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Loio announces Lawyer Productivity Week

productivity week

Lawyers have been pushing for breaking free from the stress, anxiety, and culture of overwork that have plagued the legal profession. We’d like to thank Olivia Vizachero, Angela Han, Lisa Lang, Flo Nicolas, and Jay Harrington for doing exceptional work to move the needle and improve lawyer wellbeing. Please note that this is just a fraction of all the great people pushing for the change!

We at Loio want to be part of this noble effort. That’s why we invite all lawyers to join us in celebrating Lawyer Productivity Week on Oct 21 – Oct 27 by taking a few tiny and fun steps towards a more balanced life!

By the way, we have submitted Lawyer Productivity Week to be officially recognized as a holiday and are waiting for the final approval. Please wish us luck!

Here’s what you can do to make the week unforgettable:


Follow this 7-day feel-good checklist for lawyers created in cooperation with Olivia Vizachero and win a $100 Amazon gift card!

Here’s what you should do exactly:
• Share this post while tagging Loio and adding #lawyerproductivityweek;
• Write “I want to be a happy lawyer” in the comments under this post;
• Print out or just download the feel-good checklist;
• Do one thing from the checklist every day;
• Post your results and/or insights while tagging Loio and adding #lawyerproductivityweek on Oct 27;
• Enjoy yourself!

Please note that Lawyer Productivity Week starts on Thursday, Oct 21, as we know that changing your life on Monday doesn’t necessarily work out well.

Two winners each of whom will get a $100 Amazon gift card will be announced at Loio’s free lawyer productivity webinar on Oct 28.


Come to Loio’s free webinar on self-care and productivity featuring Olivia Vizachero and Angela Han! There you’ll get practical tips and strategies on managing your mental health, time, team, and tasks that will help you boost your career without sacrificing your well-being and family. 

Wishing you to be happy, healthy, and successful! Let’s celebrate Lawyer Productivity Week together!

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