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Jurors Have Rejected Palin’s Lawsuit Against New York Times

On February 15, the US District Court judges for the Southern District of New York dismissed Sarah Palin’s case against The Times.

The former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin claimed that the 2017 article written by then editor of New York Times James Bennet had included defamatory statements about her. The piece covered the 2017 shooting at the congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia, where 5 Republican members of Congress were severely injured.

Palin was said to have a connection with the attack based on her incendiary political ad from 2010. On the next day after publishing the article, Bennet removed all these information inaccuracies.

Judge Jed Rakoff found Times’ arguments more “convincing” than the ones made by Palin’s legal team, although he considered the newspaper’s action “very unfortunate editorializing.”

Ms. Palin was disappointed by the court’s decision and stated that Bennet might have known about false information details before the piece’s publication.

Article by Yevheniia Savchenko

Yevheniia Savchenko is a Legal Writer at Lawrina. Yevheniia browses through the most interesting and relevant news in the legal and legaltech world and collects them on Lawrina’s blog. Also, Yevheniia composes various how-to guides on legaltech, plus writes product articles and release notes for Loio, AI-powered contract review and drafting software.

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