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About Samuel A. McCloud

Free Advice: Do not do the “Monkey Tests” on the side of the road, do not answer any questions without an attorney and never give the cops permission to search your car or anything else for that matter. I have tried 300+ felony, gross misdemeanor, and misdemeanor cases to jury verdict. At one point I won 12 DWI jury trials in a row in just one jurisdiction alone. I am listed in “The Best Lawyers in America” and am a Life Member to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a founding member of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice. I have been involved in over 150 appeals- more than any other private attorney in the State of Minnesota. Some victories have changed Minnesota Law forever such as “a Judge is NO LONGER allowed to order-“ Cash Bail Only” and the Judge, in every case, must order Bail without any conditions such as random testing or no use of alcohol while your case in pending. Additionally, the DNR cops must get a Warrant in order to legally enter your ice-fishing house unless you invite them in. I was also responsible for the State’s decision to replace Breathalyzer machines with the Intoxilyzer. Further, I have one of the few directed verdicts of acquittal in a First-Degree Murder case. “My client was absolutely innocent… the judge said it was the hardest decision he’s made in 30 years on the bench.” My only reaction was, “Why is it so hard to pronounce innocence when I had proven beyond any doubt whatsoever that my client was - in fact- Verifiabley and Completely Innocent?” This should have been the proudest moment of Judge “Hanging John Spellacy’s” 30-year career. What better thing could a Judge ever do than declare someone’s innocence.




William Mitchell College of Law
Ph.D. (1977), law | 1977 - Present
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
B.S. (1968), Major in Bus. Admin. & Econmics -Accounting | 1968 - Present
Activities: Went to both night and day school to finish 4 yr. program in 3yrs. with a Major in Economics and Business Admin. and a minor in Accounting with exactly 1/2 credit over the 180 needed to graduate. Fun Fun Fun. Honors: Graduated with Honors


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