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    The child care authorization letter is a legal document whereby parents give their written consent to a family member or non-relative to take temporary care of the child or children. This legal template enables non-parent caregivers to help children with any life situation they have, starting from daily school routines to strict medical procedures. Fill out this child care authorization letter form on Lawrina, download it in PDF to share with the other parties and use it for future needs.
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    Template Description

    What Is a Child Care Authorization Letter?

    A child care authorization form is a legal document written and signed by parents who temporarily delegate their responsibilities to the person not closely related to the child. This formal document can help unrelated caregivers be involved in various aspects of a child’s care – school, emergency medical treatment, travel, vacation, etc. – and make decisions when necessary in the absence of a parent. Special authorization agreements define the limit of the care provider’s authority over the child. They may also specify the duration of their authority and consent to act as the child’s parent. 

    Importance of Signing a Child Care Authorization Letter

    A legal child care authorization letter sample can help parents in many circumstances and ensures that parents can rely on another adult caregiver. The core of an authorization agreement is specifying the permissions and obligations of a non-parent care provider when being in charge of minors.

    Below is a list of the typical duties to mention in the child care authorization letter:

    • Consent to any medical procedures that the child requires;
    • Enrolling the child in school, extracurricular or sports activities, and more;
    • Receiving and applying for the child’s confidential and legal documents on behalf of the child – healthcare records, school documents, driving license, job permission, birth certificate, state identification card, social security card, etc.;
    • Receiving public assistance on behalf of the child.

    When You Should Use a Child Care Authorization Letter

    With this parents’ permission form, entrusted caregivers can get essential medical treatment for minors, pick them up from school, or support them during vacations across the globe.

    Non-parent caregivers should provide a child care authorization form for parents to sign when taking on a new client. For example, to get all essential medical treatment for a child, the caregiver must provide doctors and hospital staff with the child care authorization form signed by the parents.

    Here’s a list of the most common cases of the child care authorization form in use:

    1. At healthcare institutions: receiving emergency medical treatment and managing healthcare records on behalf of the child;
    2. During a trip or vacation across your country or abroad: receiving the consent to travel with the child by border guards or related authorities;
    3. Administration procedures: obtaining such necessary legal documents as identity card, driving license, social security card, job permission, etc. on behalf of the child;
    4. Participation in the child’s extracurricular activities: authorizing your responsibility as a non-parent caregiver at the child’s activities;
    5. Legal procedures: presenting the child’s interests at court and further actions on behalf of the child.

    What To Include in Child Care Authorization Letter

    A standard child care authorization letter sample should consist of the following components:

    • The names of the Childcare Provider, or Relative (the person who takes temporary parental responsibility for the child), Parents, and Child, or Minor Children;
    • Personal data of the parties above: date of birth, residence address, and phone numbers (if applicable for Child, or Children);
    • The Parties’ consent for authorization;
    • Duties and obligations the Childcare Provider, or Relative, is given power over;
    • Duration of non-parent care (optionally); and
    • Signatures of the Childcare Provider, or Relative, and Parents, plus the date of signatures.

    How To Write Child Authorization Letter

    Parties involved

    There are specific parties involved in child care authorization: 

    • Parent (or Parents); 
    • Childcare Provider, or Relative (an adult person not related to the child);
    • Child (or Minor Children). 

    Their personal information should include their full names, dates of birth, physical addresses, and contacts. 

    Parties’ authorization consent 

    In this section, the parties need to add clauses stating that parents agree to authorize the Childcare Provider to take care of their child during the specific period when the parents are away for work or home obligations. 

    Plus, a purpose can be added for the child care authorization form. It can be described in plain language, for example, “to delegate the parental responsibility to the entrusted non-parental Care Provider during the period…”, etc.

    Main duties and responsibilities

    Here, the parties should describe the key responsibilities a Childcare Provider should fulfill while the parents are temporarily unavailable. The following examples will work for the child care authorization letter:

    • To bring the Child to his or her medical appointment, and to consent to medical care which is deemed necessary by the physicians and medical providers at the time of the appointment;
    • To enroll the Child in a day-care program or public or private preschool, primary or secondary school;
    • To bring the Child to day-care program or public or private preschool, primary or secondary school;
    • To authorize the Child to participate in age-appropriate extracurricular, civic, social, or recreational activities, including athletic activities;
    • To authorize the Child to obtain a learner’s permit, driver’s license, or state-issued identification card;
    • To authorize the employment of the Child; and
    • To apply for and receive public benefits on behalf of the Child.

    Duration of the child care authorization form

    Parents can optionally establish a specific period when they need a non-parental care provider to be in charge of their child.

    Warnings and disclosures

    This part of a child care authorization form can explain the following cases of force majeure:

    • Consequences the Childcare Provider may meet if they fail to take care of the child within the established period in the agreement;
    • Conditions that divide the parental and non-parental responsibilities regarding the child, and the scope of expenses;
    • Termination option for Parents to change the time frame of the child care authorization letter.

    If the parties want to include more warning and disclosure articles, it is recommended to contact a family lawyer.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who can be authorized?

    Any adult person can be authorized to take temporary care of children, be it a close relative, babysitter, step-father, or a voluntary caregiver.

    Can parents cancel the child care authorization letter?

    As a parent, you can cancel the authorization agreement at any time or change the duration of the authorization form whenever you need it.

    As a parent, can I change the care provider mentioned in the authorization agreement?

    Yes. You can assign another person to take responsibility for your child but for more details, contact your lawyer or a legal professional.

    What if I’m taking care of a child, but I’m not in the child care authorization letter?

    If you expect to have care of the child for more than a day or so, you should contact an attorney and explore seeking a custody order or a temporary authorization form. Contact your lawyer regarding both types of these legal documents for expert legal help.