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    Personal Pack by Lawrina consists of 15 legal templates you can use in every aspect of your personal life — from purchase and sale deals to wedding photography planning. When you fill in and download these legal forms, you can quickly solve child caregiving matters, streamline your financial flow, hire a world-class consultant, etc.
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    Templates Pack Description

    Involved parties should document every life event appropriately and arrange legally without stress. Lawrina provides you with the complete Personal Pack of handy legal templates to help you manage your life balance. Created and revised by our legal experts, these legal forms are free from heavy legalese, and they comply with recent state law regulations across the U.S. 

    With this Personal Pack, you can legally authorize your relatives to take care of your child, manage your finances, ask your neighbor to stop disrupting the peace and tranquility on your property, or arrange memorable photography for a wedding — and many more things to sort out.

    Take this list of Lawrina life templates and pick the necessary form for your matter:

    1. Bookkeeping Agreement: Secure and manage all financial operations to avoid costly risks.
    2. Child Care Authorization Letter: Entrust your child to a reliable caregiver to solve your non-parental tasks with peace of mind.
    3. Commercial Lease Agreement: Rent a business property for the long term without stress and paperwork.
    4. Consulting Services Agreement: Deliver and accept outside services for special projects.
    5. General Bill of Sale: Record your purchase and sale of tangible goods or services to acknowledge the sale by all parties.
    6. Image Removal Request: Defend your copyright for visual materials to prevent infringement and avoid their appearance on public sources.
    7. Last Will and Affidavit: State your final wishes and ensure your property’s delivery to the right people. 
    8. Letter to Neighbor about Nuisance: Remind your neighbors about your right to personal space, including noise abatement, and respect for your property’s boundaries. 
    9. Non-Disclosure Agreement: Keep your sensitive information confidential from third parties to prevent public disclosure.
    10. Purchase and Sale Agreement: Legalize your purchase and sale deed to deliver and receive your items on time, at a total fee, and on an arranged date and place.
    11. Residential Lease Agreement: Protect your living space and terms to avoid conflicts with tenants and landlords within the lease duration.
    12. Restaurant Partnership Agreement: Cooperate with various companies or individuals to make the restaurant business grow in multiple ways.
    13. Tenancy Termination Letter: Finish your lease as early as you need with confidence and without disputes between landlords and tenants.
    14. Termination Notice from Landlord: Set a reminder for your tenants upfront to inform them about their rental end and part on good terms.
    15. Wedding Photography Contract: Organize and list the number and types of photos in the wedding photography process so you can make this event happy and meaningful for all guests.

    Download the Personal Pack by Lawrina and enjoy life without bunches of legal paperwork.

    Template Pack Benefits

    15 Documents

    Each template pack includes legal Microsoft Word forms, always at your hand when you start and develop your projects.

    Clarity in Every Clause

    Be sure to understand each term in a legal sample to avoid confusion and force majeure during your business deals.

    Compliance With State Laws

    Feel confident to use your template across the U.S. and solve your legal issue quickly.

    Qualified Legal Help

    Find an experienced lawyer on Lawrina Match if you need legal advice or help with preparing essential documents.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to choose an appropriate legal template?

    Lawrina legal experts have prepared and revised all templates from Lawrina Packs to address your legal matters directly. You can opt to edit all forms from Lawrina Packs or the one you need for your circumstances. Each legal form is compliant with recent state law regulations to submit it wherever you need it across the U.S. 

    You can see the descriptions of each legal form from the selected pack in the Documents in the Pack section.

    If you’re hesitant about the correct type of legal agreement for your case, you can find and ask a lawyer in the Lawrina Match database. It includes more than 1000 verified experienced attorneys in any legal practice area from all over the U.S. Type in your state or legal issue, and contact legal professionals for details.

    How to use a legal document template?

    After you buy a template pack, you can download it right away on Lawrina or access it via the link we send to your email. Then, you can start filling out all the forms or continue with the one you need at the moment. 

    When you finish, you can print a complete template, get it signed, and submit it for the necessary procedure. You can save all customized templates for your future deals.

    Do legal documents require a signature?

    After you finish preparing your legal template, you and the other parties should sign it. Your signatures prove that all parties agree to and approve the document, which makes it valid.

    The signature format can be both manual or electronic.