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For Daniel Fan, his DUI clients are the expert on their own story. With his expertise in DUI law, he can help them make the decisions in their case that are right for them and create the outcomes both in court and in life that are most important to them. His approach is compassionate, direct and non-judgmental. Whether our clients want to resolve their case through negotiation or trial, Daniel is committed to pursing any means necessary to achieve the outcome that is most beneficial for them and their families. His well-rounded life experience gives him a unique perspective on DUI law.Daniel brings his experiences as a photographer, a chef, and screenwriter when he approaches each new client. Through photography, he helps others to see the world from a point of view that they might never find on their own. As a chef, he relishes in creating edible hospitality with his food. Daniel understands that story is one of the most powerful ways to convey information through his work as an award-winning screenwriter. His passion for law in combination with his other life experience shows Daniel’s true affection is for giving back in ways that make a meaningful impact on those around him. That philosophy is exactly why Reynolds Defense Firm is thrilled to have him as part of our team of DUI lawyers.Outside of work, Daniel enjoys pursuing creative endeavors. Whether through photography, wood crafting, and creating delicious meals for his friends and coworkers because Daniels’ favorite meal is one that is shared. Daniel also enjoys creative writing, because, “our stories are our most natural resource: we are our stories and when we share our stories, we share ourselves.”


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Lewis & Clark Law School


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