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For over 25 years, attorney Glenn Honda has helped people injured in accidents throughout Hawai’i get the best outcome for their case, whether it’s maximizing t...
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Attorney Austin Robert Claiborne is Litigation Chief Counsel at The Law Offices of Duane E. Thomas. Mr. Claiborne serves locations including Lake City, Gainesvi...
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Charles Sanders is the co-founder and partner of Rose Sanders Law Firm. Charles excels at litigation and brings the tough approach needed to the courtroom when ...
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Brody McBride is an experienced civil rights attorney who fights for people who have been injured or killed by police. He handles the most serious civil rights ...
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(From an affiliate): "Rob provides legal counsel utilizing a unique skill set. In addition to maintaining a litigation practice since 1991, he has also served i...
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Brook M. Thibault is a Virginia Beach trial lawyer, former Associate Counsel for CMA CGM (America) LLC the world's third largest container ship company, and Pub...
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I am an attorney who represents injured people in all types of accident cases. My partners and I are committed to getting compensation for our clients while ke...
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Yasmine Tabatabai is an accomplished and well-respected litigation and trial attorney who is well-versed in evaluating complex legal issues and a tenacious advo...
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Dan T. Matrafajlo, Esq. is the managing member and lead partner with Beninato and Matrafajlo, Attorneys at Law, LLC. Dan T. Matrafajlo has created legal precede...
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Soren David Rosenthal is a personal injury lawyer serving the Sacramento area. Attorney Rosenthal is the founder of Rosenthal Law, a well-respected personal inj...

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident due someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional acts, you should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer near you as soon as possible. They can help you explore your options and let you know what the next steps are. The insurance company may try to speak with you and offer you a small settlement if you’re not at fault, but do not rely on your insurance company to handle the problem for you. It’s always better to have legal representation.

Regardless of your circumstances, you should promptly contact an attorney about because you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault party.

Who is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer represents those who have suffered an injury or loss due to the negligence of another party. Personal injury lawyers help accident victims of motor vehicle collisions, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, birth injuries, long-term disability injury claims, and more.

What Does a Personal Injury Law Attorney Do?

A personal injury lawyer can help you determine who is at fault for your injury and how they should be held responsible. A lawyer can help you determine your rights and how much compensation you deserve based on the type of injury case you have. The process might seem daunting if you've never experienced it before, but your lawyer will explain the steps and help you understand the process, including the results you can expect.

Having a lawyer will ensure you don't damage your case but instead they will help you work towards the best possible outcome. You can get information about legal and ethical issues regarding your injury and accident from your lawyer that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

Your lawyer will gather all relevant evidence, handle any paperwork and initiate the claim, and interview witnesses. It is better to hire a lawyer as soon as possible because there are deadlines for filing a lawsuit. Having the peace of mind that a lawyer provides is important whether your case goes to trial or is settled out of court.

Personal injury lawyers protect the rights of an injured person. Your lawyer will ensure you are fairly compensated by assessing your case and determining the best way to proceed.

When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

It's best to hire one of the personal injury law attorneys near you as soon as possible after your accident or injury, preferably within 72 hours of the incident. It's important to act quickly for the following reasons:

Legal Deadlines

Your attorney will make sure that you meet all necessary deadlines for filing your lawsuit. The statute of limitations sets the deadline for filing your lawsuit.

There are also lesser-known deadlines. For example, an insurance policy may require you to notify the insurer as soon as possible about a collision. You don't want to miss these deadlines. If you miss a deadline, you may be barred from filing the claim and recovering compensation that you would otherwise be entitled to.

Preserving Evidence

Obtaining relevant evidence is a crucial part of the case. It's important to act quickly because certain types of evidence might not last long. For example, footage from businesses near car accidents can provide valuable information regarding what happened and who was at fault. It's best to move quickly if you want personal injury law lawyers near you to have a chance of getting video of the collision.

Reconstructing valuable evidence, such as skid marks, car accident debris, wheel gouges in the roadway, and damage to vehicles is important for your case. Using the roadway evidence, an accident reconstruction expert can determine the cause of the accident. If a lawyer doesn't act quickly, the evidence can disappear because of weather and traffic.

