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Michael J. Duffy is an attorney in Montgomery McCracken’s Business Department. He focuses his practice on general corporate matters, with a concentration on gov...
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(From an affiliate): "Rob provides legal counsel utilizing a unique skill set. In addition to maintaining a litigation practice since 1991, he has also served i...
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Brook M. Thibault is a Virginia Beach trial lawyer, former Associate Counsel for CMA CGM (America) LLC the world's third largest container ship company, and Pub...
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Joel has a broad range of experience that includes administrative law, appeals and rulemaking, business and corporate law, consumer protection, government affai...
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Jonathan M. Herbst is a graduate of the University of Delaware (B.A., 1999) and the University of Maryland School of Law (J.D., 2003). Prior to joining The Herb...
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AF Legal & Consulting Services is a business and commercial law firm with an office located in Beaverton, Oregon. AV Preeminent-rated* attorney Ann L. Fisher wo...
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Aaron R. Gott focuses on challenges to government conduct, business and competition litigation, and appeals.
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I am believer that people accused of a criminal offense deserve the most competent and experienced legal counsel possible for a fair and reasonable cost of repr...
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Kenneth L. Sheppard, Jr. is the President and Owner of Sheppard Law Offices, Co., L.P.A.Kenneth graduated from Ohio Northern University in 1996 with a Bachelor ...
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Troy Doucet is one of the most recognized foreclosure defense attorneys in Ohio. He has published several legal books, speaks regularly on the area of foreclos...

If you are involved in a franchise or looking to involve yourself in a franchise, it's always good to have a franchise lawyer on hand. Franchise lawyers or franchise agreement lawyers work with franchised companies or offer legal counsel for buyers. A franchise lawyer can help you make confident business decisions.

What Is a Franchise Lawyer?

Franchise attorneys are lawyers who help clients with franchise-related matters. This can include providing legal advice, offering insight on federal or state law, ensuring that everyone complies with franchise regulations, preparing a franchise agreement, representing you in court or in a hearing, negotiating franchise deals, or mediating disputes.

What Does a Franchise Attorney Do?

Franchise lawyers protect legal rights and answer questions. They can help you facilitate a good agreement or make sure that you are starting the right type of business. The process of starting, buying, or selling a franchise is complicated, and legal inside can give you a much better understanding of your contracts and help you stay compliant with legal changes.

Franchise lawyers advise and represent businesses and individuals for legal issues relating to a franchise. This can include:

  1. Helping to prepare an FDD;
  2. Filing and renewing franchise agreements;
  3. Buying a franchise; and
  4. Litigation between the franchisor and franchisee.

When to Hire a Franchise Lawyer

Franchise lawyers are professionals who can help you stay ahead of compliance issues. You don't need to hire a franchise attorney only when something goes wrong. Instead, you can hire them before you get involved in a franchise if you simply want legal guidance or you want to understand how new federal rules might impact your business. You can also hire a franchise lawyer as a current business owner to better negotiate franchise deals or prepare new agreements.

You should consider hiring a franchise lawyer if you are a franchisor with an established business if you are a franchisor looking to start a new franchise model, a franchisee purchasing your first franchise business or a franchisee looking to expand your current business.

Hire a lawyer for franchise near you for any legal issue involving a franchise:

  • If you have problems as a franchisee or franchisor, you should consider working with a law firms;
  • If you are trying to set up a franchise agreement, legal counsel can review the paperwork; or
  • If you are dealing with franchise disputes, a franchise attorney can review the legality of your case and help you with the negotiation or mediation process.

How Do I Choose a Franchise Attorney?

When looking for the best franchise lawyer near you, consider their qualifications and cost.

When you pick a franchise law firm, make sure you pick franchise attorneys who are familiar with the type of franchise agreements or legal services you need. Franchise law is vast. There are many franchise systems within it. So your legal needs might have to do with representing your business or instigating litigation as franchisees. Maybe you need law firms with experience on the distribution side of things. Search for a franchise attorney or firm who specializes in cases such as yours.

Cost is another factor to consider when choosing a franchise attorney. You can find law firms that give clients payment options rather than demanding payment upfront.

How Much Do Franchise Lawyers Cost?

Franchise lawyers usually charge by the hour, but how much they charge per hour will vary depending on a few factors:

  1. A law firm can have multiple people working on the same case. This might include a lawyer, a paralegal, and a secretary. All three people have different hourly rates. More remedial tasks, like fielding phone calls or making copies for your case, might be delegated to a secretary for whom you are charged $15 per hour, while the legal tasks, such as drafting documents, might go toward the paralegal who charges $50 per hour. Then the final review and filing of those documents fall to the head lawyer, who charges $300 per hour.
  2. Where you live significantly influences the cost as well. The average cost for a lawyer in the state of New York is between $125 and $485 per hour. In a state like Florida, the average is much less.

Tip: Be sure to ask about payment options. Some law firms will charge you an hourly fee and send you a bill every month, and until that bill is paid in full, they will cease all work on your case. Even if you do not anticipate financial problems, it is good to know what payment plan options are available to you so that if a monthly bill costs more than anticipated, you can make payments on it while they are still pursuing your case.

Do Franchise Attorneys Usually Charge for Consultations?

They usually do not charge for consultations. Franchise lawyers often use the consultation as a chance to see if their team can serve you. A consultation is typically thirty minutes, during which time they confirm whether you need their help, whether they can provide it and if you’re wanting to move forward with their firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a franchise lawyer help me with product distribution franchises?

Yes. Franchise lawyers can provide legal services for any type of franchise, whether it is a business format, product distribution, job franchise, conversion franchise, or investment franchise.

What laws govern franchisement?

Franchises are subject to dozens of different laws, which is why having a franchise attorney is so important. Compliance and oversight are necessary to know and avoid in areas such as tax laws, reporting requirements, federal trade commission rulings, marketing, and advertising laws, dispute resolution, business law, employment law, and more.

Do I need an attorney to help me start a franchise?

It is advised that you work with a franchise attorney near you if you plan to start a franchise because every situation is unique. While the processes to start a franchise are relatively similar no matter the industry, it is still important to have someone on hand to provide legal guidance for establishing your corporation, researching economic opportunities, developing business plans, applying for investments and creating franchise agreements.