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UN Reports 5 Million Ukrainian Refugees Who Have Fled the War

Ninety percent of the Ukrainian refugees are women and children, as male Ukrainians of military age are prohibited from leaving the country during the war.

The recent data published by the UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR) indicated that 5,034,439 Ukrainian citizens had left Ukraine since February 24, when Russia invaded Ukraine. The figure proves that Europe faces the most significant number of refugees since World War II.

The biggest number of Ukrainians, about 2.8 million, is in Poland, a transit country for Ukrainians leaving for other European countries, such as Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, etc.  

Romania has received more than 757,000 Ukrainian people. Through Romania, some refugees also traveled to other destinations. Moldova and Hungary shared approximately the same number of Ukrainians fleeing the war — up to 500,000.

About 7 million Ukrainians were displaced to safer Ukrainian regions.

However, more than 500,000 Ukrainians from the Eastern regions with the most intensive fighting were deported to Russia, mainly from Mariupol. This city is a critical strategic object for Russia to occupy as it would enable the transit port route from the Crimean peninsula.

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