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Steve Louis-Charles serves personal injury clients throughout the state of Florida, particularly the Fort Lauderdale area. Whether injured in a car accident, ...
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Steve Louis-Charles serves personal injury clients throughout the state of Florida, particularly the Fort Lauderdale area. Whether injured in a car accident, ...
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Imagine purchasing a new vehicle only to experience fundamental defects from the manufacturer or car dealer and spending more time in auto repair shops than on the road. Before you envelop yourself in self-pity for your ill fate, there may be a way out that involves getting your money back or a replacement.

In 1975, when the US government saw consumers at the mercy of manufacturers who sold low-quality goods, lawmakers created “lemon laws” as a form of consumer protection, and many other governments followed suit. The word “lemon” is a slang term for a vehicle— car, truck, or motorcycle—that is malfunctioning or defective. A 1962 print ad for a Volkswagen Beetle used the word “Lemon” to imply cars that were out of whack. So, if your new or used car or vehicle lease turns out to be a lemon, make some lemonade with legal help.

First, find the best lemon law lawyers near you and acquaint yourself with the remedies and rights available to you under lemon laws. Several laws have been created to assist people who unsuspectingly purchase defective vehicles to recover their funds, obtain a replacement, or gain deserved compensation. To get a firm grip on these laws, start by consulting the best lemon law lawyer near you.

What Is a Lemon Law Lawyer?

Auto sellers are often more concerned with closing a deal to meet sales targets than making sure you leave with a car in pristine working condition. So, when making your complaint, it is very likely that you won’t find the same smiling faces that sold your vehicle to you. It’s also possible that you’re locked in a back-and-forth or money squabble with your car dealer. This is where a lawyer can come in. A lawyer for lemon law near you can help you handle various issues, including communications with the dealer, collecting evidence, and the eventual negotiations once it becomes clear that you had been sold a “lemon.”

What Do Lemon Laws Do?

Lemon laws protect a buyer who has purchased goods that can’t perform up to the required standard. Such laws are often enacted at the state level for consumer protection. Although generic, these laws commonly apply to motor vehicles. When a vehicle or other product has significant defects that cannot be fixed within a required timeframe, state lemon laws mandate that the producer or manufacturer take that commodity back and pay the buyer. However, this repurchase only happens after certain factors have been considered, such as:

  • For how many days was the vehicle unusable?
  • How many times have repairs been attempted?
  • What is the exact fault of the vehicle?

The answers to these questions will often result in a seller being required to repurchase the car under lemon law. Some of the lemon laws that generally protect buyers include:

  • Statutes of limitations;
  • Breach of warranty laws;
  • Contract laws;
  • Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act; and
  • Implied warranty.

Usually, the entire process involved in pursuing a lemon law case against a manufacturer requires expertise and in-depth knowledge of the lemon law relevant to that geographic location. So, if you buy a new car that turns out to be a lemon, turn to lemon law attorneys near you for help.

What Does a Lemon Law Attorney Do?

Lemon law attorneys near you are versed in the lemon laws of your state and can quickly point you in the right direction after what is usually a free case review. In simple terms, a lemon law attorney provides his or her clients with legal advice about how to get compensation for purchasing a faulty motor vehicle. They interpret both state and federal consumer protection laws that address claims on breach of warranty or lemon law and can offer legal representation where needed.

In a case where a new car or vehicle lease comes with a written warranty, lemon law lawyers help to navigate the elements of each clause and aim toward making each client’s lemon law claim a success. Even for vehicles still under a manufacturer’s warranty, contacting a lemon law attorney may bring the best results. A lemon law lawyer will also collect and preserve all evidence that can aid the success of a client’s claim. Any important details about the client’s experience with the vehicle will be carefully highlighted and formally presented by the lawyer to help his or her client receive the best possible remedy or compensation.

