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    The Michigan bill of sale is a type of receipt used to transfer the ownership of an item in exchange for money or trade between a buyer and a seller. To establish the new rights legally, you will need the bill of sale to purchase or sell valuable items of more than $500 (e.g. vehicles, animals and pets, personal property like furniture or equipment, firearms, etc.). Ensure complete security and legality of your purchase and sale deal across the U.S. with Lawrina customizable bill of sale.
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    Template Description

    What Are the Types of Bills of Sale in Michigan?

    In Michigan, bills of sale vary according to their types or subjects. Commonly, Michigan bill of sale types are the following:

    • Vehicle: car, motorcycle, van, boat, mobile home, trailer etc.;
    • Equipment; 
    • Furniture;
    • Pets and animals: cats, dogs, horses, livestock, etc.;
    • Firearms;
    • Personal property: clothes, shoes, jewelry, and more.

    The other types of sale agreements that people should consider are “as-is” and notarized. “As-is” printable bills confirm that the parties agreed to deliver and receive the subject of the sale in its current condition, including its flaws. The buyer agrees to cover all necessary costs to repair the item.

    The seller and buyer need notarized sale forms for goods over $500. It is strongly recommended to contact the Michigan notary to witness and record this sort of purchase as legal. There are other reasons why buyers and sellers should sign a notarized bill of sale in Michigan:

    • This legal document works best for private sales of expensive items. Note that the parties should proceed with private sales according to the up-to-date state laws;
    • Notarized bills of sale protect buyers and sellers from illegal sales. With the state notary, it will be easier to guarantee that the buyer will get the merchandise and the seller will get the compensation;
    • If the parties need to transfer the titles, they should notarize their Michigan bill of sale. 

    When Should I Use a Bill of Sale in Michigan?

    Primarily, the Michigan vehicle bill of sale, like any other type, is safe proof of purchase for both parties. Most likely, people will need this legal document when selling or buying a new car, motorcycle, boat, trailer, or any other vehicle. This legal process requires distributing titles and the new owner registration and paying a sales tax in Michigan. Also, a bill of sale protects the transactions to help the parties avoid disputes. A legally valid Michigan bill of sale for cars is equally important for the buyer and seller to add to their records.

    However, there are specific cases of purchase and sale deals when the parties do not need any Michigan bill of sale:

    1. Small purchases of the items that cost less than $500 and do not carry great value;
    2. Personal property since such deals require a different legal procedure supported by the appropriate documents and the legal help of a real estate lawyer or law firm;
    3. Services as the parties should prepare another type of legal contract for this agreement. 

    What happens if I don’t use a bill of sale in Michigan?

    In Michigan, people have limited actions without printable bills of sale. For example, selling luxury vehicles, expensive equipment, or unique pets is complicated if the parties arrange their deed orally without a legal document

    If people are selling or purchasing a car, they should also transfer the ownership rights with the car-related documents and take care of the vehicle registration. Otherwise, the buyers can get the car with multiple damages or a different model while sellers may not get their money for the sold car. An unexpected payment or transaction issue may also occur when the parties have acted without the sale agreement.

    Any confusion or information misinterpretation from the Michigan bill of sale for cars may cause future disputes. 

    What Should Be On a Bill Of Sale in Michigan?

    The Michigan auto bill of sale should cover the following definitions and terms below.

    Key terms

    The parties should ensure that they have included these basic technical settings for the Michigan vehicle bill of sale:

    • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) code is a unique number for each vehicle;
    • Vehicle description: model, size, color, vehicle registration plate, year, make, etc.;
    • Odometer reading;
    • Vehicle insurance;
    • Warranty clause, if any.

    Other types of Michigan bills of sale may mention the following terms and provisions:

    • “As-is” is the actual state of the vehicle that the buyer agrees to purchase;
    • Certificate of title provides the initial vehicle owner’s name but make sure to change it after the ownership transferring;
    • Notary Public is the Michigan government institution that legalizes the Michigan bill of sale forms;
    • A promissory note is a separate legal document binding one of the parties to pay for the vehicle before a specific deadline.

    How To Write a Bill of Sale in Michigan?

    Writing a bill of sale in Michigan is not complicated. Below check out the steps to fill out this legal sample.

    Fill in all the necessary information

    After the negotiations, the parties should carefully complete the following components of their valid bill of sale:

    • The contact details of the buyer and the seller; 
    • The merchandise description. The key details to mention about vehicles are the VIN code, odometer reading, and insurance;
    • The arranged purchase price, payment methods, and deadlines;
    • Warranty clause if any;
    • The purchase date and the parties’ signatures.

    The parties should check all the details before signing the sale agreement.

    Finalize the transactions

    The buyer should pay all the necessary fees immediately after the sale. Besides the payment for the good, the buyer should also check out the sales tax in Michigan to pay. When selling a vehicle, the client should provide an automobile bill of sale Michigan to prove the deal is legal.

    Notarize your bill of sale

    If the item costs more than $500, the sale and purchase deal should be notarized for the next steps. This Michigan bill of sale does not require the notary’s signature if the agreement is related to pets, equipment, or furniture.

    Register the new owner

    When the deal and all related payments are over, it is time to transfer ownership. Now the new owner is responsible for the registration of a vehicle. To complete the deal, the buyer should reach out to the Michigan DMV (Division or Department of Motor Vehicles) office.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a Bill of Sale in Michigan when selling my car?

    A bill of sale for your vehicle is not required in all states. However, it's highly advisable to have a bill of sale in private car sales to prevent future issues. Bill of Sale protects sellers by proving the sale and transfer of ownership to the buyer. It is best to review State requirements when considering selling your vehicle.

    Does the Buyer need to sign the Bill of Sale in Michigan?

    Without the buyer’s signature, a Bill of Sale may not be used as an enforceable contract. Some states require only the buyer to sign the document, while others need both parties to sign the Bill of Sale. A seller cannot legally force a buyer to sign a Bill of Sale. The best approach in this situation would be to refuse to sell unless the buyer signs the Bill of Sale.

    What happens if I don’t use a Bill of Sale in Michigan?

    If the buyer has assumed possession of the vehicle but has not settled the entire purchase price, the seller might be able to have the car returned without a signed Bill of Sale. The seller might not be allowed to sue the buyer for the outstanding balance.