Carlos Scott Lopez

Gamelan Council - Asia-Pacific Public Health, Mircofinance, and Development Centre
California, New York

About Carlos Scott Lopez

Human / Civil Rights Attorney working with clients in the public and private spheres for over 25 years in over 75 countries. Significant experience serving non-profits in the public health and international development spheres assisting refugees, asylum seekers, and those suffering from various forms of trauma. Particular focus on LGBTQ and non-binary clients with legal / personal concerns related to gender expression and its effects and helping spearhead international initiatives addressing the same.Current Director of the Gamelan Council - Asia-Pacific Public Health, Microfinance, and Development Center. Previous experience includes working as a primary care clinician / rural health officer for Nepal Emergency Health Services, an Officer with the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC), and consultant with McKinsey and Company's health care practice. Currently serve asylum seekers and refugees with legal and personal issues stemming from trauma, with particular attention to LGBTQ and non-binary clients. Also assist clients as a mediator and arbitrator in emotionally charged disputes (particularly among family members and family units) and in trust/estate management.Member of the Bar of the State of California, the Bar of the State of New York, Licensed Patent Attorney, Licensed Tax Attorney (before the U.S. Tax Court), and Notary Public of the States of California and New York.



Work experience

Gamelan Council - Asia-Pacific Public Health, Mircofinance, and Development Centre
Director | 2006 - Present


Yale Law School
J.D. | 2005 - Present
Harvard University
B.A. | 1993 - Present


Fulbright Fellowship
Fulbright Foundation | 2005
Truman Scholarship
Truman Scholarship Foundation | 1989


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