Platinum Template Pack by Lawrina (50+ Templates)

Whether you are launching, growing, scaling your business, or need a legal agreement for a personal project — engaging a lawyer every time for a custom contract can be expensive and time-consuming. 

Lawrina’s Platinum Template Pack is here to help your business and personal processes stay legitimate and protected!

Get peace of mind with secure templates crafted by experienced lawyers.

What is the Lawrina’s Platinum Template Pack?

The Lawrina Platinum Template Pack is a collection of up-to-date agreements drafted by Lawrina’s legal team. It has the most common templates for your personal and business use. Our lawyers make every effort to provide updated templates that align with the current US legislation, so you don’t need to spend significant time or money on every legal agreement. 

How to use Lawrina’s Platinum Template Pack

After purchasing the pack, you’ll get the Microsoft Word version contained in a .zip file. You can use free applications like 7zip or Winzip to extract the files. Each Word document template enables you to enter your custom data into clearly identified and easy to complete fields. After filling in the data, you can create a PDF version ready to send.

Why Do You Need a Platinum Template Pack?

Streamline your work with editable contracts

The included Microsoft Word documents are instantly editable. There is no need to draft contracts from scratch or scroll through Google search results looking for a suitable template. With the Platinum Template Pack, you’ll find an extensive collection to meet your most essential needs. You can customize each contract template to suit your unique needs and easily share it with clients or partners in less than 20 minutes. So, with this pack, you can dramatically speed up the pace of your business.

Save your money 

Hiring an outside attorney to draft every single agreement you might need can be expensive. The Lawrina Platinum Template Pack provides savvy legal expertise at an affordable price. 

Secure your reputation 

An unprofessional agreement can erode your credibility.  With the Lawrina Platinum Template Pack, you’ll find up-to-date contract templates that ensure every contract clause is in the right place. 

Stay on the same page and minimize confusion

The Lawrina Platinum Template Pack features contract templates drafted in plain English.  Each is designed to set clear expectations and boundaries. The goal is simple – to prevent stressful and often costly misunderstandings.

Looking inside: Examples of Personal Templates

Babysitting Agreement Template

A well-written Babysitter agreement is a written arrangement between a parent or both parents and a babysitter – a person who looks after a child or children and takes care of him/them, usually on a fee-for-service basis.

This agreement, as a rule, should include the following essential terms and conditions: personal data of a parent(s) and a child or children; main requirements for the services and working schedule; duties and responsibilities of the babysitter, hourly rate, other payment terms, confidentiality clause, if any; warranties and representations; dispute resolution, cancellations, and a termination clause.

Our Babysitting agreement template aims to protect your rights and the welfare of your children when their parents are away as well as to stipulate all the requirements for the services rendered while eliminating all possible risks and misunderstandings among parties.

Catering Agreement Template

Catering agreement is a kind of service agreement between “a Caterer” – a person who provides catering services and a Client that specifies the details of required catering services for a specific period for one or several events upon the mutual arrangement of the parties. 

A catering agreement usually includes the following essential terms: event details; menu to be served by the Caterer; payment terms and procedure; duties and responsibilities of both parties; warranties and representations, if any; term and termination; dispute resolution clause, etc. 

Our Catering agreement template will enable You to establish the most favorable terms and conditions for cooperation between the parties involved as well as to ensure that Your specific event goes smoothly.  

Housekeeping Service Agreement Template

A housekeeping Service Agreement is a written document that sets forth the mutual arrangement between the Parties relating to housekeeping services to be provided by the Contractor to the Client. 

As a rule, a Housekeeping agreement contains the following essential terms and conditions: scope and description of required services; work inspection as well as requirements to the quality of the services; payment terms; work hours and schedule; employment status, if any; warranties and representations; legal remedies; dispute resolution clause; governing law, etc. 

Our Housekeeping service agreement template aims to help you clearly stipulate the main requirements for the services needed as well as to ensure that Your rights and responsibilities are duly specified in the agreement, avoiding possible adverse legal consequences and misunderstanding among the parties of the agreement.

