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    Creative Business Pack by Lawrina is a set of 15 legal templates, perfect for photographers, models, influencers, and brand owners to legally safeguard the authenticity and originality of creative work. You can use each legal template from the pack to protect your intellectual property, determine and decide brand cooperation, define sponsorship terms, and align every aspect of your work with specific legal regulations.
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    Templates Pack Description

    Creative Business Pack by Lawrina consists of 14 legal templates for creatives to help them legalize their work without stress, obstacles, and disputes. Photographers can be sure about their intellectual property rights; parents can feel confident about the appropriate usage of their children’s photos and videos, while brand owners can rely on influencers to boost brand awareness and much more.

    Lawrina lawyers composed and reviewed all creative business templates and made them simple, clear, and easy to use whenever you need them. These legal forms are ready to fill in, download, and share with the other parties.

    Below is the list of Creative Business templates by Lawrina:

    1. Photography Contract: Organize and decide which are the necessary photographs to make the work efficient for both parties and avoid conflicts. 
    2. Photo Licensing Agreement: Transfer the right to use images publicly to differentiate and establish the photographs’ ownership.
    3. W9 Tax Form: Submit your creative job income information to confirm the legality of necessary tax payments.
    4. Intellectual Property Agreement Template: Streamline transferring photographs, designs, and written and other creative works to ensure legality, complete fees, and governing law protection.
    5. Photography Invoice Template: Bill for photography services in detail to ensure a quick and straightforward transaction between parties.
    6. Model Release Form: Ensure the safe publication of your photos on media sources to avoid disagreements between parties.
    7. Parental Consent Form Template (for minors): Be sure about the legality of the cooperation to protect your child’s rights and activities against inappropriate information spread.
    8. Property Release Agreement: Get instant permission to rent a real estate property and develop your projects at attractive locations.
    9. Wedding Photography Contract: Organize the wedding photography process from wedding preparations to reception because you need to make this event happy and meaningful for all guests.
    10. Video Release Form: Control the usage of your videos and recordings on public sources to avoid confusion and future disagreements between parties.
    11. Non-compete Agreement Template: Define the non-competing rules for your former employees to ensure a good relationship after the end of your association.
    12. Influencer Sponsorship Contract: Collaborate with and define tasks required from influencers to boost your business growth.
    13. Digital Creator Agreement (TikTok, Reels, YouTube): Write down specific actions from content creators to feature in the most popular social media and engage more customers.
    14. Brand Ambassador Contract: Document what you expect from opinion leaders to become better-known within your industry and gain more loyalty from clients.

    Download the Creative Business Pack by Lawrina and protect your interests along with your creative intellectual property without disputes.

    Template Pack Benefits

    14 Documents

    Each template pack includes legal Microsoft Word forms, always at your hand when you start and develop your projects.

    Clarity in Every Clause

    Be sure to understand each term in a legal sample to avoid confusion and force majeure during your business deals.

    Compliance With State Laws

    Feel confident to use your template across the U.S. and solve your legal issue quickly.

    Qualified Legal Help

    Find an experienced lawyer on Lawrina Match if you need legal advice or help with preparing essential documents.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to choose an appropriate legal template?

    Lawrina legal experts have prepared and revised all templates from Lawrina Packs to address your legal matters directly. You can opt to edit all forms from Lawrina Packs or the one you need for your circumstances. Each legal form is compliant with recent state law regulations to submit it wherever you need it across the U.S. 

    You can see the descriptions of each legal form from the selected pack in the Documents in the Pack section.

    If you’re hesitant about the correct type of legal agreement for your case, you can find and ask a lawyer in the Lawrina Match database. It includes more than 1000 verified experienced attorneys in any legal practice area from all over the U.S. Type in your state or legal issue, and contact legal professionals for details.

    How to use a legal document template?

    After you buy a template pack, you can download it right away on Lawrina or access it via the link we send to your email. Then, you can start filling out all the forms or continue with the one you need at the moment. 

    When you finish, you can print a complete template, get it signed, and submit it for the necessary procedure. You can save all customized templates for your future deals.

    Do legal documents require a signature?

    After you finish preparing your legal template, you and the other parties should sign it. Your signatures prove that all parties agree to and approve the document, which makes it valid.

    The signature format can be both manual or electronic.