10 Steps How to Grow a Law Firm

My name is Jessica Anvar, and I am the Founder and Managing Partner of the Lemon Law Experts, a prominent California lemon law firm. I am also the CEO and Co-Founder of LawLinq, Inc., a California State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Service. 

With the Lemon Law Experts, what started off as a one-person solo practice has evolved into one of the largest plaintiff lemon law firms in California. Running a law firm is challenging. Ensuring its growth can be even more difficult. Here are some strategies that may help along the way.

1. Think like a CEO

Law school may have prepared you to be an excellent attorney, however, it did not teach you how to effectively run a business. Instead of thinking like a lawyer, you need to think like a CEO to grow your business. CEOs often juggle between tasks, but that does not mean that they do everything on their own. It takes a village of skilled, dedicated, knowledgeable, and excellent team members to successfully run a law firm.

2. Know when to delegate

Like any other business, there may be moments when you will have to reexamine and delegate tasks. It is difficult to grow your firm if you are too busy to answer inquiries from potential clients or do any marketing for your firm. This can cost you potential opportunities for growth. Customer service, accounting, and case management are examples of the tasks that can be delegated to someone else. Do not wait until you are too overloaded with clients to hire new people for your team if you anticipate that you will need them.

3. Build upon your marketing strategy

Think of your marketing strategy and plan. Will you advertise or will you rely on networking and referrals? It is helpful to learn about ad sources that are relevant to your practice area and know what the approximate cost of each lead may be. Targeted online ads can help bring in the exact clients you are looking for.

4. Optimize your website

Update your website if necessary so that you can build a brand that will stay relevant for years down the line. Make sure this website is both presentable and accessible for potential clients. This is often their first impression of your practice, so make it count.

5. Use technology to streamline your services

Aside from marketing, technology can play a key role in automating and streamlining your tasks. Firms that utilize technology grow much faster. In fact, firms that use online credit card payments, client portals, and client intake solutions consistently earned over 20% more revenue per lawyer every month in 2020.

6. Use legal software

Special-service legal software like Clio or MyCase can help you organize calendars, deadlines, timekeeping, and billing. Accounting tools can help you with automated payments. Take advantage of legal technology; there are countless ways you can reduce both time and costs.

7. Create a network

Spread the word about your law practice to your peers, friends, family, and network. You should also consider joining local lawyer associations and lawyer referral services. One of the best ways to get new business is to offer referral fees to other attorneys (as long as your state allows it).

8. Don’t forget about client referrals

Think back to the beginning stages of your firm when you heavily relied on client referrals. You should still attempt to establish relationships with past clients as you would have in the first few months of your practice. Continue to provide outstanding service so that your former clients can feel confident in referring your firm to others.

9. Get involved

While ads are helpful in reaching new clients, there are other things you can do to attract new people to your services. You will have to be proactive and put yourself out there to get your business on the map. In addition to lawyer associations, you can also increase your visibility by getting involved with your community, attending charity events, or even through social media. The more discoverable your firm is, the more client inquiries you will receive.

10. Work hard!

Growing your business will take discipline, dedication, sacrifice, and more. Know that you will encounter obstacles and adversity that you may not have anticipated. You must remind yourself to stay focused, persevere, and remember exactly why you wanted to do this. Entrepreneurs often falsely believe they will work less when they have their own businesses. However, the reality is that entrepreneurs work significantly more than 40-hour weeks.

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Expanding practice can be difficult, but it is not impossible. If you have specific goals for your firm and the dedication to get there, you are well on your way toward success. Implementing these strategies will help you prepare for anything that may come up in your journey.

Article by Jessica Anvar

Jessica Anvar is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Lemon Law Experts. What started off as a one-person solo practice has evolved into one of the largest plaintiff lemon law firms in California.

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