U.S. Democrats take the first step to go it alone on Biden’s COVID-19 aid

U.S. Democrats take the first step to go it alone on Biden's COVID-19 aid

Reports on WASHINGTON (Reuters) presents the large numbers of Democrats in the united states taking the first step to go at it alone on the Proposed coronavirus aid plan by the newly elected president, Joe Biden. This move is made without their need for Republican support and requires a budget of $1.9 trillion.

Party lines vote collated by the Senate see the Democrats barely edging the Republicans with a 50-49 results while going a step further to open up a debate for a budget resolution regarding the fiscal coronavirus aid spending instructions 2021.

What is in the Package?

Also called the American Rescue Plan, the Biden’s Covid 19 Aid comes with a beefed-up stimulus payment and an enhanced Unemployment aid.

The payment allows for another bulk payment of $1,400 sent to all eligible individuals to make a total of $2,000, including payments of $600 the congress approved during December.

Unemployment Aid Plan is a plan to boost the weekly relief package from $300 to $400 from last December’s relief package from congress.

U.S. Democrats take the first step to go it alone on Biden's COVID-19 aid

Temporary Increase of Tax Credits

In the proposal, there is a plan to boost child tax credits for children aged 6 and under to a $3,600 rate from a former $3,000. Once this is successful, they will look to expand the age range to accommodate under 17-year-olds. Also, a pivotal part of this plan is to make all credits refundable.

Also, Biden looks towards creating a raise to the “Maximum Earned Income Tax Credit” yearly to about $1,500 for adolescence and also increase the age range to accommodate adults and much older workers.

An Increased Support for The Coronavirus Vaccines and Testing

A budget quote of $20billion is to be invested in a national vaccination program; some of which implementation includes;

Setting Up local vaccination centers in small communities across the countries – Also creating easy to access mobile units in rural areas.
To fund the hiring of over 100,000 public health workers and also as an attempt to strengthen the U.S. health sector and health workforce.

The direct payment to the United States’ residents is to help stimulate the United States economy to an increased growth given the decline due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Unemployment benefits and programs regarding vaccines application are also budgeted for.

On Tuesday, an online meeting with Biden and the Democratic Senators, he stated his willingness to readdress and make modifications to the proposal sent and stresses that the counteraction of the republicans was, well, rather inadequate, reported to the media by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Article by Megan Thompson

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