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An electrical service agreement is a legal document that defines the type of electrical service to be provided. This agreement outlines the scope of electrical work, pricing, the service time frame, and termination. Having all this information in writing helps the parties understand and refer to the liabilities of an electrician or electrical service company and the client. Fill in this sample agreement, enter the key information about the services and the parties, and download the document for your current and future deals.

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Template Description

The electrical service contract agreement is an agreement between an electrician and his or her customer that defines the type of service to be provided and outlines all the details before work begins.

What is an Electrical Service Agreement?

Under an electrical service contract, the following points are often covered:

  • Monitor for the equipment
  • Systems for supplying power
  • Switchboards and panelboards
  • Measuring equipment
  • Relays that provide protection
  • Motor control centers
  • Transformers
  • Transfer switches
  • Stand-by generators

Different electrical contracts templates include different covered points. 

As part of an electrical maintenance contract, the work should also comply with local codes, manufacturers’ recommendations, and industry standards for workplace safety. It is crucial not to overlook these three goals, and a good contractor will make sure that they are met.

The terms and conditions of the most error-free electrical service agreement include but are not limited to the following:

Scope of Work

The work that should be performed needs to be described as far as possible. This can be challenging, depending on the nature of the initial request.

Provided Services

This section includes the provision of services that will be provided by an electrician. 

Excluded Services

The list of services that are not being paid for or covered according to the initial agreement.

Pricing and Budget

Considering that electrical services always include materials, the pricing arrangements need to include the price and budget for those. In some contracts, a deposit may be also required and needs to be agreed upon before signing the agreement.


You need to outline reasons when it is possible to terminate the agreement either by an electrician or a client (such as non-payment or material breach).

Acceptance and Signature

End your agreement with the signatures of both parties to make sure the contract is mutually agreed upon.

*Please consider that this is a non-exhaustive list but just a few main things this agreement should have.

Why Are Electrical Service Agreements Important?

Service agreements allow you to tell the service provider what you need and agree on how the service will be delivered, including when and how often you want to receive the service. These agreements help each party understand his or her responsibilities. Having this information in writing allows for easy reference in the future. Some things to consider in addition to a visual assessment are:

Wiring—Small appliances plugged into inadequate or improper wiring are recognized as the leading cause of accidental electrocutions, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). To identify the type of wire used to build your network, you must understand your electrical systems, particularly if your home is old, since many wiring practices used even 10 or 15 years ago are now considered hazardous.

Panels—Older panels and breakers should be replaced immediately.

Hidden problems—Electricity allows people to enjoy a wide range of creature comforts. Electrical services usually do not malfunction until they fail, resulting in unwanted electrical service interruptions. 

Insurance—Electricity is the leading cause of property damage in home structures and electrical fires across the US, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Certain insurance companies will not insure a home if it has a certain type of wire or electrical panel. Be sure to check the customer’s insurance policy requirements.

Cost savings—Having a licensed electrician review your home, office, or warehouse system periodically will ensure that you can identify minor problems now to avoid significant repairs later.

When Electrical Service Agreement Is Needed

Contracts for electrical maintenance, or electrical service agreements, define the type of service that will be provided and allow both parties to have the details of the service outlined in writing before work begins. This protects the consumer and the electrician from the risk of negative consequences. That is when electricians may look for electrical service agreement template.

What Is Included in an Electrical Service Agreement?

A well-written electrical service agreement includes but is not limited to the following:

Name and address of both parties

 Make sure the personal data of both parties have been included and written correctly.

Required terms and conditions

The list of required terms and conditions can be found above.

Dates signed and signatures

Each electrical service agreement needs to end with signatures from both parties and data.

How To Write an Electrical Service Agreement

In the simplest form, the electrical service contract is written according to the following steps:

Coordinate with the counterpart

First, before writing any agreement, ensure everything has been carefully agreed upon with another party.

Negotiate essential terms of the contract

It is always required to negotiate essential terms with another party. Make sure you have discussed all the essential terms and conditions that need to be included in the contract.

Allow opportunities for both parties to clarify expectations and ask questions

Arguments and disagreements help to ensure that both parties are actively involved and figure out all potential issues. So, make sure you ask and discuss all the questions connected with electrical service.

Draft the final version and sign the contract

You can always use the PDF version of the agreement to draft a document with a clear structure and streamline the process. Review the contract with a professional lawyer before signing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a standard service agreement?

Standard Service Agreements are legal contracts between service providers and clients. Details about the business relationship and the duties each party owes to the other are outlined in the agreement. It may include services offered, additional costs, after-hours calls, a termination clause, and pricing.

How do you write a contract for electrical work?
  • Identify the contractor and the customer—Include your business information and the client’s information.
  • Define the scope of the liquidation project—This is where you outline what services and/or supplies you will be providing.
  • Identify the plans and specifications and the location—This section includes the location, goods, and services included. 
  • Set out the payment schedule—This is where you outline how much you will be paid, how your client can pay you, and any additional information, such as how late fees or nonpayment are handled.
  • List completion dates and schedules—This section includes your timeline for the work specified and a final deadline.
  • Set out who will pay for licenses and fees—If there are licenses or permits to be included, this is where you specify who is responsible for obtaining these.
  • Explain the safety protocol if applicable as per state laws—Include any details regarding safety equipment and who is responsible for following which safety procedures.
  • Indicate responsibility for losses or damage—This clause should include the outcome of any damages or losses or a denial of responsibility for such instances.
  • Create a signature section—Signatures and dates must be included.

Have a professional review your contract—Always have licensed attorneys look over your contract prior to presenting it to your client, and then file the original with your lawyer for safe recordkeeping.

How can you easily manage electrical service agreements?

Many electrical contractors find that bringing in new business is costly, as they have to pay out more than they want. As soon as you acquire a customer, you want them to return. The likelihood of doing so improves with a membership or service agreement program. It is possible to capitalize on your efforts to maintain—and grow—a loyal customer base through service agreements. 

Customer service indemnity agreements not only help you to reduce uncertainty about where a business will come from next, but they also help you to save money on customer acquisition. Additionally, they eliminate the need for customers to look for an electrician via Yelp or Google every time they require electrical work. The likelihood that customers will switch to another service provider is lower when they become members. 

A high-quality electrical services agreement template is a good start, but the real challenge is managing all of your agreement documents, appointments with customers, equipment needed for the appointments, billing, and renewals.