Law Firm Marketing Tools To Boost Digital Marketing in 2022

As more legal consumers turn to the internet for choosing a law firm or seeking legal advice in the initial phase of their cases, online marketing becomes a critical aspect of running a law firm. 

Without proper digital marketing, you can be sure that your potential clients will all be flowing to your competitor’s doorstep. However, you can advance or be on par with your competition by leveraging online marketing tools. Different aspects of your marketing campaign require different types of tools. 

SEO Tools

One aspect of digital marketing is content marketing. Content marketing involves the creation of informational content that will help portray you as an authority in your area of law to your audience, translating into more clients. 

Effective content marketing requires more than writing and posting content on your website. You must ensure that your site and content are SEO-optimized to rank high in search engines. Several SEO tools could help you nail your SEO strategy. These platforms include Ahrefs, Google Trends, Clearscope, Mozbar, Keyword Surfer, and Moz Title Tag Checker. 

PPC Ads Optimization Tools

Generating leads organically for a new business can be a bit of a challenge. So, you may want to consider paid advertising. The most effective method of paid ads is running a PPC campaign. 

Similar to content marketing, proper SEO can also benefit your paid advertising. Some PPC tools you may use when running a campaign include Google Keyword, Planner, and Spyfu.

Social Media Management Tools

Social media is one of the best mechanisms to implement if you are serious about lead generation. Statistics show over 70 percent of all Americans are on one or more social media platforms, making it a critical area of consideration in lead generation. 

But managing your social media pages can be challenging, so you may consider looking at tools that can help you get the best results from your social media campaigns. 

Some commonly used social media marketing tools include Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout, and Facebook Business. 

Email Marketing Management Tools

Your email list can be your most effective source of business if you manage it well,” says David Brenton of BluShark Digital, “but it may be difficult to reply to every email personally.” 

Additionally, different leads will require other messaging. 

Automating your email campaigns can help ensure that you keep your email list engaged with quality content based on their level in your sales funnel. Marketers’ most favorite email automation platforms include SharpSpring, HubSpot, and Filevine. 

These tools do more than manage your email list. For example, you can use the HubSpot platform for other tasks such as social media management and tracking your campaign’s performance. 

Analytic Tools

Running a campaign is great, but you will want to know how well or poorly your campaign is doing. Tracking your campaign’s performance helps you fine-tune it to ensure you get the expected results and identify areas where your revenue could go down the drain. 

For example, if you identify a social media platform that doesn’t guarantee an excellent ROI, you may drop it and focus your revenue on the channels with better ROI. 

The most widely used campaign analytics tools include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Ahrefs. 

Digital marketing for law firms
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Digital Marketing is continuously evolving, and so are its tools which is why we always advise Law Firms to S.W.S—Start with Strategy. Decide who your ideal customer is, what digital platforms they use the most, and then what tools you can use to reach them better. And if you are still unsure of what that path looks like, there are many digital marketing firms that can help you create and manage a strategy with the proper online tools to help you achieve your goals.  

Article by David Brenton

David Brenton is the President of BluShark Digital, a marketing firm that develops and implements cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to help businesses stand out online. David previously served as Chief Marketing Officer at Price Benowitz, LLP, a role that helped him realize the growing need to enhance law firms’ SEO and internet marketing strategies. Prior to starting BluShark, David also served as Client Intake Manager for Price Benowitz, which allowed him to gain a full understanding of the types of cases firms are seeking. After refining his SEO techniques, David launched BluShark Digital along with Seth Price. As President, David brings his passion for Search Engine Optimization to attorneys and businesses across the country to help build their brands online.

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