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Shannon is licensed to practice in all Oregon state courts, The United States District Court of Oregon and all United States Federal Courts. He is a member of t...
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Shannon is licensed to practice in all Oregon state courts, The United States District Court of Oregon and all United States Federal Courts. He is a member of t...
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Generally, laws are to maintain relative peace and order in a society. One major means to do this is to check the excesses of human behavior, especially where such excesses adversely affect others or when it involves a victim. Usually, such excesses are crimes and punished accordingly.

In other cases, some of these excesses do not necessarily have to harm others before they are ruled offenses; the mere propensity of those excesses to cause harm to other individuals automatically puts them within the limits of crimes or illegality. It is under this subset that the traffic violation of driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) falls. These driving offenses are what this article will scrutinize, particularly with regard to the attorneys involved in this area of law.

What Is a DUI or DWI Lawyer?

A DUI lawyer is simply an attorney skilled in the art of defending anyone accused of driving under the influence. They have a deep understanding of the legal nuances involving such offenses, especially with regard to the uniqueness of DUI and DWI across various states.

What Does a DUI or DWI Attorney Do?

A typical DUI and DWI lawyers carry out a plethora of duties for their clients, and these duties include:

Filing and Draftsmanship

The process leading up to the prosecution of an accused in a court of law generally involves drafting various documents and the filing of certain motions. For example, a DUI or DWI attorney can file a motion to strike the client’s statements from the official record. The lawyer can also draft a motion to schedule evidentiary hearings.


This is generally seen as the main duty of an attorney: representing their clients in court. It involves defending the client to prevent punishment or, in some cases, helping to lessen the original sentence or reduce the charges. What makes DUI and DWI attorneys very important in the defense of an accused is that laws on driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated can vary from one county to the other. So, their area of specialization enables them to understand the intricacies of each location and use it to their client’s advantage.


Given how tricky DUI cases can be, especially in the face of overwhelming evidence in the police report, getting to extricate a person being prosecuted for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated could prove very difficult or near-impossible. So, lawyers might decide to strike a bargain or negotiate on behalf of their clients. This could come in the form of a sentence bargain or a plea bargain. This could either help the client lessen the sentence or help the client regain certain lost benefits like driving to certain places.

When to Hire a DUI or DWI Lawyer in Oregon

At first glance, the generic answer here would be, if you find yourself charged with or accused of driving under the influence, hire the attorney immediately. However, waiting till you find yourself in the midst of such a case can be extremely dangerous because the offense of driving under the influence is very serious. Besides, having a lawyer on standby for such circumstances has proven to be more effective than scrambling to find one, probably because lawyers might have preferences for their already retained clients.

As such, it is more advisable to hire an Oregon DUI or DWI lawyer once you’ve started to accumulate tickets that identify you as a motorist who abuses alcohol, even more so if you are the type who has friends you hang out with who are drinking buddies.

Beyond this, motorists who take a medically required drug prescription that could be ruled as hard, illegal drugs should also have a Oregon DUI or DWI attorney on standby. This will be a logical safety net of some sort in case you find yourself pulled over by the police with a charge of driving under influence.

How to Find a Lawyer for DUI or DWI

Finding a lawyer for DUI or DWI in Oregon is as easy as it is challenging; with the internet, a click could get you one. However, finding a competent one is another question.

Conduct an online search. One of the fastest ways of finding competent DUI lawyers is by looking them up online and making use of the various search results you find to carry out an assessment of the attorneys shown. You can also check out websites that help you rank lawyers on the basis of various benchmarks that involve client feedback, ethical history, and case handling history, among other factors.

Enquiring lawyers from other legal fields. The legal profession is one that is generally closely knit, and as such, contacting a non–DUI and DWI lawyer can be useful because they can help with recommendations.

Another available option is to seek recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues who may know one. This could be useful when such a friend or family member has worked with or still works with the attorney in question.

How Do I Choose a DUI or DWI Attorney in Oregon?

While having the liberty to choose from a pool of Oregon DUI & DWI attorneys is great, it also creates a dilemma of choice. This is because a prospective client who is looking for the best DUI or DWI lawyer in Oregon might be stuck about who suits them best. Here are methods that can help to find the best DUI and DWI attorney.

  • Look them up on their websites. Doing this should give you enough information to understand the lawyer’s mode of working.
  • Check out the reputation of the lawyer on DUI and DWI cases and how they handled cases. You can use the lawyers’ websites for testimonials.
  • You could choose to inquire about the attorney at the local bar association about previous ethical misconduct or ongoing disciplinary actions. You could also simply search for DUI and DWI attorneys by state.
  • Contacting the previous clients of the DUI or DWI attorney you are acquainted with could help you get recommendations for their services. The first-hand experience they have is a good pointer for you.

How Much Is the Average Cost of a DUI or DWI Lawyer in Oregon?

The average cost Oregon DUI or DWI attorney could be as low as $1500 or as high as $4000. Various factors determine the difference in price levels depending on the complexity of the case and what you choose. Factors include years of experience, lawyer’s track record, and the location of the legal practice, among others.

Do DUI & DWI Attorneys Usually Charge for Consultations?

It is customarily expected that an Oregon DUI/DWI attorney will charge you for consultation – just as most lawyers. However, whatever the attorney charges will largely vary from one to another.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I lose my license but continue to drive?

Driving after losing your license would most likely only get you in further trouble if you get caught, which is highly probable. It is advisable to have a lawyer for DUI or DWI in Oregon at hand to prevent losing your license, to begin with. In other circumstances, they can help you regain your license for specific and important uses like driving to work.

What is the best way to beat a DUI charge?

The best way to prevent being convicted for driving under the influence is to avoid driving after taking too many drugs or drinking too much alcohol that could lead to legal action. However, in case you have found yourself in the situation already, get an experienced lawyer to help you with your defense in court. And remember buzzed driving is drunk driving.

Do I still need a lawyer if I intend to plead guilty?

Even where all evidence indicates you’re guilty of driving under the influence and you intend to plead guilty, it is still better to hire a DUI/DWI attorney because they can help you greatly in reducing the enormity or the degree of punishment the court will impose. Aside from that, it helps you exercise your right to a defense.