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A flooring contract is an official agreement signed between a company providing flooring services and a client purchasing these services. It usually outlines the services offered (sale) and the cost of completing the services, so both parties know the responsibilities and expectations. This legal document might be drafted to reflect the cooperation between two companies and become a business-to-business agreement (B2B). Customize this Lawrina template, download it in PDF, and share it.

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Template Description

If you’re carrying out flooring services for a client or, vice versa, want flooring services to be performed at your property, you want to be legally protected. You can ensure the best quality of services and safety guarantee with a Flooring Contract. 

What Is a Flooring Contract?

A flooring contract is an official agreement signed between a company providing flooring services and a client making a purchase of the services. It usually outlines the details of the services provided (sale) and the cost for successfully completing the services, so both parties are aware of the responsibilities and expectations.

Although, in most cases, a Flooring Contract is a business-to-customer (B2C) agreement, it might be drafted to reflect the cooperation between two companies and become a business-to-business agreement (B2B). In that case, a company becomes a party requesting the flooring services.

Other names for flooring contracts might be: 

  • Flooring installation contract; and/or
  • Floor installation services contract.

Sometimes the names can be more specific, e.g. hardwood flooring contracts.

When To Use a Flooring Contract?

If you wonder whether and when exactly you need a flooring contract, here are the most common cases when it’s recommended (even required) to get one:

  • A floor requires significant repair (not just a minor improvement, but a bigger scope of work); 
  • A new floor is expected to be installed.

Some states and cities require flooring contracts by law. Make sure to check the local law requirements. However, even if the local jurisdiction does not require one, it is important to use it to stay legally protected. 

What To Include in a Flooring Contract Template?

Ensure your standard flooring contract template addresses the following points:

Date and jurisdiction

Always start with the date when the contract becomes legally binding and the local jurisdiction in which the contract was signed. Both terms are significant when it comes to managing potential disputes in the future.

Names and contact information

Include the names and contact information of both parties in the document. In case it’s a B2B contract, make sure you include the name and business address of the company.

Project timeframe

When do you expect the flooring services to be delivered? Make sure to outline specific dates in your contract, so both parties know exactly when and can meet the deadline.

If it’s a bigger project, it’s recommended to break it into smaller chunks (milestones), including the specific date for each chunk. 

Scope of work

The scope of work should detail all the flooring services that will be provided, including the details of the work to be done and the address of the property alongside the description of the place. The more details are provided, the bigger chance for excellent outcomes. 

Materials list and expenses

Make sure your contract includes the explicit list of all the materials required to complete the work, as well as all other extra and planned expenses.


Is there any warranty for the services provided? How long does it last? What are the requirements for it to be in force? Include all the details in your flooring installation warranty template.


How much a company providing services will get after the successful completion of the services? Is the money paid for the full project or each milestone? Is there any deposit amount? Make sure you address all these questions.

Signature lines

Just like any other contract, your flooring contract should contain signature lines at the end to be signed by both parties.

How To Write a Flooring Contract Agreement: Easy Steps

So, what are the essential steps to follow to create a legally binding flooring services agreement that will ensure both parties are legally protected and satisfied?

Negotiate all the details

Below, you can start filling out the details of your flooring contract template form. Make sure you’ve negotiated all the details with another party and are on the same page. Ask as many questions as possible at the beginning to prevent potential disputes during the cooperation.

Fill in all the required details

After you find a sample of the printable contract PDF, make sure you fill in all the negotiated details. You can also fill out the blanks on the simple questionnaire form on Lawrina and get your ready-to-go flooring contract to send to the appropriate person or multiple recipients via email or simply print it out. 

Sign a contract

Signature is a final step that makes your contract legally binding. If both parties are satisfied and agree with every clause, it’s finally time to download and sign the contract. After it, you’re all set! 

Anyone who neglects signing a Flooring Agreement should be ready for various issues, including unrealistic requests, confusion about deadlines, payment rates, and even the poor-quality services provided.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should be in a flooring contract?

It depends on the company providing flooring services and clients’ expectations. However, in general, every flooring contract form should outline the contact details of both parties, the scope of work, the time frame, payment terms, and warranty details.

Should a flooring installer create an agreement each time they are hired?

Yes, a flooring agreement is usually created for a single project since it contains a specific timeframe and scope of work. It’s required to sign a new flooring contractor contract template every time you hire a flooring installer.

How much is labor for flooring?

It depends on the state in which you are requesting flooring services and what exactly you need. For example, the simple flooring installation cost can vary between $400 and $1000, as is mentioned on most installation services companies' websites.