26 U.S. Code Section 5042 - Exemption from tax 2018

Section Text

(a) Tax-free production (1) Cider

Subject to regulations prescribed by the Secretary, the noneffervescent product of the normal alcoholic fermentation of apple juice only, which is produced at a place other than a bonded wine cellar and without the use of preservative methods or materials, and which is sold or offered for sale as cider and not as wine or as a substitute for wine, shall not be subject to tax as wine nor to the provisions of subchapter F.

(2) Wine for personal or family use

Subject to regulations prescribed by the Secretary—

(A) Exemption

Any adult may, without payment of tax, produce wine for personal or family use and not for sale.

(B) Limitation

The aggregate amount of wine exempt from tax under this paragraph with respect to any household shall not exceed—

(i) 200 gallons per calendar year if there are 2 or more adults in such household, or

(ii) 100 gallons per calendar year if there is only 1 adult in such household.

(C) Adults

For purposes of this paragraph, the term "adult" means an individual who has attained 18 years of age, or the minimum age (if any) established by law applicable in the locality in which the household is situated at which wine may be sold to individuals, whichever is greater.

(3) Experimental wine

Subject to regulations prescribed by the Secretary, any scientific university, college of learning, or institution of scientific research may produce, receive, blend, treat, and store wine, without payment of tax, for experimental or research use but not for consumption (other than organoleptical tests) or sale, and may receive such wine spirits without payment of tax as may be necessary for such production.

(b) Cross references

(1) For provisions relating to exemption of tax on losses of wine (including losses by theft or authorized destruction), see section 5370.

(2) For provisions exempting from tax samples of wine, see section 5372.

(3) For provisions authorizing withdrawals of wine free of tax or without payment of tax, see section 5362.

Editorial Notes

PRIOR PROVISIONS A prior section 5042, act Aug. 16, 1954, ch. 736, 68A Stat. 610, consisted of provisions similar to those comprising this section, prior to the general revision of this chapter by Pub. L. 85–859.AMENDMENTS 1978—Subsec. (a)(2). Pub. L. 95–458 substituted in heading "Wine for personal or family use" for "Family wine" and in text provision permitting an adult to produce 200 gallons of wine per calendar year if there are 2 or more adults in the household or 100 gallons of wine per calendar year if there is one adult in the household for provision which permitted the duly registered head of any family to produce an amount of wine not exceeding 200 gallons of wine per annum. 1976—Subsec. (a)(1) to (3). Pub. L. 94–455 struck out "or his delegate" after "Secretary" wherever appearing.EFFECTIVE DATE OF 1978 AMENDMENT Pub. L. 95–458, §2(c), Oct. 14, 1978, 92 Stat. 1257, provided that: "The amendments made by this section [amending this section and sections 5051, 5053, 5054, 5092, 5222, and 5674 of this title] shall take effect on the first day of the first calendar month which begins more than 90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act [Oct. 14, 1978]."


26 U.S.C. § 5042 (2018)

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