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A horse bill of sale template, or an equine bill of sale form, is a legal document that proves the horse purchase and sale between a buyer and a seller. A simple bill of sale for horse template confirms the transferred ownership of the horse from one party to another. As a property, people use horses for farming, horse show participation, and riding. Create your version of a horse bill of sale with Lawrina Templates, download it in PDF, and share it with the other party to finish the deal successfully.
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Template Description

What Is a Bill of Sale for a Horse?

A horse bill of sale template, or an equine bill of sale form, is a legal document that proves the horse purchase and sale between a buyer and a seller. A simple bill of sale for horse template confirms the transferred ownership of the horse from one party to another. As a property, people use horses for farming, horse show participation, and riding. 

Any breed of horse can be sold through a horse purchase contract. However, as a seller, you should guarantee that the animal is healthy and well-trained enough to participate in various competitions or riding sessions. 

When Should I Use a Horse Bill of Sale?

Any purchase and sale deal regarding horses should be supported by the signed horse bill of sale form. This sample gains its legal force immediately and enables people to use horses for farming, show participation, and riding. 

A horse purchase contract helps the parties stay on the same page about the animal sale and avoid any confusion if the horse’s lineage, health, or qualifications are questioned. Buyers will need the signed equine bill of sale template to register their horses and claim ownership. Sellers can legally transfer their liabilities for the animal to the purchasers.

What Should It Include?

A horse sale contract should mention the following information:

  • The parties’ contact details: full names, email and mailing addresses, and phone numbers;
  • The horse’s description: name (if applicable), age, breed, bloodline, gender, date of birth, current health conditions, and any extra information that a buyer should know;
  • The purchase price and deposit;
  • The date when the deal occurred and the due dates for fees;
  • Parties’ signatures.

How To Write a Horse Bill of Sale: Step-By-Step

Below are the detailed instructions for creating a standard printable horse bill of sale form. You can build your general equine bill of sale template with Lawrina Templates and always have it at hand and ready for download in PDF. 

Step 1 - Negotiations

Both parties should meet each other and the horse. As a seller, ensure you have done all health checkups and that the animal is ready to serve its upcoming owner. As a buyer, you have the right to ask questions about the horse’s lineage, health, registry documents, competition experience if any, etc. All the discussion plan should be documented and saved for creating a horse purchase agreement.

Also, the parties should discuss the price of the horse. Usually, it is based on a horse's features – age, bloodline, behavior, training experience, and medical history.

Step 2 - Filling out the horse bill of sale

Begin with putting essential information on the horse, parties, fees, and dates. Make sure that all names are written correctly, figures are also written in letters, and the fees and dates are as agreed at negotiations.

Step 3 - Revising the contract

After drafting a blank sales contract for horse, recheck the aforementioned information. If everything is error-free from your side, you can forward the document to the other party. You can print and sign the contract when they approve it.

How To Sell a Horse: Tips & Tricks

Some valuable recommendations will help you sell your horse quickly and legally:

  • Get your horse ready for a presale health inspection.

Arrange an appointment with vets to get a complete horse’s medical checkup. Review the horse’s record to see if all vaccinations have taken place on time. Based on the vet’s verdict, you can proceed to your sale. If necessary, be ready to provide potential buyers with the relevant health information on your horse.

  • Create your price for the horse.

Your fee for the animal should be based on the horse’s age, bloodline, health conditions, and training level to define the best price on the market. When buyers know what they are paying for, it will be easier for sellers to finish their deal and release their responsibility for the horse as soon as possible.

  • Post your horse sale announcement.

Take recent photos of the animal and list it in these specialized horse-selling platforms:

  1. Ehorses
  2. EquineNow
  3. Equine
  4. HorseClicks
  5. DreamHorse

For more reviews and replies, share more of your horse’s routine in videos, for example, its training sessions. With this dynamic content, clients will get to know your horse better and make their decisions quicker.

  • Communicate with buyers.

When you see interested people who left messages for you, you should get in touch with them as soon as possible. Ask them why they need a horse – to participate in horse competitions or teach their children horse riding? Do they have any horse breeding experience? 

If you get unsatisfied with the answers, you should not worry. Thus, you can understand right away whether your horse would be a good companion for purchasers. If you feel ready to trust particular clients with your horse and sell it to them, consider giving a discount if they ask.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are breeding rights in a horse bill of sale?

Breeding rights can be a part of sale but horses should be registered first. If breeding rights are not included in a printable horse bill of sale template, the parties are not eligible to perform the process. Also, be aware of the sellers providing unregistered horses because equine organizations may question the horse’s origin if you are going to apply for competitions.

What else is required besides a horse bill of sale to transfer ownership?

Some equine associations across the U.S. may provide their on-site documents to finish the ownership transfer. You should check your state law regulations regarding horse ownership registration.

When to sign bill of sale for horse?

You should sign a horse sale contract template after you have made sure that the document covers all necessary terms and conditions. You should also check the details about the horse, fees, dates, and both parties’ contact information. When you and the other party have found no errors in the document, you can sign your copy and keep it.