Wedding Photography Contract Template 

A wedding photography contract – is a written arrangement between “a Client” – a person who need wedding photography services and “a Photographer” – a person who provides photography services related to the wedding ceremony and/or wedding party. 

Usually, a Wedding photography contract contains the following essential terms: wedding ceremony’s date/place and other similar information; payment procedure and terms; responsibilities of the parties; image processing and requirements to them; the number of photo locations and other details on the images required by the Client; IP rights to photo images; legal remedies, if any; termination clause as well as dispute resolution and governing laws clauses. 

Our Wedding photography contract template aims to provide You with legal protection, stipulating all the required details of the photography services as well as ensuring that all rights and responsibilities of both parties are set forth in written form to avoid possible misunderstandings and disputes between the parties of the agreement.

Looking inside: Examples of Business Templates

Services Agreement Template

A Services agreement is a written arrangement between “a Client” – a party who needs some kind of services to be provided and “a Contractor” – a person or legal entity who will be providing the respective services.

Generally, the services agreement shall include the following main terms and conditions: description of the services as well as main requirements to them; schedule of services; payment terms and procedure; warranties and representations, if any; legal remedies; termination; dispute resolution clause, etc.

Our Services agreement will be useful if you are providing services to clients or for those who want to hire somebody. This Services Agreement template clearly sets out parties’ rights and responsibilities as well as legal remedies and will enable making sure that their rights are duly protected.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) – is a written arrangement establishing confidentiality terms, usually between two parties – the owner of the protected information and the recipient of such information. Therefore, by signing the NDA participants agree do not to disclose and protect sensitive and confidential information shared with them by the other party.  

Usually, NDA shall include the following essential terms: definition and scope of confidential information; measures for the protection of the respective information; liability for the disclosure of the confidential information; return of confidential information; legal remedies; term and termination clause, etc.

Using our NDA template, You can ensure valuable, sensitive information, information with limited access, such as trade knowledge, commercial secrecy, and know-how, is safe and duly protected with a proven legal agreement. NDA is sufficient for discussing opportunities with potential business partners, counterparties, attorneys, new employees, or independent contractors.

Trademark License Agreement Template

A Trademark license agreement – is a written arrangement between a licensor -the registered trademark owner and a licensee – the person or legal entity, who desires to obtain IP rights to use the respective trademark on a certain territory, pursuant to which the licensor grants the right to use the registered trademark to the licensee on terms of the license agreement.

As a matter of practice, a trademark license agreement shall contain the following terms and conditions: scope and kind of license granted; classes of goods and services of International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS), for which the license is granted; licensor’s quality control clause; payment terms and procedure; kinds of trademark use permitted under the license; term and termination clause; dispute resolution clause as well as governing law, etc.

This License Agreement Template specifies the terms and conditions governing how the licensee uses the trademark and provides the licensor with a clear payment procedure and quality control mechanism, as well as ensures that the rights of Your Clients (either trademark licensor or licensee) are clearly specified and duly protected in order to avoid misunderstanding between the parties as well as other trademark infringements by third parties. 

Partnership Agreement Template

A Partnership agreement – is a written arrangement between the parties involved in starting a partnership structured business – the partners, specifying their rights and responsibilities as well as profit distribution. 

As a rule, Partnership agreement shall include the following terms: participants and purpose of partnership; ownership interests; term and place of business of the partnership; capital contribution procedure and terms; procedure for sharing of profits and loses; rights and duties of the partners; accountancy issues; termination clause; disputes resolution and governing law, etc.

Our detailed Partnership agreement template will enable you to clearly stipulate the rights and responsibilities of both partners to avoid possible business risks, such as conflicts among partners while distributing profit, or another misunderstanding between the parties.

Need a Custom Agreement?

Platinum pack templates are premade and meant to be easily customized. Not sure if the Lawrina Platinum Pack covers your needs? You can always ask for professional help and find an attorney using Lawrina’s Match service to get a customized agreement.


With this Platinum Pack, you can draft contracts that help you chase your entrepreneurial dreams with minimized risks and secure your personal safety. So, it can become your legal foundation to grow a thriving business and stay protected.

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