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Michael J. Duffy is an attorney in Montgomery McCracken’s Business Department. He focuses his practice on general corporate matters, with a concentration on gov...
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(From an affiliate): "Rob provides legal counsel utilizing a unique skill set. In addition to maintaining a litigation practice since 1991, he has also served i...
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Brook M. Thibault is a Virginia Beach trial lawyer, former Associate Counsel for CMA CGM (America) LLC the world's third largest container ship company, and Pub...
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Joel has a broad range of experience that includes administrative law, appeals and rulemaking, business and corporate law, consumer protection, government affai...
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Yasmine Tabatabai is an accomplished and well-respected litigation and trial attorney who is well-versed in evaluating complex legal issues and a tenacious advo...
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Jonathan M. Herbst is a graduate of the University of Delaware (B.A., 1999) and the University of Maryland School of Law (J.D., 2003). Prior to joining The Herb...
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AF Legal & Consulting Services is a business and commercial law firm with an office located in Beaverton, Oregon. AV Preeminent-rated* attorney Ann L. Fisher wo...
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Aaron R. Gott focuses on challenges to government conduct, business and competition litigation, and appeals.
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I am believer that people accused of a criminal offense deserve the most competent and experienced legal counsel possible for a fair and reasonable cost of repr...
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Kenneth L. Sheppard, Jr. is the President and Owner of Sheppard Law Offices, Co., L.P.A.Kenneth graduated from Ohio Northern University in 1996 with a Bachelor ...

There are many laws that businesses are expected to follow. Given the potential repercussions for not abiding by these laws set by the state or federal authorities, this means that businesses need a lawyer to ensure they comply with the laws. Disputes, litigation, property purchases, and tax preparation require legal expertise to avoid serious consequences. The best business lawyer near you can assist your company with a variety of legal services.

What is a Business Lawyer?

Business attorneys are specialists that overlook business operations in the companies and make sure that they are led in accordance with the law. These professionals prepare corporate documents, work on contracts and legal issues, and participate in the resolution of conflicts when they arise.

What Does a Business Lawyer Do?

1. Provides Legal Advice for Your Business

Businesses hire lawyers to guide them through legal issues, such as lawsuits and legal violations. Business lawyers provide legal guidance and advice to help you avoid legal problems in the first place.

2. Resolves Legal Disputes

Conflicts between businesses may arise. A business lawyer will propose legal options that benefit both parties. Since litigation takes time and costs money, arbitration and mediation are better alternatives.

3. Helps Businesses to Keep Up With Legal Changes

With regulations and laws changing all the time, businesses can find it hard to understand what is required of them. Attorneys can help. Attorneys help businesses to avoid violations and assist in negotiating legally binding agreements such as partnerships and leases. A business lawyer ensures everything you do is legal.

4. Navigates the Legal System

As a business owner, you may have to deal with the law one day. All business-related legal problems can be handled by a business lawyer. A lawyer can protect your rights if you're facing a lawsuit, and the right lawyer can even help you win. Business owners should never try to handle legal disputes on their own. It’s always safer to contact a lawyer.

5. Connects Businesses to Specialists

The right professionals to help your business can be found through business lawyers. For instance, complex tax matters may require additional assistance from accounting and finance professionals. Attorneys have connections to specialists who can provide guidance and assistance for all of your business needs.

6. Helps Businesses to Avoid Mistakes

Business is fraught with legal pitfalls. No matter how experienced you are as a business owner, you are susceptible to legal errors. Business lawyers are well versed in the pitfalls you may face in business. An experienced business lawyer can help you avoid major litigation that can put your business profitability at risk. Litigation should always be prevented rather than dealt with later.

7. Ensures Your Contracts Are Sound

Businesses should ensure they have solid contracts as incomplete and vague contracts can allow other entities to take advantage of them. It can be very costly to resolve cases that arise from sloppy contracts. Business attorneys draft airtight agreements to prevent future disagreements and losses.

8. Makes It Easier To Get Paid

Some business associates, partners, and clients can be quite difficult to deal with, especially when it comes to remitting payments. A business lawyer can help you when someone does not pay you what they owe. A business lawyer can make the payment request for you. In addition to motivating debtors to pay you, business lawyers also know what to do in case they refuse to pay.

What Types of Situations Benefit from a Business Lawyer?

