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Kyle Wright is a partner at Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines, Dolyk & Wright Co., LPA. He has handled a variety of complex personal injury, wrongful death, and motor ...
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Bryan Hawkins grew up in central Ohio and attended Dublin Schools. After graduating from high school in Cincinnati, Mr. Hawkins returned to central Ohio to att...
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The focus of the Dominy Law Firm, LLC is representing clients charged with criminal offenses and DUI / OVI offenses in Columbus, Ohio (Franklin County) and the ...
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CINCINNATI, NORTHERN KENTUCKY, COLUMBUS, & DAYTON DUI DEFENSE My name is Joe Suhre and I am committed to DUI defense. In fact, that's all I do. I am a gradu...
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I am believer that people accused of a criminal offense deserve the most competent and experienced legal counsel possible for a fair and reasonable cost of repr...
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Brian Joslyn’s decision to become a criminal defense attorney was shaped by unique personal hardship. His life has been and remains a testament to the pursuit o...
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Kristin grew up in Northern Kentucky and has been protecting the rights of individuals, families and children since 2009. She fights for her clients accused of...
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Benjamin "Tom" Pugh was admitted to practice in 2010 and is a founding partner of Pugh & Roach, Attorneys at Law, PLLC. He is licensed in both Ohio and Kentucky...
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Jack concentrates his practice in three primary areas: municipality law, small business law and complex litigation. Additionally, he has significant experience ...
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For the past 24 years, Michael Boske has handled thousands of Criminal cases throughout Ohio. From minor traffic and OVI/DUI charges to major assaults, domestic...

Lawyers who specialize in identity theft are experts in these practice areas. They will work to protect their clients’ rights and offer invaluable legal insight to identity theft victims.

What Is a Theft Lawyer?

Legal professionals in your city, county, or state who specialize in identity theft have specific knowledge of the laws governing these theft crimes. In addition to the victim, a complex identity theft case often involves the justice system, financial institutions, and attorneys.

The best theft lawyer in Ohio specializing in identity theft can assist you with identity theft protection, reporting identity theft, and contacting an identity theft resource center if your identity has been stolen.

What Does a Ohio Theft Attorney Do?

A law firm for identity theft will:

  • Formally report the serious crime to the police if you have not already done so
  • Handle your FTC reporting
  • Provide financial assistance on your behalf
  • Ensure your credit report is corrected and accurate
  • Obtain new government-issued IDs and/or other stolen property
  • Contact debt collection agencies or creditors as needed
  • Provide legal advice throughout the criminal process
  • Assist law enforcement in tracking down the criminal for criminal possession
  • Protect clients’ rights and sensitive information from identity theft and other crimes

Your lawyer can help you recover your losses or bring legal action against the offender. If you are planning to hire an identity theft lawyer, keep all the evidence that you may need to present.

When To Hire a Theft Lawyer in Ohio?

A lawyer may be needed if your identity has been stolen and you cannot resolve the related issues on your own. If you have been the victim of identity theft, an identity theft lawyer will guide you through the complex and stressful steps of your case. Even though fraud and its damages aren’t always immediately apparent, a person can’t be too cautious or careful when it comes to protecting his or her identity. You may need a lawyer if you have been the victim of identity theft in any of the following situations:

  • Your wallet or purse was stolen for the purpose of stealing your identity
  • Your detractor dumpster-dived, resulting in aggravated identity theft
  • Your mail was stolen or redirected to another address
  • A company that you do business with has no record of money that you paid to a person over the phone
  • Because of false information, you cannot get a loan or a job

Lawyers who specialize in identity theft and are proven by their prior results to provide invaluable information and services during what is often a difficult time.

How To Find a Lawyer for Theft in Ohio?

Having a knowledgeable criminal attorney who may be able to help determine if you have any defenses under the local laws that apply to your situation may be beneficial. You can get legal advice and representation from a criminal lawyer. You will have the chance to ask your legal questions and receive advice from a criminal lawyer in your area during an initial consultation. Depending on the changes in felony theft laws, an attorney can also keep you updated on any developments.

Losing a job and going to jail after being convicted of felony theft could forever alter a person’s life. A lawyer will help to ease the stress by skillfully representing his or her client during any court proceedings, hearings, and trial.

How Do I Choose a Theft Attorney in Ohio?

A person may find it difficult to choose a criminal lawyer for theft charges. The average person who is in need of a criminal defense lawyer does not typically deal with criminal law and, therefore, may not know what to expect from a lawyer.


If you want a competent attorney, make sure that he or she has the appropriate experience and positive prior results. An attorney’s experience in similar cases is the best indicator of his or her success. You will save money or even jail time by hiring a qualified attorney who is less likely to make mistakes and better able to present your case.


Ensure that the attorney you consider has a good reputation. You can find information about lawyers on websites where people leave reviews. A good reputation indicates that the attorney may be a good fit.

Trust Your Instincts

Meeting an attorney face-to-face is the best way to choose one. Free consultations are generally available from criminal defense attorneys, so be sure to ask when you call to schedule a consultation.

How Much Does the Average Theft Lawyer Cost in Ohio?

An attorney may charge a flat fee or an hourly rate. There is rarely a flat fee for criminal cases based on the uniqueness of each case. The number of hours required for one case can be more than double that of another. However, attorneys may charge up to $3,000 in cases involving misdemeanors. Legal counsel’s hourly rates also vary widely. Criminal defense attorneys charge hourly rates ranging between $150 and $700.

Do Theft Attorneys Usually Charge for Consultations?

When you are attempting to hire an attorney for your case, you may feel uncomfortable and nervous. But the right attorney should give you the confidence you need to move forward. Free consultations are offered by most criminal defense attorneys, and they will be happy to discuss your case with you and answer your questions before you decide to hire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is identity theft?

Theft of identity is a class D felony that can result in felony charges and a criminal record. It occurs when someone steals another person’s personal information to commit fraud. The information may be used by the identity thief to apply for credit, file taxes, or obtain medical treatment. It can be very costly to restore your good name after such acts damage your credit rating and more.

What are the three types of identity theft?

Identity theft can be divided into different categories based on the method or the purpose of the theft. The three types of identity theft are:

  • Online identity theft
  • Financial identity theft
  • Medical identity theft
How do I know if my identity has been stolen?

Some of the red flags indicating that your identity may have been stolen include the following:

  • Credit reports don’t seem accurate
  • Personal documents are missing, whether lost or stolen
  • Bank and credit card statements show suspicious activity
  • A physical letter arrived unexpectedly
  • Physical mail is missing
  • Online accounts are being accessed by unfamiliar devices
  • You receive unusual phone calls and voicemails
  • You receive unusual texts and emails
  • Unknown SMS verification codes appear
  • Something is wrong with your income tax return