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At Interplay Legal Solutions, Inc., Attorney Nikki Hashemi helps clients achieve peace of mind by delivering customized, creative, and effective solutions to th...
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At Interplay Legal Solutions, Inc., Attorney Nikki Hashemi helps clients achieve peace of mind by delivering customized, creative, and effective solutions to th...
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What Is a Debt Relief Lawyer?

A debt lawyer helps those struggling with debt to sort through their financial problems based on their knowledge, credentials, and skill. The lawyer may even have contacts with credit counseling services. Consumer law, the branch of law dedicated to protecting consumers from unfair trade and credit practices, includes representing clients against debt collectors. Credit card companies and other lenders sue consumers, and when a client’s financial situation is irreparable, bankruptcy lawyers file for bankruptcy on their clients’ behalf.

What Does a Debt Relief Attorney Do?

When you have to go to court due to overwhelming debt, a debt lawyer is invaluable. Consumers can take debt collectors to court to recover money owed, and they win most of the cases because the collectors don’t appear in court or send a legal representative.

When consumers do not hire an attorney, they do themselves a disservice. In these cases, they are often unaware of their rights, so they cannot effectively represent themselves.

A debt lawyer will ensure that a consumer involved in a court case with a debt collector is treated with more respect inside the courtroom and has someone who knows what they are doing on their side. Debt lawyers can persuade the judge in their favor with compelling arguments.

Debt relief attorneys near you can also determine quickly whether debt collectors are using illegal methods to recover money. If debt collectors have harassed or threatened you in the past, this can be especially helpful. If a debt collector has violated bankruptcy law ranging from illegal contact to making false or threatening statements, a debt lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against them.

When to Hire a Debt Relief Lawyer?

To resolve debt collection problems, the first step is to see whether you can handle the situation yourself or whether you can contact a nonprofit credit counseling service for assistance. These nonprofit organizations will look closely at your income and expenses, and they will advise you on the best course of action such as contacting all the creditors and agreeing to a payment schedule.

Nevertheless, if you’re facing severe debt problems or are under threat of legal action, it might be time to consult a lawyer near you for debt relief. Sometimes, legal help is not financially feasible. It might be a good idea to find a lawyer who will meet with you for a free preliminary consultation if you aren’t sure.

You may seek legal advice for the following reasons:

  • The debt collector calls you at home or at work constantly, which is illegal. It might be time to hire an attorney who can talk to the creditors contacting you about your rights and demand that they cease calling. 
  • With the assistance of a nonprofit debt counselor, you have evaluated your finances and determined that you cannot repay your loans.
  • You have been threatened with a lawsuit or one or more of the debt holders has already filed a lawsuit. 
  • You feel that debt collectors are abusive in the way they treat you. Again, it’s illegal.
  • Your creditor may be threatening you with a lawsuit either for repossession of an item or for payment. 

How Do I Choose a Debt Relief Attorney?

Filing for bankruptcy almost always requires the legal service of a debt lawyer. The best debt relief lawyer near you can explain the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings and can advise you on your rights and obligations.

A bankruptcy lawyer will assist you in preparing all the necessary paperwork in your case. They can answer your questions and give you a rundown on courtroom rules and procedures.

What Is the Debt Relief Lawyer Average Cost?

Having to hire an attorney or law firm can pile on more expenses when you are already under a lot of debt. The right lawyer, however, can guide you through the legal system and put you on the right path financially.

Debt settlement lawyers can charge flat fees for straightforward processes such as bankruptcy. A debt lawyer can also charge by the hour, with rates varying based on the lawyer’s level of experience and debt knowledge.

Get a written estimate of the time needed to complete the services from the lawyer if the lawyer charges per hour.

If you’re still concerned about the cost, weigh the long-term cost of losing in court or losing to a collection agency against the potential short-term cost of hiring a debt attorney.

Do Debt Relief Attorneys Usually Charge for Consultations?

Many law firms offer free debt consultations. It is best to arrange a face-to-face meeting with a lawyer for debt relief near you. Obtain a written list of all charges and fees before hiring a debt settlement attorney so you know what to expect. The debt settlement lawyer may receive a percentage of the money you recover in an unsecured debt settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What effect will debt relief have on my credit?

Answers to this question depend entirely on the type of debt relief you choose:

  1. If your debt relief plan includes a payment plan or debt consolidation, you must make all the required payments to your creditors and be sure not to violate the terms of your agreement. 
  2. If the debts have gone to a collection agency and the negotiated payment schedule is delinquent, it will demand payment or sue you.
  3. If you pursue bankruptcy, you may damage your credit, but you can restore it through financial responsibility after you discharge the payments that remain. The bankruptcy can stay on your credit report for up to 10 years.
What can be done to reduce medical bills?

There are sometimes debt relief options to resolve medical bills that other debt types cannot. When a patient’s financial circumstances prove to be a hindrance, many physicians, hospitals, and clinics allow patients to make reasonable payments or even reduce their balances. Discover how you may owe a medical debt even if there is no contract. Last, filing for bankruptcy might provide a quick solution to eliminating healthcare-related debt and doctor bills.

If debt on my credit report is charged-off, do I need to pay it?

Creditors and their agents can still collect on charged-off accounts. Charge-offs are declarations made by the creditor that it is unlikely that it can ever collect the debt, but it does not remove the actual obligation to repay the debt.