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Trump lawyers claim U.S. Senate has no authority to put him on trial

Trump lawyers claim U.S. Senate has no authority to put him on trial

President Trump is set to begin his second impeachment trial. He was initially impeached seven days before the official end of his presidential term, January 20, 2021, yet he will face the senate trial even after his dismissal.

Former President Donald J. Trump was hosted on the Saturday Night Live’s weekend on an Update Segment with Anchor Colin Jost to make a testimony over his forthcoming impeachment trial.

The Senate trial began on Tuesday, February 9, where was charged with the incitation of a violent horde of protesters that stomped the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The democrats urge former president, Trump, to take an oath and make a testimony.
During a Saturday Night Live with Jost, he came up with reasons why the former president should reconsider his adviser’s counsel.

In his words, “As we know, our former president Trump, -also a social media influencer- will not be willing to testify during his impeachment trial and I believe this is general opinion when I say, he should definitely reconsider.

More on Why Trump Should Reconsider

According to Jost, there may be more to the incident than presented to the media. However, how would we know? Twitter permanently has the former president’s account blocked the previous month, and this has limited his avenue to share his thoughts, which he is most notorious for.

“All you have to do, is yell out your tweets you have been restricted from making all these while,” added Jost.

Donald Trump officially becomes the third president in United States History to be impeached and by the House of Representatives. And the trial set-up in the senate will determine his fate in the office.

Two charges on which the basis of his impeachment is voted for,

  • Abuse of Power
  • Obstruction of Congress

While a large percentage of Democrats supported these charges, almost all Republicans were against it.
It is important to note that the senate’s control is dependent on the Republicans, so it will likely be a difficult trial.

Senate Has No Authority to Put Donald Trump On Trial

On the Washington (Reuters), Legal advisors and lawyers for ex-president Trump declared last week Tuesday the failed audacity for the U.S. senate to place an impeachment charge over him.

According to them, former President Trump is a private citizen and should not be charged for the incitement of revolt at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Furthermore, the defense team argues that there is no jurisdiction preventing him from running and holding on to a public office in the nearest future.

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