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    The motorcycle bill of sale form is a purchase agreement for motorcycle that entitles an individual to purchase and hold a receipt after a transaction, which is required for registration and titling of the motorcycle. When a buyer pays in cash, this document will be the only proof that the transaction is legal and that ownership has been transferred. The motorcycle will be offered for sale in "as-is" condition. Get this motorcycle bill of sale created and revised by Lawrina lawyers, edit it, and download to your device seamlessly.
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    Template Description

    What Is a Bill of Sale for a Motorcycle

    The motorcycle bill of sale form is a purchase agreement for motorcycle that entitles an individual to purchase and hold a receipt after a transaction, which is required for registration and titling of the motorcycle. When a buyer pays in cash, this document will be the only proof that the transaction is legal and that ownership has been transferred. The motorcycle will be offered for sale in ""as-is"" condition.

    If an inspection request is made, it must be completed and notarized by a state Notary Public before the completion of the sale.

    When Is a Motorcycle Bill of Sale Needed?

    As well as serving as a legal document for a motorcycle sale, gift, or transaction, it contains valuable information that can be used to provide future buyers with a detailed vehicle history record. Before they even begin title transfer paperwork, some states and territories require a notarized Motorcycle Bill of Sale (and you must also own the motorcycle).

    What Should It Include?

    A motorcycle bill of sale must include the following information to be legally recognized (create and download this Lawrina Templates sample):

    1. Date of sale
    2. Seller's name and address
    3. Buyer's name and address
    4. Detailed information about the motorcycle being sold, including the manufacturer, model, year, VIN, color, and mileage
    5. Motorcycle sale price
    6. The payment method used by the buyer
    7. There must be a guarantee clause about the motorcycle and any special circumstances (e.g., if it is financed or must be shipped).
    8. Buyer and seller's signatures and dates

    How to Write a Bill of Sale for a Motorcycle: Easy Steps

    To get the highest price for your motorcycle when you sell it, it's best to consider all marketing options. Once a potential buyer is found, a legally binding contract should be signed using a bill of sale. You can use a printable motorcycle bill of sale template found online. The buyer will need the bill of sale to register in their respective state after completing the transaction.

    Step 1: Getting the motorcycle ready for sale

    To ensure your motorcycle is sold in good condition, have it inspected by a mechanic, and be sure to touch up any visible rust. Wash the motorcycle and wax any visible finish with a traditional wax.

    Step 2: What is its value?

    A motorcycle's worth can be determined by finding similar bikes for sale in your area and comparing them or by using an online price estimator. Even though it's always recommended to check your local market and use all the available estimators, the Kelley Blue Book ( is the best. You can also use and

    Step 3: Putting the motorcycle on the market

    As part of listing the motorcycle for sale, getting it in front of as many people as possible is important. Therefore, the seller should use all online marketplaces, newspapers, and local classified magazines. As part of this process, the seller will take photos of the bike and gather all the necessary information for marketing and promotional purposes.

    What are the best websites to sell motorcycles?

    • CraigsList

    What are the best non-online places to sell a motorcycle?

    • Street Sign
    • Classified Ads
    • Newspaper

    Step 4: Meet the potential buyer

    The best way to sell a motorcycle is to show it to the potential buyer and allow them to take a test drive if you feel comfortable doing so. The motorcycle should be in showroom condition, which means it should look the best it can, given its current condition.

    When the buyer decides to purchase, an exchange usually occurs on the spot, and a price can be negotiated. In most cases, the buyer will be upfront about their interest. A general motorcycle bill of sale may be used to finalize the terms of the transaction if a verbal agreement is reached.

    On reputable legal websites, you can find pdf motorcycle bill of sale templates that you can modify to include any necessary information regarding a lien or special circumstances in the guarantee clause.

    Step 5: Completing the Sale

    Unless the parties have agreed to a wire transfer, the buyer must possess the funds in certified checks, money orders, or cashier's checks at the time of sale. The buyer and seller must input the details into the bill of sale, including the title and registration. The seller will need the title and registration of the motorcycle.

    Both parties should present government identification and be copied or photographed after the possession exchange has occurred to verify signatures.

    The buyer will then have the option to register with their state.

    How To Sell a Motorcycle: Tips and Tricks

    • Start your motorcycle, ensure it runs smoothly, and have a mechanic check it over so you can share a receipt with potential buyers.
    • If you have added personalized parts, replace them with the original stock parts or make the original parts you removed available with the sale. Most buyers prefer motorcycles left in stock form.
    • Make sure your motorcycle is thoroughly cleaned and detailed.
    • Ensure your bike is photographed against an uncluttered background and from different angles. Make sure you take pictures of the bike's mileage as well as any damage it may have.
    • Calculate your motorcycle's value. The price you're asking should be realistic. Potential buyers might want to negotiate. Be prepared with the lowest price figure. For those who don't want to negotiate, put the price as "firm."
    • Choosing a sales method: Ensure all pertinent documents are included, including the title and service history, when advertising your bike in newspapers, magazines, or online. This is where you need a printable bill of sale for motorcycle.
    • Choosing a safe, public location is important. You may not want potential buyers to visit your home or discover your home address. You can check if your local police department offers its parking lot as a safe place to conduct these meetings.
    • You can't ride along with the potential buyer while test-driving a motorcycle, so it's important to host a safe test drive. Many people will have money in hand before you allow test drives. If a potential buyer isn't satisfied after the test drive and the motorcycle isn't damaged, they can get a refund. The sales agreement may include this. To be safe, take a picture of their driver's license and their vehicle. Make sure your bike tester is licensed and experienced. Make sure you're covered before a test drive with a potential driver if anything goes wrong.
    • When you sell your bike, don't forget to remove the license plates if they don't stay with the vehicle. Contact your insurance agent and cancel your motorcycle insurance policy as soon as possible.

    Taking these simple steps can help you sell your motorcycle safely and successfully.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is a bill of sale for a motorcycle compulsory?

    Many states require sellers to complete a bill of sale and register it with the local DMV. Additionally, in some states, it must also be notarized.

    It is important for the motorcycle bill of sale to provide details regarding the motorcycle's make, model, and registration, as well as its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and odometer reading. 

    How much does it cost to title a motorcycle from a bill of sale?

    There are different fees associated with motorcycle title transfers in different states. For example, a title transfer fee in Texas is $25 to $33, depending on your county. A bill of sale form for motorcycle can be found online.

    What are the purposes of the bill of sale for a motorcycle form?

    Like a receipt, a bill of sale proves ownership has been transferred. It also specifies the terms of the sale, including price, delivery, and condition. The bill of sale is used to prove the true owner of a vehicle and determine whether or not sales tax must be paid on the transaction. Use a blank bill of sale for motorcycle template to complete a motorcycle purchase agreement for a smooth transaction.