Practice Areas

Navigating the world of legal terms and practices is confusing, especially the complex US legal system. Each state has its own state laws in addition to all federal and local laws. Yet, to be a successful lawyer, you need to be an expert in your field to navigate cases easily and efficiently. This is where practice areas of law come into play. Practice areas are defined as the particular focus of an attorney and the types of cases that they deal with.

There are many different legal practice areas that attorneys can choose to specialize in and make their area of expertise, from banking law and sports law, to healthcare law and criminal law. These different focus areas help to compartmentalize law and give attorneys a narrower focus on the scope of the information that they need to understand. Typically, lawyers will focus on one area of law in order to become a true expert in their field.

Aside from the varying topic areas, different legal practice areas also rely heavily on different skill sets. Whereas some specializations are more legislation-based, others are more focused on practical applications. For example, tax law relies heavily on understanding and completing different financial forms and documents as tax-related legislation changes each year. On the other hand, family law is more centered around practically applying laws and requires client representation in court and great people skills.

Below is a list of all the different law practice areas that attorneys can potentially choose as their focus. If you are interested in one of these areas, we encourage you to explore the various pages within each category. There you will find a wealth of free informational resources about that particular area of law and its various subsections. Topics that are covered include the rights and rules, current legislation, and skills needed for lawyers specializing in each field. These articles will enable you to better choose your area of expertise and implement it effectively in practice.

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