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North Carolina Construction Accidents Lawyers

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Construction is an industry that is both dangerous and tasking, with fatalities and accident rates rising annually. Construction workers may take all the necessary safety precautions but can still have an accident injury on a construction site.

Hiring a North Carolina construction accidents lawyer is necessary to ensure that your legal rights are protected when you sustain a workplace injury. Explored below are the topics of when you should hire a construction accidents lawyer in North Carolina, how to find one, how much they typically cost, and why they are absolutely worth your dime.

What is a Construction Accidents lawyer?

North Carolina construction accidents lawyers are attorneys that specialize in personal injury claims, specifically workplace accident injuries suffered on construction sites. The best construction accidents attorneys in North Carolina are well versed in federal and state safety laws and regulations relating to such claims and can help their clients navigate these laws.

What does a Construction Accidents Attorney do?

A North Carolina construction accident attorney may either represent an employer or an employee, although oftentimes, they are counsel for injured construction workers.

They help such employees file personal injury lawsuits for workplace accident injuries such as worker falls and help recover financial compensation for medical bills, wages lost, and emotional and physical distress.

When to Hire a Construction Accidents Attorney in North Carolina?

If you have serious injuries sustained on a construction site, you may have certain legal rights to compensation that you can explore. Occupational safety is important, and you are owed a duty of care by your employers. Hiring a construction accidents attorney in North Carolina as early as possible is the best thing to do. Hiring a lawyer and getting a legal team behind you increases your chances of successfully litigating your case. A good attorney in North Carolina will be able to properly investigate your claim and advise you on its merits if you were to proceed against the potentially liable party.

How Do I Choose The Best Construction Accidents Lawyer in North Carolina?

Before you decide which North Carolina construction accidents attorney you should hire, consider the following:

  1. Referrals and Ratings - How are you finding the attorney you intend to work with? Is it through a personal referral or an online directory? A personal referral from friends or family is great and often reliable, on the other hand, state bar associations online will have a list of attorneys specializing in your area of concern.
  2. Initial consultations - Use your first consultation to find out more about the attorney, their success rates, and whether you can see yourself working with them. You need a lawyer of good standing, that communicates well, will be reliable and has a strong knowledge of labor laws. Will reaching the lawyer be easy? Sometimes, insurance companies try to contact clients to settle cases out of court directly. Ideally, you need a lawyer that you can reach when unplanned situations such as this arise.
  3. Once you have a detailed idea of your attorney, their previous work, and terms of service, you can begin work with your attorney! Remember to be honest and open with your attorney and expect the same thing in return. You need to work together to achieve the best results in your case.

How Much Does the Construction Accidents Lawyer Average Cost in North Carolina?

Most lawyers for construction accidents in North Carolina work based on contingency fees. This means that no money is required to be paid at the start of the case and their payment will depend on the outcome of the case. Their fees will be a percentage of any settlement or judgment, typically ranging from 20% to 40%. This is a good arrangement for both clients and their attorneys because most of the time, personal injury clients are swamped with all sorts of unplanned costs and medical bills, and thus holding off paying their attorney is one less cost to worry about. For attorneys, if they are able to win a higher settlement for their clients, the amount that they collect as fees is higher.

Do Construction Accidents Attorneys Usually Charge for Consultations?

Typically, first consultations are free. Most North Carolina construction accidents attorneys working on a contingency fee do not charge their prospective clients for consultations. However, some attorneys may charge a flat fee of any amount ranging from $30 to well over $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my construction accident case go to trial?

Most personal injury cases don’t go to trial and are resolved through settlements before the date set for trial. However, if there is an important area of contention or dispute, the case is likely to go to court and be decided by the judge.

Can I file a suit if I was walking by a construction site and got injured?

Yes. You can sue the party or parties responsible for your injuries. This can be the owner of the site or even the site manager.

Is there a statute of limitations for filing a construction accident case?

Yes. This will vary from state to state. This is why you should contact a lawyer for construction accidents in North Carolina immediately if you get an injury at a construction site, whether you deem it to be serious or not at the time. It could result in longer-term complications to your physical and mental health.