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Ohio Police Misconduct Lawyers

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Benjamin "Tom" Pugh was admitted to practice in 2010 and is a founding partner of Pugh & Roach, Attorneys at Law, PLLC. He is licensed in both Ohio and Kentucky...
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Tyler moved to the River Cities while in law school and decided to make the area his home. From 2010 until 2014, he represented individuals, small businesses, ...
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I have been in private practice for 45 years on an uninterrupted basis. I focus primarily in employment law and civil rights and also handle domestic relations ...
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David Nacht has tried over 2 dozen cases with his most recent victory in the spring of 2013 in federal court. His last civil jury award was in June 2012 in Musk...
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Carrie is an employment attorney in Columbus, Ohio. Carrie represents clients in a wide variety of employment matters, including cases involving discrimination...
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Employment attorney in Columbus, Ohio that does work on behalf of the employee. I have been rated by Super Lawyers and recognized by Best Lawyers in America. My...
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Andrew Biller's law practice focuses on wage and hour litigation. Mr. Biller has experience with a variety of wage disputes including overtime exempt/nonexempt ...
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Elizabeth Abdnour Law, PLLC fights for fair and equitable treatment in K-12 and higher education.At the college and university level, founder and principal Liz ...
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Charles Herman grew up in Sylvania, Ohio and joined the military after graduating from Sylvania Southview High School in 1993. After serving four (4) years he w...

If you or someone you love has been subject to police misconduct, which can range from racial profiling to unlawful searches, there are ways for you can get compensation for those damages. Hiring police misconduct lawyers can give you access to legal professionals who will be able to properly represent you in a case against the offending officers.

What is a Police Misconduct Lawyer?

The best police misconduct lawyers in Ohio help victims of police misconduct or brutality seek legal consequences and compensation. These situations can include:

  • Unnecessary harassment by police officers;
  • Civil rights violations;
  • False arrests;
  • Police misconduct and racial profiling; and/or
  • Police misconduct which resulted in injury and/or death.

What Does a Police Misconduct Attorney Do?

An Ohio police misconduct attorney has many jobs, mostly to do with filing paperwork, communicating with all parties, and legally representing you. This can include:

  • Determining a remedy for civil rights violations, like criminal prosecution of the police officer responsible;
  • Determining a remedy for a civil rights lawsuit such as demanding monetary damages or an injunction;
  • Filing a complaint with the internal affairs department for the police department responsible;
  • Ensuring the victim receives immediate medical care and ongoing medical treatment as necessary;
  • Advising their client about their legal rights and options;
  • Working to collect evidence for criminal charges or lawsuits; and
  • Filing lawsuits and representing individuals in court.

When Should You Hire a Police Misconduct Lawyer from at Ohio?

If you have been the victim of police misconduct, you should consider hiring a civil rights attorney. This can include unlawful detention, racial profiling, illegal searches, unjustified deadly force, perjury, false imprisonment, or police intervention without probable cause. A civil rights attorney can file a misconduct lawsuit against police officers, county sheriffs, or officers who work for other law enforcement agencies such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They can help you get compensation for your loss of liberty and violated rights.

How to Find a Lawyer for Police Misconduct

There are many ways for you to find a lawyer for police misconduct in Ohio, including local searches in your area, talking to your local Chamber of Commerce, or asking for referrals from those who have also used police misconduct lawyers. Other options include: 

  • The American Bar Association can help you find good lawyers in your area who are qualified to take on cases about police misconduct;
  • Resources such as LawInfo can help you find police misconduct attorneys in your area; and
  • Several services specifically help victims of police misconduct find referrals in their area from qualified attorneys. 

How Should I Choose a Police Misconduct Attorney from Ohio?

Choosing a police misconduct attorney is an important decision and there are many factors you want to consider.

Trust and Communication

First and foremost, when your civil liberties have been violated, it can be difficult to trust anyone again, especially people who have a position of authority. This is why you need to work with a lawyer you trust. They should be able to answer all of your questions honestly and respond to you in a timely manner, no matter how busy they are. You need a lawyer who will communicate with you regularly as your case proceeds, giving you honest responses to your calls or emails.


You always want to choose an attorney with the right level of experience. Cases involving police misconduct represent a specific legal field, so you should not settle for a lawyer who only has experience with debt relief or unpaid wages. Choose someone who regularly represents people who have been discriminated against by law enforcement officers.


You also want to choose an attorney who can practice in your area. Lawyers are only allowed to practice in states where they have passed the bar. It's always best to find a lawyer who is skilled at handling police misconduct in your area. In addition, having someone who is local, or at least in your state, also makes it easier to communicate. 

On Average, How Much Does a Police Misconduct Lawyer Cost Ohio?

In many police misconduct cases, an attorney will charge a flat fee for their services, which covers a legal consultation, document preparation, and court representation. When charging a flat fee, attorneys will either charge the entire fee upfront or charge the fee as a percentage of the settlement after your case is concluded. This means that you will not have to pay for personal injury legal options, unless the lawyer gets you compensation for things like excessive force or police brutality.

In other cases, a lawyer for police misconduct from Ohio will charge an hourly rate for their services. When charging by the hour, lawyers will explain their rates for each individual who contributes to your case. As an example, it may be broken down as follows:

  • $300 per hour for attorneys;
  • $100 per hour for paralegals;
  • $30 per hour for secretarial services;
  • $.10 per copied page;
  • etc.

Based on this breakdown, you will know the rates for the different services provided prior to the case beginning. Usually, the attorney on your case will allocate more administrative tasks to an administrative or egal assistant and certain legal tasks to the paralegal. Prior to engaging in hourly billing with your legal team, you must ask about their payment requirements. Some attorneys who charge hourly rates have very strict rules that stipulate you must pay within 30 days of receiving a bill or they will pause all legal services on your behalf. However others have stipulations that you must pay within 90 days of receiving a bill, or work out some sort of repayment plan.

Do Police Misconduct Attorneys Typically Charge for Consultations?

Usually, an Ohio police misconduct lawyer will provide a free consultation. However, you should confirm this prior to agreeing to a consultation. This consultation will allow the attorney to verify whether you have grounds for a legal case and, if you do, determine whether your case is a good fit for the law firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sue the police?

With the help of a qualified attorney and a legitimate case, you can sue a police officer or other law enforcement officer for violating your civil rights. If police officers have engaged in misconduct and violated your constitutional rights, you can sue the individual police officers or sue the Sheriff's office or police station for damages.

How much can I expect to receive for a settlement?

How much you can expect to receive in compensation is based entirely on your situation. The amount of physical or emotional trauma and any influence the police misconduct had on your ability to make money or on your reputation are all factors that are considered in your settlement. If you were subject to a false arrest as well as malicious prosecution or excessive force, settlements could be anywhere from a few hundred thousand dollars to a few million dollars.

How long does it take to sue for police misconduct?

The duration of your case is based on how complicated the case is and how willing the police department or individuals are to communicate with your legal team. If, for example, an internal affairs department is given 30 days to respond to a request for information, they can choose to respond immediately, or they can respond on day 29. The longer it takes to get responses, the longer it takes for the entire process to move forward. Most cases take anywhere from a few months to a few years to settle.