Currently, there are various remedies available to buyers of lemon cars. The manufacturer could be required to replace the defective vehicle with one of equal quality and design, or the buyer may be given a full refund or appropriate compensation.

When To Hire a Lemon Law Lawyer

Interpreting state or federal law can be tricky. Suppose your “brand-new” car begins to spend more time in and out of the auto repair shops. Rather than trying to get compensation on your own, you may benefit from contacting the best lemon law lawyer near you.

Consider hiring the best lemon law lawyer near you if your car is deemed a lemon by a certified mechanic. Once this happens, a lawyer can help you get a replacement vehicle or a refund. A lawyer can also help you gain compensation from the automaker or manufacturer (not the auto dealer) if it becomes clear that the car had multiple defects that affected its overall value, safety, or utility. You can still file a claim under your state’s lemon law even if your car has not been deemed a lemon by a certified mechanic.

If you’ve filed a claim, and it’s been denied, you can appeal the decision with help from a lawyer for lemon law near you. Hiring a lemon law lawyer means that your claim will be handled with expertise. Your lawyer will ensure that you meet all filing requirements and receive critical notifications concerning your claim. A lawyer can help to avoid mistakes or oversights in interpreting warranty clauses and will represent his or her client during pre-litigation and litigation against the manufacturer. The chances of making a successful claim improve exponentially when an experienced lemon law attorney handles the case. From the moment your vehicle begins to show signs of being a lemon, you will want to know your lemon law rights, so consider developing an attorney-client relationship with a lemon law lawyer.

How Do I Choose a Lemon Law Attorney?

Consider the following tips when choosing a lemon law attorney for your case:

  1. Make sure the lawyer specializes in lemon law—Many lawyers practice general consumer protection law, but only a handful specialize in lemon law. Find an attorney who knows the ins and outs of relevant lemon law.
  2. Consider the lawyer’s experience—How long has the attorney been handling lemon law cases? Does he or she have a good track record of success?
  3. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the attorney—This is a significant relationship, as you’ll be working closely with your lawyer throughout the entire process. You will want to feel comfortable communicating with your attorney and feel confident that he or she understands your individual needs.
  4. Confirm the fees—Most lemon law attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means that they only get paid if you win your case. However, be sure to understand the fee structure up front to avoid surprises later.
  5. Get recommendations—If you know someone who has successfully used lemon law to resolve a problem with a car, ask for a referral. Otherwise, check with your state’s consumer protection agency or the Better Business Bureau for recommendations.

How Much Does the Average Lemon Law Lawyer Cost?

Each state has different lemon laws; therefore, the average cost of a lemon law lawyer will vary. You can generally expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,500 for a lemon law lawyer. This is an estimate, and the actual cost will depend on several factors, including the complexity of your case and the experience of your lawyer. Be sure to shop around and find a lemon law lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and confident that he or she will get the job done.

Do Lemon Law Attorneys Usually Charge for Consultations?

Most lemon law attorneys do not charge for consultations. They may, however, charge for their time after they are hired to represent a client in a lemon law case. If you have questions about the fees an attorney may charge, be sure to ask during your consultation. You will have the opportunity to inquire whether the attorney charges on contingency or an hourly rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have a claim?

Whether or not you have a claim largely depends on the provisions of the existing state lemon laws or federal law. Most laws highlight some factors for reasonable consideration, and the presence of these factors will determine if your claim is valid. The lemon laws ultimately dictate whether you’re entitled to seek legal relief and also spell out the procedures for acquiring such reliefs.

Do federal lemon laws cover older vehicles?

The federal lemon law does not state a mileage limit for cars subject to lemon law claims. Therefore, if your lemon is not a new car, you may still be able to make a claim under federal law.

Is a product still protected under lemon law if the warranty has expired?

If the defect surfaced during the warranty period, it might still be protected under lemon law even if a report is made after the warranty has expired. To be sure, consult with a lemon law attorney to determine if the commodity qualifies for a remedy under lemon law.