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An HVAC contract is a document that legally binds an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) company and a client, whether an individual or a business organization. Ensure proper maintenance of your office and working conditions with the signed HVAC contract. Download a printable HVAC contract template from Lawrina and easily fill out the necessary information.

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Template Description

technician checking air conditioner

The warmer or the colder it gets, the more important it is to have excellent cooling or warming repair service. You don't want your a/c to stop working once you get home from work. Opting to maintain your air conditioning as it is will result in an unpleasant home environment and higher energy bills. 

With a printable HVAC contract template in PDF, you'll be protected from all the inconveniences and get the problem solved as quickly as possible, with the quality guarantee from the service you choose. Also, you can just use this template as an example of how the process should be organized.

What Is an HVAC Service Contract?

An HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) contract or an HVAC invoice is a document that creates a legally binding agreement between an HVAC service company and a homeowner. This contract allows the homeowner or property owner to hire an HVAC company to do routine maintenance of their HVAC system and complete repairs when necessary. An HVAC contract allows both the property owner and the HVAC company to create terms and set prices and compensation levels of the agreement before they are needed. Usually, these fees are paid through a monthly service fee or a retainer agreement.


HVAC refers to the installation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. An HVAC system is a climate-controlled system that heats and cools a home or a business property. HVAC filters need replacing regularly just the same as filters in your home or your car. 

Contracting with an HVAC company can help businesses comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requirements. The HVAC company can help clients regularly replace simple filters, check if the system works properly, and conduct annual maintenance. Doing these tasks routinely and having the plan to ensure they are completed will help businesses keep their employees and customers safe.

Using an HVAC service contract template can also help homeowners and renters. With these templates and agreements in place, homeowners can ensure their homes are kept comfortable and up to date on regular HVAC system maintenance. Everyone’s worst nightmare is that their HVAC system fails when they need it most –– in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter. As a homeowner or renter, using an HVAC service agreement template will allow you to prevent emergencies before they happen and take a task off your checklist to take care of regular maintenance. You’ll be legally protected as well in the case that you need it.

Parties of the HVAC Service Agreement

The HVAC provider is any contractor that specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of HVAC systems. 

The Client is anyone who employs a contractor to work on their HVAC system. This could be an individual who requires assistance at home or a company that needs such services in the workplace.

Key Terms

The standard terms to be aware of when you enter or create an HVAC service contract template are:

  • Business Details — This includes each party’s legal name, address, and role in the contract. Also, include an acknowledgement of the agreement. 
  • Service Definitions –– Service definitions provide a detailed account of the services included in the contract. A statement of work can make sure the definition of each service is clear.
  • Cost and Payment Terms — An important part of any contract is the payment terms. For example, how much the service costs, how the payment will be issued, and when the payments are due.
  • Termination Clause — A termination clause contains all the terms and conditions required for either party to end the service agreement before the end of the contract.
  • Indemnification Clause — The other type of clause included in HVAC contracts is the indemnification clause. This clearly lays out which party is responsible for paying for any damages that occur, and it is often consulted during a dispute.
  • Service Modifications — Sometimes things happen in life that mean the HVAC service provider or the client will need to change a part of the agreement mid-contract. Service modifications outline how either party should go about handling these changes.
  • Governance — When disputes arise, both parties must agree which governing laws to use to address the issue. Most contracts merely need an acknowledgement that both parties are aware of the state laws.
  • Date and Signature Lines — The date and signature lines on an HVAC doc are there for each party to sign and date at the time of the agreement. As is the case with most legal documents, these signatures make the contract legally binding.

Types of HVAC Maintenance Contracts

There are typically three types of HVAC service agreement templates:

  1. Full Coverage Contracts: A full coverage HVAC contact allows the consumer to have all necessary repairs and maintenance performed for the year. These contracts are generally paid on a set price annual basis regardless of how many or how little it is used.

  2. Labor Only Contracts: A labor only contract covers the labor put into repairing an HVAC system. Any parts required will be an additional fee. These contracts are generally paid on a flat fee annual basis.

  3. Preventative Contracts: Preventative contracts are also known as inspection contracts. These contracts allow clients to schedule yearly or seasonal check-ups for their HVAC system. If any repairs are necessary, the HVAC company will typically offer a discounted rate, but the charges will be in addition to the contracted price. Many times, the fee structure for this type of contract can vary based on the clients wants and needs.

What’s Included In an HVAC Maintenance Checklist?

The information in an HVAC contract template will likely help the client decide if the service is correct. HVAC companies will list their qualifications and provide information about any particular licenses or certifications they hold. When reading through an HVAC contract, you should ensure the company has provided information, such as ensuring they are licensed and insured to perform the necessary tasks. Many times a company may guarantee the repairs they perform on your HVAC for some time after the repairs are complete.


Determine whether you need an HVAC service contract template for annual services that a company performs until the contract ends or an HVAC maintenance contract for a one-time maintenance format. If you don’t need yearly assistance, mention another timeframe that works best for you.


When using an HVAC contract template, specify the types of services the company provides. Certain companies will also offer a warranty or guarantee on their services. For example, if something goes wrong with their completed repairs, they will fix the problem for free within a specific time. 

Depending on the season, HVAC services may change. Here’s a list of HVAC services based on the season they are usually performed.

