36 U.S. Code Section 22707 - Restrictions 2018

Section Text

(a) Profit.—The corporation shall operate as a not-for-profit corporation, exclusively for charitable, educational, patriotic, and civic improvement purposes.

(b) Stock and Dividends.—The corporation may not issue stock or declare or pay a dividend.

(c) Political Activities.—The corporation or an officer of the corporation or member of its executive committee as such may not contribute to, support, or assist a political party or candidate for elective public office. The corporation may not carry on propaganda.

(d) Distribution of Income or Assets.—The income or assets of the corporation may not inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to, a director, officer, or member of the corporation, except on dissolution or final liquidation of the corporation.

(e) Loans.—The corporation may not make a loan or advance to a director or officer. Directors who vote for or assent to making a loan or advance to a director or officer, and officers who participate in making the loan or advance, are jointly and severally liable to the corporation for the amount of the loan or advance until it is repaid.

Editorial Notes

Historical and Revision Notes Revised SectionSource (U.S. Code)Source (Statutes at Large)22707(a) 36:67b(11) (1st–8th words and words after semicolon). July 23, 1947, ch. 298, §§3(11), 5(1), (2), 15, 16, 61 Stat. 405, 406, 408. 22707(b) 36:67n. 22707(c) 36:67d(1), (2). 22707(d) 36:67b(11) (9th word through semicolon). 22707(e) 36:67o. In subsection (b), the words "shares of" are omitted as unnecessary. In subsection (e), the words "or advance" are added in 2 places for consistency in the subsection.


36 U.S.C. § 22707 (2018)

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