36 U.S. Code Section 22103 - Governing body 2018

Section Text

(a) Executive Council.—(1) The executive council is the governing body of the corporation. However, the council is subject to the directions of the corporation at its annual meetings and at any other meeting called under the constitution, bylaws, or regulations of the corporation.

(2) The council consists of a president, an honorary president, a number of vice presidents and honorary vice presidents as provided in the constitution, a secretary, a treasurer, and at least 24 additional individuals.

(b) Election and Terms.—The officers of the corporation and one-third of the other members of the council shall be elected at each annual meeting of the corporation. However, the constitution may authorize the council—

(1) to elect the secretary and the treasurer of the corporation for specified terms; and

(2) to fill vacancies until the next annual meeting.

Editorial Notes

Historical and Revision Notes Revised SectionSource (U.S. Code)Source (Statutes at Large)22103 36:343. Sept. 20, 1950, ch. 958, §3, 64 Stat. 870. The words "The number of members of the executive council shall initially be forty-four, and the members of the said council shall initially be the persons whose names and addresses are set forth in section 341 of this title" are omitted as obsolete.


36 U.S.C. § 22103 (2018)

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