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The US lease agreement is a legal document that explains the terms of a rental property. With the lease agreement by Lawrina, you can establish and agree on essential house rules that tenants and landlords should follow to avoid any lease disputes. You can find the same document under residential lease agreement, rental agreement, or rental contract. Check out the lease agreement in PDF, fill out the critical information, and download your completed document, ready to use wherever you need it.
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Template Description

The US rental lease agreement template is a legal document that explains the terms of a rental property. This lease agreement for rental might stipulate house rules or other agreements that a tenant must follow. There are likely sections that explain how much a tenant owes when he or she pays rent, what one month’s rent is, and whether the agreement is an annual agreement that allows the person to live there for one year or a month-to-month contract.

A standard lease agreement will abide by state laws and have sections for the landlord and the tenant to sign or for property managers and the tenant to sign.

There are two common types of a rental lease agreement:

A. Fixed-term lease—This agreement stipulates how long the deal lasts. Usually, it covers cases with extended rental agreements of multiple years. Sometimes, a fixed-term lease can be used for a shorter time, such as six or eight months.

B. Periodic or month-to-month lease—This legal document is designed for shorter rentals by the month. Either party can give one month’s notice before canceling, moving out, or finding a new tenant.

If you are over 18 and want to move into a new property, you will need a lease agreement form to clarify your legal responsibility for the lease, rent duration, and payments. 

If you wonder, “Why do I need a residential lease agreement?” here are some of the benefits made available by signing this type of legal document:

- It highlights all of the necessary information, including rights and responsibilities, for the tenant(s) and the landlord(s);
- It gives legal grounds for ensuring that the parties are following all the rules; and
- It assures that if either of the parties isn’t following the rules, the other party can use the agreement as evidence for enforcement. 

Here is a checklist of how to write a rental lease agreement:

Coordinate with counterpart 
It is a necessary first step to communicate with the other party who is to sign the contract. You should reach out to them to avoid catching them by surprise, which may prolong the process. You should make them aware that you intend to end your lease early and would like to use a rental lease agreement sample to ensure that everyone’s legal rights and interests are protected. Coordinating with them will make the process more efficient and less time-consuming for both parties. 

Negotiate essential terms of the contract
An important feature of a lease agreement release form is that both parties mutually agree that the lease is terminated early. For this to happen it is important that the parties agree on the terms to be contained in the contract. Unless the parties agree and sign the lease release agreement, a host of legal issues will arise for the party terminating the lease agreement early or for the party refusing to terminate. In an effort to avoid this, a key step of entering into a lease release agreement form is coming to a mutual understanding of the terms to be contained in the contract. This typically requires some negotiation and a financial settlement. 

Fill in all the necessary information 
Once all the details are discussed, customize Lawrina’s legal template and fill in the necessary information, including the parties’ names, contacts, complete address, forwarding address, and then move out date agreed upon. Make sure both parties proofread the agreement carefully before signing it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a lease cancellable?

Some lease agreements have language in them that explains under what circumstances they can be canceled. A cancelable lease is generally one that can be terminated to a certain point. Sometimes, a fee might be required if a tenant moves out within a given time frame.

Does a lease need to be notarized?

This depends entirely on the state. Certain states like California do not require the notarization of lease agreements. Be sure to check your state laws or ask a lawyer near you for help.

Do I need a residential lease agreement to rent a room in my house?

Legally, you may not need a residential lease agreement to rent a room in your house. However, if you are going to rent any part of your property, you may want to use a tenancy agreement template. A proper lease is essential even if you rent only one room in your home. Tenants will want to clearly understand their rights and obligations to avoid confusion with this type of agreement.

Can a rental agreement be used as proof of address?

A rental or lease agreement can be used as proof of address in certain states. You can look up the rules for your state to be sure or ask a real estate lawyer.