Jill Poppe Mackenzie


About Jill Poppe Mackenzie

Jill utilizes an innovative approach to family law - she see a divorce as a "family reorganization" and she encourages her clients to adhere to the following guiding principles:1. A happy family in two houses is better than a miserable family in one house.2. A divorce terminates a marriage, but a divorce does not terminate a family.3. Conflict damages children.4. A divorce is not to be started lightly - it impacts multiple generations.5. All divorces cause losses.6. We all experience a predictable pattern of emotions in response to losses.7. You choose to make your life better.8. Revenge against the other party does not make your life better.9. Life's challenges give us a choice - are we going to be bitter or better?10. Our best lessons in life come from adversity - what are you going to learn from your family conflict?




University of Minnesota Law School
J.D., Law | 1985 - 1990
Honors: Cum Laude


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