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Brody McBride is an experienced civil rights attorney who fights for people who have been injured or killed by police. He handles the most serious civil rights ...
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Brody McBride is an experienced civil rights attorney who fights for people who have been injured or killed by police. He handles the most serious civil rights ...
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I am an attorney who represents injured people in all types of accident cases. My partners and I are committed to getting compensation for our clients while ke...
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I am an attorney who represents injured people in all types of accident cases. My partners and I are committed to getting compensation for our clients while ke...
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The most sensitive kind of law is discrimination law that involves cases where people's rights are violated based on discrimination. People that encountered these cases can be sure that they always might ask for a help of a discrimination lawyer.

What is a Discrimination Lawyer?

A discrimination lawyer is someone who handles cases involving civil rights violations, federal and state laws, and helps people get justice when discrimination has taken place. It is against the law to discriminate against an individual for a legally protected reason, especially in the workplace, or to discriminate against someone in a public place like a restaurant, hotel, or public park.

Discrimination lawyers help clients receive compensation in these situations and find resolutions to their problems, and these lawyers are an integral component in handling issues of discrimination in public places when they arise.

For example: If a building does not adequately provide disability access for those who have wheelchairs or a company has policies in place that negatively impact anyone over the age of 40, a discrimination lawyer can help change those company policies or force the building to provide better disability access.

What Does a Discrimination Attorney Do?

Discrimination law lawyers near you help with cases of discrimination, as the name suggests. Discrimination lawyers work to help clients better understand their legal rights when situations of discrimination have taken place, particularly where employment matters are concerned.

If you beleive your employer has engaged in illegal behavior in the workplace, a discrimination lawyer can explain to you federal laws and state laws which might pertain to the legal matters you have experienced. If there is an opportunity to receive compensation for your discrimination from your place of work, an attorney can help you navigate that as well.

When to Hire a Discrimination Lawyer?

You should consider hiring the best discrimination lawyer near you when a situation has arisen that amounts to unlawful discrimination.

Discrimination can take place in many forms, and federal law prohibits discrimination based on the following:

  • Genetic information
  • Race
  • Color
  • National origin
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy

If you find yourself in a situation where you experience some type of harassment because of any of these factors, and only because of these factors, you should consider hiring a discrimination lawyer to help you obtain compensation and justice.

How Do I Choose a Discrimination Attorney?

You should choose discrimination attorneys near you based on experience and qualifications. When choosing a discrimination lawyer, you want someone who has experience working with cases similar to yours. There are many areas of discrimination. If, for example, a company has fired you based solely on your sexual orientation, finding an attorney or a law firm that has experience handling sexual orientation discrimination cases will be a better fit for you than someone who handles workplace discrimination based on age or disability.

How Much Does the Average Discrimination LawyerCost?

Most cases of discrimination take place in the workplace under the umbrella of employment discrimination. If you belong to a protected category, or possess a characteristic or trait protected by law, it is illegal for an employer to treat you differently because of that. Each state has other anti-discrimination laws which might extend that protection to things like veteran status or marital status.

If you believe that your employer has treated you differently because of one of these factors, a discrimination lawyer can help you figure out what actions are necessary to better enforce your rights. When you speak with a discrimination attorney they will go over what their financial arrangement is.

  1. Some lawyers charge by the hour for services that are more limited. Preparing a wage complaint for a state or federal agency because your pay was negatively influenced because of employment discrimination might be a simpler matter and cost anywhere between $100 and $500 per hour*.
  2. Some lawyers will charge a contingent fee for a discrimination lawsuit. This is usually a more involved process, and it takes much longer to complete. A contingent agreement means instead of paying by the hour, your lawyer receives a percentage of your settlement. In most contingent-fee arrangements, the attorney receives 30% or 40% of your awarded compensation. Additionally, your lawyer will only get paid if they win or settle your case; if they don’t win, they don’t get paid.

*Note: If you enter into an hourly agreement, you should ask the lawyer for an estimate of the total number of hours it should take. While they can't guarantee this, having some idea of what the total time required will be can help you get a more specific financial estimate. You can also ask them to agree to a cap so they don't go beyond a certain amount of money.

Do Discrimination Attorneys Usually Charge for Consultations?

When you contact a lawyer for discrimination near you, they usually do not charge for consultations. Consultations are designed to help you both decide if the relationship is a good fit. It is during this time that the lawyer will go over your complaint and explain whether your situation qualifies for a lawsuit, give your legal advice about things like discrimination law and labor law, and whether you should submit your complaint. They will also go over what their law firm does, what civil rights might have been violated, and what the process will be like moving forward if you work with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

If someone makes offensive comments, does that count as discrimination?

In most cases, if you are in the workplace or employees of a public facility or business make offensive remarks about your national origin, your religion, your disability, your sexual orientation, or any other area that is considered legally protected, you might be able to seek compensation with a qualified discrimination attorney.

My employer won’t give me accommodations for my medical condition. Do I have a case?

Companies that refuse to make reasonable accommodations to allow their employees to perform duties based on disabilities or religions can find themselves facing lawsuits. It is required that companies do what they can to provide reasonable accommodations for all of these situations and more. It is best that you consider speaking with a qualified attorney about individual cases.

What is a discrimination lawsuit?

A discrimination lawsuit is a lawsuit that takes place in civil court. If you have evidence that there was unlawful discrimination in the workplace, you can file a lawsuit to get compensation from your employer and potentially seek avenues for them to rectify the problem so it doesn't happen to other employees.