawyer, we offer seamless integration with Clio DMS to bring the best of Loio to this popular platform.

Let’s dive into these updates and see how easily you can use them in your daily legal job.

Clause bank – a feature to compose modern legal contracts

Our Clause bank has the most universal and accurate snippets for any type of contract. It’s perfect for service, sales, purchase or non-disclosure agreements, and more. With Loio, you can build up your documents as you need, provision by provision. 

You can quickly find the needed clause and easily insert it into your document. One snippet, two snippets, three snippets – you’re on track to a professional contract! 

Even better, you can add your own clauses to the bank to save even more time. Have what you need right at your fingertips for your workflow, plus share new clauses with your teammates.

Clause analysis for more efficient document formation

Clauses are the core elements of contracts. They state the key information that both parties must bear in mind, including specific actions to bring after the deal. 

You can now categorize a contract before scanning, to improve Loio’s analysis. Loio examines your document and its clauses thoroughly and provides you with an accurate report. 

Here’s how Loio displays snippet errors:

  • Resolve Critical Issues like repeated clauses and identify essential clauses you need to add to your contract for legal enforceability
  • Improve the readability of your contract by spotting and fixing embarrassing typos and Mild Issues and see what clauses we recommend you to insert to your document for clarity

You can find necessary snippets in our Clause bank and instantly add them in your file in seconds. In the end, your contract is finalized and up-to-date, according to applicable laws and regulations.

Loio & Clio integration for legal teams

Integration with software applications is always a win-win for users. Loio’s integration with the Clio document management system is a great boost for legal document management. 

While using both Loio and Clio, you can get your documents from Clio and scan them with Loio in Microsoft Word. You’ll see Loio’s reports within Clio tabs Matters, Contacts, and Documents

The reports include the Contract Health Score along with the numbers of high-risk and low-risk errors (Critical Issues and Mild Issues) plus information details (Key Terms) of your agreement.

For instant notifications on your contract analysis results, you can set up email alerts in your Loio account.

Because Clio is designed for legal teams to collaborate, you’ll also need a Loio Team plan to access this feature. Solo users can upgrade and connect to Clio in a few clicks. 

How can I try all the updates?

Loio’s new features are already available for you to use. The next time you open Loio it will update to bring these improvements. Just open Microsoft Word and start analyzing your contracts with Loio right away!

If you’ve recently discovered Loio, you can start a free trial for 14 days. No credit card is needed – get our complimentary support and onboarding, plus risk-free cancellation.

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