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Oklahoma Class Action Lawyers

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I have been practicing law since 1987 and have participated in dozens of trials and settlements resulting in million dollar recoveries for many of our consumer ...
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A native of McAlester, Attorney Jeff Herrick has provided bankruptcy assistance to individuals, couples and businesses located in the Eastern District of Oklaho...
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Upon graduation from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in July 1966, I moved to Pryor, Oklahoma, as an Associate of well known and famous trial lawyer, ...
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Extensive experience in municipal law, non profit organizations, employment law, income tax, chapter 13., Title Opinions. Currently volunteering at a Senior Ci...
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A native of the Oklahoma City area, Attorney B. David Sisson has provided bankruptcy assistance to area individuals and businesses for nearly twenty-seven years...
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Practice Areas: Commercial Litigation, Contracts, Business/Corporate Law, Construction Law, Personal Injury, General Civil Litigation, Foreclosure/Loss Mitigat...
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While interning at the district attorney’s office, Chuck assisted with the prosecution of DUIs, misdemeanors, and violent crimes. After becoming a licensed atto...

Anyone who has sustained an injury and thinks others may have been harmed might consider filing a class action suit. These are highly complex civil litigation lawsuits that require the help of a Oklahoma class action lawyer. We discuss what these legal professionals do on this page and how they can help you fight your claim. You’ll also find tips on finding the best class action lawyer in Oklahoma to help bring you and other injured parties justice.

What is a Class Action Lawyer?

A class action lawyer is a legal professional specializing in civil cases where there is more than one plaintiff. Usually, there are more than 40 plaintiffs in class action claims, though hundreds of thousands are not uncommon. The claims are always concerning injury – be that physical, financial, or other injuries – due to negligence of a defendant.

There are many different injuries to consider and lots of evidence to gather. Class action litigation is extremely complicated. A Oklahoma class action lawyer will look over all the evidence, offer legal advice, and help reach a settlement with the courts to ensure all plaintiffs receive fair compensation.

What Does a Class Action Attorney Do?

A Oklahoma class action attorney will help explain your legal rights and walk you through the entire class action lawsuit proceedings. They will initially look at all the evidence on the case and decide whether there is a valid claim. If there is a valid claim of a violation of your civil rights, your attorney will then prepare documents and file the claim with the courts. They will work with the lead plaintiff throughout the procedure and fight for your rights to help bring justice to all injured parties.

When to Hire a Lawyer for Class Action in Oklahoma?

Any person that believes that they have been injured by another party should consider filing legal action. However, if you think there is a chance that other people have also sustained injuries from the same party, then hiring a lawyer for class action in Oklahoma is a good idea. Examples of injuries that could easily affect multiple people include:

  • Improper medical care or defective medication;
  • Illegal business practices;
  • Breach of any legal contract; and
  • Discriminating against employees at the workplace.

It is advisable to hire an attorney before speaking to other injured parties as they will help you determine the basis for your class action lawsuit.

How to Find a Oklahoma Class Action Lawyer?

So you need a Oklahoma class action lawyer, which means you’re probably wondering, “How do I find a class action law firm in my area I can trust?” There are a few different ways to find legal experts to help with the litigation proceedings:

  • Ask friends and family for recommendations of experienced class action lawsuits lawyers.
  • See if any of the other plaintiffs have anyone that can recommend a lawyer to them.
  • Ask an attorney you use for other legal issues if they can recommend a local lawyer.
  • Check your local bar association for a list of all the licensed civil rights lawyers specializing in class action within your city or state.

How Do I Choose a Oklahoma Class Action Attorney?

To ensure a successful outcome, you need to appoint the best class action lawyer in Oklahoma. Below is some advice on how to choose a top-rated legal professional. You should consider each of these aspects to ensure you’re only working with experts that will put forth a good case:

  • How much experience does the Oklahoma class action lawyer have in class action claims?
  • What experience does the law firm have with class action litigations like yours?
  • Does the Oklahoma class action attorney have experience within all appropriate jurisdictions?
  • How will the law firm contact the lead plaintiff, and what are their typical response rates?
  • How much will it cost for a lawyer for class action in Oklahoma to take on your case?

How Much Does the Average Oklahoma Class Action Lawyer Cost?

Most Oklahoma class action lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means that the lead plaintiff will agree to a percentage of the settlement (usually between 25% and 33%) that the law firm will take to cover their attorney’s fees following case resolution.

The best class action lawyer in Oklahoma might charge its clients a much higher percentage, but all good attorneys will be upfront about their fees. If no settlement is reached, the lawyer will not charge any legal fees. These cases are complex and so can be extremely costly, so a fee must be agreed upon before the litigation claims are looked into. However, know it won’t cost you nearly as much as filing an individual suit.

Do Class Action Attorneys Usually Charge for Consultations?

Whether or not a law firm charges for a consultation depends on its rules, policies, and procedures. Some will charge a flat fee regardless of the length, whereas others will charge by the hour. Many Oklahoma class action lawyers will offer free consultations and only take payment once the case has been resolved. Check this with each law firm before appointing legal representation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Class Action Lawsuit in the USA?

Class action suits are a type of civil litigation whereby one of the parties is a group of people or a business/company entity represented by an individual. They are predominantly a US phenomenon and typically involve allegations against 40+ people, all of whom have been injured by the defendant. It essentially combines multiple lawsuits for all injured individuals into one collective claim. 

What are the Benefits of a Class Action Lawsuit?

The main benefit of a class action lawsuit is its strength in numbers. A collective group going up against the defendant means there is a better chance of recovering compensation. Legal fees and other lawsuit charges are also reduced by filing as a group which is helpful in terms of cost.

How is Money Divided in a Class Action Lawsuit?

The Oklahoma class action lawyer working on the case will receive their percentage of the settlement to cover their legal fees. The remaining compensation is split between the plaintiffs, but how it is divided depends on your unique situation. Lead plaintiffs usually receive a greater settlement amount, and plaintiffs with evidence to support their claim will receive a larger lump sum than others.