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    The Louisiana eviction notice is an eviction letter from the landlord asking a tenant to address a violation of a rental or lease agreement or vacate the premises on or before a stipulated date. If the tenant fails to comply with the terms of the notice, the landlord can then file a forcible detainer in court to evict the tenant. Use this eviction notice template to terminate the lease or rent agreement without conflicts from both parties. Edit this legal sample in a few clicks, download it in PDF, and submit it where necessary.
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    Template Description

    What Is an Eviction Notice?

    An eviction notice in Louisiana is the letter from the landlord to tenants informing them to vacate the property during a specific period by the end of the existing lease or rental. There are other reasons for landlords to send Louisiana eviction notice letters:

    • Tenants have damaged the property, and the lessor demands them to repair or fix the issue immediately;
    • Tenants have stopped paying for the rent;
    • The landlord no longer wants to renew the lease agreement;
    • Any illegal activity occurred at the property. 

    Following the eviction reasons, the notices in Louisiana can vary:

    • “Pay Rent” enables tenants to pay for the rent typically within 3-5 days; 
    • “Lease Violation” implies that the tenant should fix the issue that happened at the property commonly during three days;
    • Unconditional quit notices require the lessees to vacate the premises after irreparable damage or continuous failures to pay the rent. In this case, landlords can no longer offer lease agreements to these tenants. 

    What Is the Eviction Process in Louisiana?

    Eviction is never easy, but removing irresponsible tenants from the property is crucial and impeccable. In Louisiana, eviction procedures begin with issuing eviction notice letters, notifying tenants to vacate the place within a specific period. If it does not happen, the property owners can send eviction notices, informing lessees about taking the case to court in case of unpaid rent or one more lease violation.

    However, lessors can try to negotiate with tenants asking them to avoid severe consequences by making necessary repairs or payments. If the tenant refuses to act upon requests, landlords should initiate a legal process against their tenants with the help of an experienced real estate attorney, legal counsel, or law firm. They will provide professional legal advice, help prepare necessary legal documents, gather all essential evidence, and protect the landlord’s legal rights.

    In court, the judge should see all eviction papers and the evidence, pointing to the tenant’s fault to adhere to the lease agreement. Apart from the notice for eviction of tenant in Louisiana, the plaintiff should provide the judge with the current lease agreement, the messages of the landlord and the tenant, their responses, complaints including those from neighbors or local authorities, etc. 

    If the landlord wins the case, the tenant will receive the notice to vacate the premises immediately, typically in one week. If the tenant breaks the agreement, they will get a writ of possession, forcing the lessee to leave the property on the police’s responsibility.

    After the tenant has moved out, the landlord will regain the rented property, and he or she is eligible to leave the tenant without the security deposit. This money can be sufficient to cover all the damages made to the premises. Otherwise, the landlord can require the tenant for more late fees.

    Why Is an Eviction Notice Important?

    Without the Louisiana printable eviction, landlords cannot legally evict tenants and defend the landlord’s rights in court. Meanwhile, the lessors cannot take drastic measures, such as changing the door locks, switching utilities, bombarding lessees with phone calls or multiple messages, coming to the property without a prior warning, etc. These and similar actions may cause negative consequences for the landlord.

    A notice to vacate the premises can help both parties solve the legal issue without conflicts and stress. Landlords can also contact real estate lawyers in Louisiana to ask for legal help and speed up the eviction process.

    When Do You Need an Eviction Notice in Louisiana?

    There is no strict period when landlords should send an eviction notice in Louisiana. The property owners should act immediately as soon as they find the tenants’ behavior suspicious.

    Lessors should take care of a sample eviction notice in Louisiana in the following cases:

    • They want to move into their property;
    • They want to sell the property;
    • They no longer lease the premises and now do not provide the present tenants with them;
    • They will file an eviction lawsuit due to the missed notice period by the tenants, etc.

    Commonly, the other reasons for landlords to write an eviction notice cover the lessee’s lease violations and unpaid fees. According to the Louisiana local housing laws, when tenants ignore letters of eviction and the landlord’s attempts to contact them, the property owners should prepare for court and seek legal representation by a real estate law firm or lawyer.

    Eviction Information for Louisiana Landlords and Tenants

    There are specific key details to include in the eviction notice template in Louisiana to set an effective eviction process soon:

    • Specify the contact information of both parties, landlords and tenants: provide their full names, permanent residence addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses
    • Specify the lease details, mainly its start date and end date;
    • The reason for the eviction, compliant with the recent Louisiana state law regulations;
    • Notice period for the tenant who must use it to fulfill his or her obligations with the lease unless the landlord takes legal action.

    The judge may also require the information above if the case is taken to court. 

    How To Write Eviction Notice Letter in Louisiana

    Landlords can use Lawrina Templates to create their Louisiana printable eviction notice. It is easy to find this legal sample by typing in “eviction notice” in the search row. 

    Then, go to the Louisiana eviction letter template page to edit the legal document form. Lawrina will ask to provide an email address to send the prepared template after its purchase. 

    There the legal document crafting starts from the template-specific questions. Every time you answer them, the information details are filled automatically in the placeholders, one by one, to save your time for manual editing. 

    After you’re done, you can buy the template, download from Lawrina or your inbox, and use it wherever needed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Does An Eviction Notice Work In Louisiana?

    An Eviction Notice serves as the beginning of the eviction process. The Notice is a formal letter that outlines why the tenant is at risk of eviction. 

    After notice is served, the tenant has days to comply with the lease or vacate the property. If the tenant fails to remedy the defect within the time outlined, an eviction may be formally filed against the tenant through the court.

    What is a Louisiana Eviction Notice or Notice to Quit?

    An Eviction Notice or Notice to Quit is a formal letter starting off eviction proceedings designed to provide tenants with a warning that they violated the lease. It provides the tenant with instructions to comply with their lease and the number of days allowed to remedy the situation before an eviction is brought to court. 

    As a landlord, it would be best to post the letter via registered mail to record the date that the notice was provided.

    How Long Does It Take To Evict A Tenant In Louisiana?

    In some states, the judge can make an eviction order immediately at the end of the trial. But the court customarily gives the tenant one to four weeks to vacate the property. Thus, the eviction process can take five weeks to three months, assuming no delays. 

    If there are complications, like an appeal, the process can take up to a year. According to the eviction order, the landlord will have to hire a sheriff or marshal to forcibly evict the tenant if the tenant does not leave the premises. It depends on state laws, the particular eviction, and other factors.