After reading this eBook, you will learn:

  • How COVID-19 changed the way we communicate
  • Seven key skills of effective communication
  • How remote work opened the opportunity for lawyer’s career development and education
  • Skills necessary of a T-shaped lawyer
  • The 4 trends transforming the law firm workplace
  • How remote work influences motivation
  • Implementing a Hybrid Work Model: lessons learned
  • How tech tools for lawyer’s can save money in the long run
  • Case study: How Axon Partners benefited from implementing a flat structure and holacracy
eBook Preview

What is inside the eBook?

1) A detailed guide on improving communication and career development in remote work

The last 2 years have changed many things in our lives, with the way we work being one of the greatest changes. Many professionals moved their entire workflow to remote and virtual workplaces, while some combined remote work with meetings in the office. In this eBook, we decided to investigate how these new working conditions affect professional development and communication within the companies and between entrepreneurs, specifically those working in the legal field.

We put together all the information you need and created a guide for legal professionals to move their work to remote while staying motivated, keeping healthy communication between colleagues, acquiring new skills, and developing professionally.

2) How to save and even increase personal productivity while working remotely

Productivity is a sensitive topic that is very personal to each professional. There is no exact method to increase productivity that would suit all, but there are plenty of techniques and, lately, technological advances, that create a possibility for choice in strategies. We went straight to experts in the legal field and asked for their true opinion and advice. In this eBook we have provided not only the popular techniques that can be helpful to people with different temperaments and preferences, but also advice that suits people working in law. All of the topics that are covered in eBook are backed up with quotes from our legal experts, their recommendations, and their opinions.

3) What are the other views on typical legal processes

In the final chapter of the eBook, we take a look at how the latest changes in overall work conditions have influenced typical processes in the workplace. We examined the possibility of implementing a flat structure in legal firms and the idea of holacracy in the workplace. We also checked with the experts on how they are creating transparency in communication with clients and whether pricing lawyers’ help for hours is still a modern way to work with people.

Top Contributors to the eBook

We wrote this eBook in cooperation with legal innovators recognized by thousands
Larry Bridgesmith

Managing Partner of and co-founder of the Program on Law & Innovation at Vanderbilt Law School in Nashville, Tennessee

Colin S. Levy

Legal technology thinker, speaker, and writer

Emily Witt

A dedicated Legal Recruiter with over 20 years of industry experience

Lucy Bassli

Founder and Principal at InnoLaw Group

Susan Andrews

Founder and Principal at Andrews Dispute Resolution

Jim Chiang

CEO and Founder at My Legal Einstein

Rian Kennedy

Legal Technology Specialist at Congruity360

Flo Nicolas

Chief Growth and Community Officer at How to Contract

Kory Kelly

CEO at Legal Karma

Laura Frederick

Founder of the How to Contract training platform, Managing Attorney at Laura Frederick Law

Memme Onwudiwe

Executive Vice President at Evisort Inc.

Navin Mahavijiyan

Legal Operations Consultant at UpLevel Ops

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this eBook available for free?
Lawrina advocates for the free access to knowledge and this eBook is not an exception. Everybody interested in making their work more productive in changing working conditions can download the eBook and apply their new knowledge into their practice.
Does this eBook cover technological tools and services for remote work?
Yes, there are plenty of tools mentioned in the eBook that cover case management, time tracking, communication, planning contract drafting, and more. Moreover, we included recommendations from our content contributors with their advice and explanations how these tools make their job easier.
What were the sources of information for the eBook?
We searched for the latest research and analytics from the most reputable sources, such as Forbes, McKinsey & Company, Bloomberg Law, HBR, and more. We acquired information from lawyers and law companies, for instance Legal Einstein and Legal Design Lab, to make the content specific to lawyers and legal professionals.
Did you give examples of real cases to illustrate the given information?
Yes, we illustrated the information provided in the eBook with detailed analyses of real cases to make difficult topics more understandable. We interviewed lawyers and legal influencers to deeply analyse post-pandemic changes to the workplace and give valuable recommendations from experts of the post-COVID market. This way, you will be able to  see how innovative approaches have been realized by real firms and professionals, learn the difficulties they’ve had along the way, and how to overcome these challenges faster and more efficiently.
Who has created the content for the eBook?
To create the most reputable content for our readers, we attracted the support of 20+ innovative legal professionals. Many legal and professional influencers contributed to the creation of the eBook including Colin Levy, Susan Andrews, Larry Bridgesmith, Jim Chiang, Emily Witt, Navin Mahavijiyan, Rian Kennedy, Memme Onwudiwe, Lucy Bassli, Flo Nicolas, Kory Kelly, and others. With their help, Lawrina managed to compile 80+ pages of useful content. The Lawrina team put a big effort into this eBook to become the best aid for legal practitioners finding their way to work effectively post-pandemic. Special kudos to our team: Anastasiia Pozynich, Inna Ptitsyna, Maryna Semchenko, Mariia SynytskaSerhii Liudvichenko and Alina Moskalenko.
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