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Domestic abuse is a problem that has been profoundly addressed in recent years. However, unfortunately, it is still a common issue in many homes. A person who can really help the victims suffering from both physical and emotional abuse is a domestic violence lawyer.

What is a Domestic Violence Lawyer?

A domestic violence lawyer is an attorney who handles cases where violence is committed by one person who resides in the same home with the victim. The cases of domestic violence, or any type of violent behavior within a home, need legal assistance to stop the abuse immediately and keep an abuser away from the victim(s) of abuse. Domestic violence is not only about the abuse between romantic partners but also can be violence between parents and children, siblings, or any other persons who are domiciled together. It is difficult to know what to do without professional legal help.

What Does a Domestic Violence Attorney Do?

Domestic abuse lawyers review domestic violence cases, consult with a victim of abuse, and advise about further steps. A domestic violence attorney gives their professional opinion on whether it is a lawsuit case. Also, the attorney helps you find the legal protection devices, such as a restraining order, to keep the abuser away from you. In brief, a domestic violence attorney does everything possible to legally stop domestic abuse and give you profound legal advice.

When to Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyers?

If you have been abused by someone in your home or have been charged with domestic abuse, you should hire the best domestic violence lawyer near you. Two types of domestic violence include:

  • Physical abuse. A person who lives with you hurts you intentionally and becomes a hazard for your physical well-being. Physical abuse is the most serious type of domestic abuse since it is a direct threat to one’s health and even life in the most severe cases.
  • Emotional abuse. A person who lives with you abuses you psychologically using threats, verbal abuse, or ongoing criticism. Emotional abuse is usually harder to recognize because it can be subtle. However, this type of abuse also significantly reduces the quality of life of a victim and has detrimental long-term effects on one’s physical health as well.

How to Find a Lawyer for Domestic Violence?

There are different legal resources where you can find domestic violence lawyers near you. Here are some references that might help:

  • The National Domestic Violence Hotline. You can call or text this hotline. Every contact is personal, and advocates are guided by The Hotline’s Consent and Ethics policy. You can feel safe while using hotlines like this since everything is confidential. The primary goal is to provide the first assistance to victims and evaluate an emergency of a case.
  • Women's Law. Although the name of the website is women’s law, it helps victims of all genders. Men are also often the victims of abuse. Anyone with legal questions regarding domestic violence, sexual violence, or any other type of abuse can call to get advice on what to do.

To find a lawyer for domestic violence near you, visit various domestic violence attorney websites and review their attorneys’ profiles. Then, contact an attorney and choose a time for the consultation to determine whether this legal professional can help you.

How Do I Choose a Domestic Violence Attorney?

Here are some criteria to consider to choose the best domestic violence attorney:

  • Trustworthiness. Consider how trustworthy they seem. It will be difficult to proceed with a case in case you do not feel you can trust the attorney. Domestic violence cases require a particular trust so you can feel confident to discuss all the matters with a domestic violence attorney near you.
  • Experience. Ensure a chosen domestic violence attorney is experienced and has successful cases working with your type of legal request. You need to double-check whether a lawyer is licensed for practice to make sure everything is to the point.
  • Cost. Is the consultation free? How does the lawyer charge — an hourly or flat fee? You should also ask about the estimated cost of your case. In case you look for a cheap service and have a limited budget, you need to ensure you can handle the final check for the legal assistance provided.
  • Location. Make sure to find domestic violence attorneys near you. You need to feel comfortable and know that you can get help as soon as possible.

How Much Does the Domestic Violence Lawyer Average Cost?

The costs for a domestic violence lawyer's services range depending on several factors, including the attorney's experience, and the location where you live. The average cost is $300 per hour. However, prices near you might range greatly based on the experience of an attorney. You can always discuss the price for services during your consultation. However, in case you want to plan a budget ahead, be ready to spend from $200 up to $400 per hour to get professional legal assistance.

Do Domestic Violence Attorneys Usually Charge for Consultations?

Domestic violence attorneys should not change for consultations. Usually, the consultation lasts around half an hour, and this time is enough to evaluate the situation and decide about further steps. So, make sure a lawyer does not try to make money on paid consultations and sincerely wants to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of abuse are domestic violence?

Domestic violence cases are not just physical abuse but also emotional abuse. Cases of emotional abuse include accusations of cheating, possessiveness, ongoing criticism, isolating a person from friends or even family members.

Do I need a domestic violence lawyer in case I am accused of domestic violence?

If you are facing domestic violence charges, you can get a consultation with a domestic violence lawyer; however, you should probably seek the advice of a criminal defense lawyer who understands domestic violence laws in your state and can work with criminal charges.

Which questions should I ask an attorney during the consultation?

Make sure to ask how long the attorney has been in practice, how many successful cases they have handled, what are fees and costs, and what are the next steps. These questions will help you find the best domestic violence lawyer near you.