  • Clearing any standing water from drain pans
  • Cleaning condenser and evaporator coils
  • Cleaning or replacing filters
  • Cleaning and clearing the drain lines
  • Testing thermostat settings and controls
  • Replacing damaged pulleys and belts
  • Replacing batteries
  • Checking refrigerant charge
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Checking the fan motor
  • Checking blowers and blades
  • Observing humidity levels
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Inspecting for leaks
  • Checking for debris around the unit
  • Ensuring secure closure on the cabinet door
  • Inspecting the ducts for mold and debris
  • Replacing the filters
  • Assessing the gas pressure
  • Examining the heating elements
  • Examining the ignition burner assembly
  • Checking for gas leaks
  • Inspecting the pulleys and belts for damage
  • Inspecting the flue system and ensuring it is fully attached
  • Checking the electrical connections
  • Checking the thermostat settings and controls
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Clearing the drain lines and pans
  • Inspecting the heat pump
  • Examining and adjusting the fan and blowers
  • Examining the ducts and vents


Include details on the cost or the charges, when to bill a client, when to expect a payment, and how to make payments.

How To Write an HVAC Contract

For HVAC Providers

1. Define the Parties
When you start a new contract, you must ensure that both parties involved clearly identify themselves. To cover this, any HVAC service agreement forms need to identify whether each party is acting as an individual or as part of a larger business organization. This section of the contract also needs to contain any other information that can legally identify them.

2. State the Maintenance Services
After you have defined each of the parties, you need to state which maintenance services the contract covers. Both parties should complete as much detail as possible, with checklists of each of the services covered and any relevant limitations. Your HVAC contract will not be as enforceable when these services are not clearly outlined.

3. Write Dispute Guidelines
An essential part to consider when writing an HVAC contract is what happens when the parties don’t agree on the service provided. In these instances, it is vital to create a process for the parties to agree on how to solve the issue with the HVAC contract without having to go to court and incur large legal fees. 

4. Set Payment Terms
When writing an HVAC contract template, the final step is to set your payment terms. This section needs to be specific in stating whether pay will occur as a lump sum or on a monthly, weekly, or hourly basis. If the contractor uses the same service rates for all your HVAC contracts, feel free to state the figures here. If not, leave a section that can be filled out once negotiations have occurred and the client agrees with the suggested payment terms.


The HVAC maintenance contract needs to specify whether it is for a one-time service or a recurring service. You might also need something like an ACH authorization template to go with your HVAC maintenance contract if your company is planning to make regular payments through auto-pay directly from a bank account.

How To Use This HVAC Contract Template

Creating an HVAC contract can be helpful if you are a private property owner or if you own and operate your own business. Below are the details on when to use this legal agreement and when you may proceed without it.

Common Use Cases

An HVAC contract template is important for many home or business owners because it can help them agree to provide maintenance on their HVAC systems. If a repair is necessary, these customers are typically given priority treatment when scheduling the repairs. This helps provide peace of mind throughout the year.

HVAC businesses use these contracts to create relationships with their customers to be there when repairs are needed. These contracts also help HVAC businesses create revenue when not working on a new HVAC system. These payments can help contractors create balance in their workload throughout the year.

When Not To Use the HVAC Contract

Creating an HVAC maintenance contract through an HVAC contract template may not be ideal in all situations. If you require regular checkups or repairs on your HVAC system, a HVAC contract will likely help you save money if an HVAC company comes out at least once a year. 

On the other hand, if you only need HVAC service or maintenance occasionally or less than once a year, entering an HVAC contract may not be for you. In this case, you may want to pay the maintenance and repair fees when they are required.


Entering a contract will entitle you to priority scheduling and insurance for costly repairs. But in most cases, these benefits are probably not worth the extra cost of a service contract.

State Law

According to U.S. federal laws, an HVAC contractor must have a valid contractor license before entering a maintenance agreement or authorizing an HVAC sale. However, the legal requirements for obtaining this license vary by state, so you will need to contact a local attorney to find out the requirements within your jurisdiction.

Legal Disclaimer

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if someone violates an HVAC contract?

If you have an HVAC contract already, it should include a section at the end about how to deal with disputes. Terms in your HVAC contract will determine the legal steps if someone violates the contract’s terms. If there are no terms for a resolution outlined in the contract, which both parties have signed, then you might consider reaching out to an attorney to talk about your options moving forward.

What prices should I put in an HVAC service contract?

Both parties should agree on the price in the HVAC service agreement form. Generally speaking, an HVAC company will tell you what they charge for hourly work or what services it includes for a fixed fee. Things like annual inspections and filter replacements might be a fixed fee service while additional labor might come at an hourly rate. Write these terms into the contract and ensure both parties sign it.

How long does an HVAC service contract template last?

Any service contract you signed is legally binding until the expiration date listed in the contract. You might also negotiate with the other party for an expiration such as after two years, or after two years with the option of renewal, or until such time as one party decides to cancel.

How much does an HVAC contract cost?

Depending on the level of service and service provider you select, your HVAC contract will likely cost between $75 and $200 per year. This amount will vary based on the system's complexity and the contract's terms. For example, maintaining a residential HVAC system will likely cost less than the service contract created for a commercial HVAC.

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Will there be any additional actions that I should take after writing my HVAC Contract?

After writing your HVAC contract, ensure that you thoroughly understand the terms laid out within the contract. You should also note any special requirements on your part, such as scheduling routine maintenance at certain times or when the contract is up for renewal, and how that process works. Finally, keep an open line of communication with the company or the property owners.