Why You Need a Business Community

I’m often asked what elevated my business from six figures to seven, and I think the answer surprises a lot of people. I wasn’t exhausting myself with longer hours or spending thousands more dollars on marketing every month. Nor did it come at the cost of pricey influencer collaborations. What took my business to the next level was community, specifically, my business community.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely and exhausting journey, especially at the beginning of your venture. It can feel like no one understands where you’re coming from, why you have to leave a girls’ night out to deal with shipping issues, or why you can’t just turn your phone off during a movie. Sometimes, it can feel like owning a business is putting out fire after fire, and on those days especially, you just need someone who gets it. Cue your business, bestie. 

What Is a Business Bestie 

Your business bestie is your go-to person when it comes to running your business. They are your confidant, your ally, and sometimes the person getting your panicked phone calls at 10 PM. Life as an entrepreneur can be lonely and exhausting, even if you have your own staff. No one fully gets it, until they’ve walked the same path in the same shoes. It’s why finding a like-minded community is one of the first things I recommend to new entrepreneurs. 

3 Ways Having a Community Can Change How You Run Your Business 

1. Motivation and discipline 

There are days when all of us feel like giving up, or at least crawling into bed with the sheets pulled over our eyes, waiting for the day to just end. But consistency is your biggest ally, and sometimes you need outside voices to remind you of that. Your business community will inspire you to keep going when you want to quit, and it will keep you in integrity when you miss deadlines or undersell yourself. 

2. Collaboration over competition 

I can’t even begin to count how many of my clients or opportunities came from the connections I made in my business community. There’s something powerful about finding a group of people who want you to win. Whether it’s brainstorming solutions to a problem you’re facing, referrals, or social media giveaways, your business community is your key to the collaboration of your dreams.

3. Accountability and deadlines

Are you constantly missing deadlines because of your perfectionist tendencies? When there’s no one pressing you on meeting targets, it can be easier to blow off to-do lists and due dates. Especially if your reasoning is rooted in perfectionist fantasies. (Tip: if you wait until your course is “perfect,” you’ll never launch).

Now, the next question I’m usually asked is, “where can you meet the right business community for you?” Honestly, it’s like dating. Sometimes you’ve just gotta shoot your shot. Message business owners you relate to on Instagram, join a Facebook community that resonates or find a business conference that resonates with you. Finding your community can seem like a lot of trial and error, but when you find the right people, you’ll wonder how you ever did it without them. 

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Getting fired from my big law job was not what I envisioned for myself when I graduated from law school. It happened less than a year...

One of the reasons I’ve organized the Dream Bigger conference is exactly that one – my business community has supported so much of my growth, and I can’t wait to pay it forward. Over two and a half days, business owners from all over the world are coming together to dream bigger, brighter, and bolder. With everything – from conversations on marketing to breathwork for business owners. If you’re interested in attending in person or virtually, drop me a line. I’d love to see you there.

Article by Andrea Sager

Andrea Sager is a small business attorney shaking up the legal industry with her comprehensive Legalpreneur membership that provides affordable all-access legal advice for small businesses. After working for a large law firm with big businesses, Andrea realized her true passion was helping small businesses embrace and protect their assets and intellectual property. In just a few years, Legalpreneur has become the go-to attorney for small business entrepreneurs, protecting everything from their brand names and Instagram handles to their courses and contracts.

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