Medical Treatment

Any time you or a loved one is injured in an accident, it's inevitable that you're going to end up with medical expenses. This might not be a significant issue if you have high quality health insurance and competent doctors. Unfortunately, some people injured in car accidents and other types of injuries lack health insurance and may not know where to turn for treatment. Emergency rooms and urgent care clinics can only do so much, and the prices can be exorbitant. A personal injury lawyer can help you find quality healthcare professionals to provide treatment, and they can assist you in recovering compensation for medical expenses from the at-fault party.


After an accident or incident, witnesses tend to come forward and share what they saw. Over time, witnesses can forget what they saw or become less inclined to share the information. Your lawyer will contact a witness for a statement as soon as possible before the witness' memory or motivation fades.

As you can see, contacting a lawyer as soon as possible after an injury or accident is imperative.

How Do I Choose a Personal Injury Attorney?

1. Ask About Credentials

Your lawyer should belong to the American Bar Association, but there are other indicators that they're respected within the profession. Consider a lawyer's professional associations, publications, teaching history, and other evidence of community involvement.

2. Ask About Legal Strategy

The majority of personal injury cases are settled out of court before they get to the trial stage. This is because it saves time, resources, and emotional capital for all parties involved. Trials are hard for everyone, but sometimes it is the best option. Make sure the lawyer you hire is comfortable going to trial in the event that negotiations break down.

3. Ask About Legal Staff Members

Attorneys work with case managers, legal assistants, and other professionals. Find out who else is involved in your case and their respective roles. While you are recovering from your physical injuries and resolving your legal challenges, you can assess the kind of support you will have.

4. Ask About Fees

Find out how your lawyer expects to be paid. The costs of a personal injury case can be high, as your lawyer has to file your claim, investigate, consult with expert witnesses, and more. Find out if you need to pay upfront legal fees or if the lawyer will deduct them from the final settlement. The majority of personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don't have to pay anything unless they win or settle your case.

5. Ask About Experience

Many lawyers handle a variety of legal matters, so it's important to determine if the one you're going to hire has experience handling your type of case, especially if you have serious injuries and your medical needs are complex. Ask for references from past clients or statistics about past personal injury cases.

6. Ask About Communication

Getting a judgment or settlement can take weeks or months once you begin a claim. You may need to contact your legal counsel in the meantime. Find out whether the lawyer is regularly available to clients and whether they have a legal team to answer important questions.

7. Ask About Possible Outcomes

Whether you were involved in an auto accident or a slip and fall with a minor injury, you might be eligible to recover money for medical care, lost wages, or property damage. Your lawyer can represent you in court as well as handle communications with your insurance company or the at-fault party's insurance company. Try to get an idea of the possible outcomes of your case from your potential lawyer.

How Much Does the Personal Injury Lawyer Average Cost?

Personal injury lawyers typically charge contingent fees. The lawyer's fees for representing the client will be deducted from the final settlement in the client's case or from the award after a favorable verdict if the case goes to trial. If the client doesn't win, the lawyer doesn't get a fee. Keep in mind that some lawyers will charge you certain expenses even if you lose (or win), such as filing fees and the cost of obtaining medical records. Clarify this before signing any type of fee agreement.

Do Personal Injury Attorneys Usually Charge for Consultations?

Most attorneys don't charge for an initial consultation.

Why? Personal injury attorneys understand the challenges and difficulties you face after suffering an injury from someone else's carelessness. Accidents and permanent injuries can cause financial hardships. Their goal is to make contacting them as easy and risk-free as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I get my compensation?

It depends on the severity of your case and how willing the other party is to negotiate. This can take time from a few months to a couple of years. It's important that you start the process as soon as possible because there is a statute of limitations which, for most states, is two years.

Do I have to go to court?

You don't necessarily have to go to court. All good attorneys will start by trying to get compensation or a settlement from the insurance providers involved. However, if someone doesn't have insurance or if the insurance company is unwilling, then things might escalate to a trial.

When should I hire an attorney?

You should consider hiring a personal injury attorney as soon as your accident takes place. The sooner you hire an attorney, the sooner you can get legal help gathering all necessary documents and building a case.