Business law lawyers near you help business owners solve problems. In essence, a business attorney helps business owners understand the issues they are facing and the challenges they will face in the future.

What kinds of problems do business owners typically face?

Establishing a Business

Which business type is right for your business: an LLC, an S Corp, or something else? The consequences of the wrong decision can be very costly for entrepreneurs to rectify, and it may take years before the problems become obvious! Business lawyers can help you make the right decisions.

Contract Writing

When you hire an employee or bring on a client, what forms do you need to outline salary or fees? Do they need to sign a waiver? How should the forms be worded? Business lawyers can draft contracts tailored to your business needs.

Disputed Contracts & Breach of Contract

When a contract is disputed, what happens? What can you do if a client fails to pay or an employee spills business secrets? In addition to negotiating and advocating on your behalf, a business lawyer can file a lawsuit if necessary.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you considering acquiring a competitor or being acquired by a larger business? Are you considering partnering with another business? A business lawyer can guide and advise you throughout the process.

Resolving Business Issues & Claims

Taking care of your employees can be a challenge, regardless of how well-prepared you are. In addition to educating their clients about applicable laws and best practices, business lawyers represent businesses when issues arise.

Compliance & Risk Management

Both new and established businesses can experience compliance issues. A commercial attorney can provide advice on these issues and help businesses to develop systems to monitor and minimize risks.

Property & Real Estate Disputes

If your business owns or leases property, business lawyers help businesses manage sales and leases, navigating complicated and confusing real estate and tenant laws.

When Should You Hire a Business Lawyer?

The cost of correcting even the simplest, most trivial, and most honest of mistakes and misunderstandings can be thousands of dollars. By consulting a business law attorney, many of these problems can be avoided.

Even if you feel like your business does not need a lawyer, or you feel like you can handle these challenges yourself, you should speak with a business lawyer. It is better to spend your time and effort running your business than dealing with legal issues on your own.

How Do I Choose a Business Attorney?

Follow these 7 keys to choosing the right lawyer for your business:

  1. Determine when you need a lawyer.
  2. Select the right type of business lawyer.
  3. Find an attorney who understands the market or niche in which you operate.
  4. Select the right size law firm.
  5. Hire an attorney who has access to other resources:
    • Does this law firm host regular networking events for its clients? These could include live events, webinars, or another type of virtual resource.
    • Can they refer you to other attorneys and professionals when you have specialized needs?
    • Do they belong to any trade associations or other groups that can benefit your business?
    • Would they be willing to introduce you to other clients, potential customers, and strategic partners?
    • Make sure you dig for details and don't be afraid to ask these types of questions. Be cautious of attorneys who overpromise and approach this line of inquiry with a bit of skepticism. Make an informed decision.
  6. Are you in need of a lawyer in your city or state?
  7. Make sure you understand their fee structure.

How Much Does a Business Lawyer Cost?

Business lawyers charge an hourly rate for things they cannot offer as a flat fee. An average lawyer's rate is $300/hour, but it can vary depending on how much experience they have. All business law attorneys near you need to understand your case before providing an estimate of their services.

Do Business Attorneys Charge for Consultations?

It varies. There are many lawyers who offer free consultations so you can find out if the lawyer is right for you. The purpose of this consult is not to provide legal advice, but to determine if you wish to hire this lawyer.

On the other hand, if a potential client doesn't show up to their consultation or arrives late, this takes away the time needed for paying clients. Fees ensure that the new client takes the transaction seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a corporate attorney to prepare my contracts?

The company doesn't need to have a corporate attorney as part of the contract drafting process; however, they can help. If you are sure that you can prepare a contract by yourself, you shouldn't worry about the business lawyer's involvement. When the contracts are hard to deal with and have too many nuances, don't hesitate to use the attorney's help.

How to prepare for the meeting with the business lawyer?

Every company has its way of preparing for a new relationship with the client. Still, while communicating about the first meeting with the attorney, you should ask whether they want you to bring any documents. Some companies include this information on the website, so you should not hesitate to check it before contacting the lawyer.

What do we usually misunderstand about business law?

Before communicating with the business attorney, clients often have their understanding of what the lawyer's responsibilities should be and how they will cost them. However, the work of business attorneys often includes a lot of preparation and investigation that requires time and effort.