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    An HVAC contract is a document that legally binds an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) company and a client, whether an individual or a business organization. Ensure proper maintenance of your office and working conditions with the signed HVAC contract. Rely on the HVAC services to keep your home at a comfortable level by checking the system and repairing issues before they become an emergency. Download a printable HVAC contract template from Lawrina and easily fill in the necessary information.
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    Template Description

    The warmer or the colder it gets, the more important it is to have excellent cooling or warming repair service. You don't want your a/c to stop working once you get home from work. With an HVAC Contract, you'll be protected from all the inconveniences and get the problem solved as quickly as possible. 

    What Is an HVAC Service Contract?

    An HVAC contract template is a document that legally binds an HVAC company and a client, whether an individual or a business. An HVAC contract usually involves a monthly retainer or annual fee paid in exchange for a company conducting regular tests or maintenance.

    HVAC refers to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. An HVAC system is a climate-controlled system that heats and cools a home or a business property. The system works by drawing in air from outside, filtering it, and dispersing it to each room while also maintaining a specific temperature. HVAC filters need replacing regularly just the same as filters in your home or your car. 

    Businesses can comply with things like OSHA requirements and keep their offices as safe working environments by contracting with an HVAC company to regularly replace filters, check the system is working properly, and conduct annual maintenance. 

    Homeowners and renters alike can do the same, keeping their homes at a comfortable level and getting things checked and repaired before it becomes an emergency. The last thing you want is to have your HVAC system fail right in the middle of summer or the dead of winter. Instead, using an HVAC contractor template, you can sign up for ongoing services that keep your system functioning regularly. 

    Types of HVAC Maintenance Contracts

    There are two main types of HVAC maintenance contracts:

    1. Ongoing maintenance
    2. One-time maintenance

    Ongoing maintenance is usually for things like annual checkups or monthly filter replacements. You can have an ongoing HVAC maintenance contract with a company and then sign a one-time maintenance contract with the same company for things like emergency repairs or replacement.

    What’s Included in an HVAC Maintenance Checklist?

    The information in HVAC service agreement forms might include HVAC companies and their qualifications for such services. A client might ask the company to prove they are licensed and insured in compliance with federal laws. Companies working on HVAC systems might provide repairs for one year on services they provided originally. 


    Determine whether you need an HVAC yearly service contract template for annual services that a company performs until the contract ends or an HVAC maintenance contract template for one-time maintenance.


    Always specify the types of services the company provides as well as any guarantees or warranties associated with those services. Good companies might, for example, offer a guarantee that if something goes wrong within the first two years after fixing a problem, they will come back and repair it for free.


    Include details on what the cost will be or what the charges will be, when a client will be billed, when to expect a payment, and how to make payments.

    How to Write an HVAC Contract 

    If you are ready to write your HVAC contract, follow these steps:

    Coordinate with the counterpart

    When you draft your HVAC contract, you should coordinate with the other party so that you can finely tune the content in your contract to best fit the situation. If, for example, you are working with an individual at their residence, talk with them about what services they need in the contract.

    Negotiate essential terms of the contract 

    Include in this section an estimate of the cost for heating and ventilation work and the payment terms applicable by law. If, for example, the service contract states that the client wants a new air conditioning system, the HVAC provider might state the estimated cost for the services and the new equipment. The contract might also include a section that states the client agrees to pay whatever the full amount turns out to be at the end of the process even if it costs more than the estimate.

    Download contract template

    If you don’t want to write a contract yourself, download a printable HVAC maintenance contract template. You can easily fill in necessary parts for a printable contract, and usually, if you get a Word document or a pdf, you can edit the contract so that it only involves the parts you need.

    Fill in all the necessary information

    Have all the parties sign the HVAC service agreement, whether it is a Word doc or pdf. It is only legally binding once the client and company sign it. 

    Key Things to Remember in an HVAC Maintenance Contract?

    Remember that the HVAC maintenance contract needs to specify whether it is for a one-time service or a recurring service. You might also need something like an ACH authorization template to go with your HVAC maintenance contract if your company is planning to make regular payments through auto-pay directly from a bank account.

    Make sure both parties sign the document and date it so that you understand when it goes into effect.

    While you don’t need an attorney, having an attorney look over the HVAC maintenance contract can help because it can prevent potential mistakes down the line. You can also include a section about how to rectify issues if they arise, like using arbitration as a private source of legal resolution.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What if someone violates an HVAC contract?

    If you have an HVAC contract already drafted, it should include a section at the end about how to deal with disputes. Terms in your HVAC contract will determine the legal steps if someone violates the contract’s terms. If there are no terms for a resolution outlined in the contract, which both parties have signed, then you might consider reaching out to an attorney to talk about your options moving forward.

    What prices should I put in an HVAC service contract?

    Both parties should agree on the price in the HVAC service agreement form. Generally speaking, an HVAC company will tell you what they charge for hourly work or what services it includes for a fixed fee. Things like annual inspections and filter replacements might be a fixed fee service while additional labor might come at an hourly rate. Write these terms into the contract and ensure both parties sign it.

    How long does an HVAC service contract template last?

    Any service contract you signed is legally binding until the expiration date listed in the contract. You might also negotiate with the other party for an expiration such as after two years, or after two years with the option of renewal, or until such time as one party decides to cancel.