Jeffrey Long


About Jeffrey Long

Jeff moved his practice to Lake Oswego in 2006. Since then, he and his team have helped numerous businesses and individuals navigate through turbulent legal waters. When the housing and banking crisis hit hard, Jeff was one of the few attorneys in Oregon who was willing to take on the complex defense litigation against the banks and mortgage servicers to help Oregon homeowners fight to save their homes from foreclosure. He has been instrumental in shaping Oregon foreclosure practice, most notably with successful appeals in US Bank vs. Vettrus, 285 Or App 629 (2017) and US Bank vs. McCoy, 290 Or App 525 (2018).With the winding down of the foreclosure crisis, Jeff has redirected his focus to business and real estate matters. He particularly enjoys working with startup and emerging companies where he can use his knowledge and skills to assist new and burgeoning businesses to better control their legal expenses, allowing them to retain their hard-earned monies for reinvestment in their own growth.



Willamette University College of Law
Portland State University


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