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A personal training agreement is a legal document between a trainer or coach and a client who orders training services. This type of legal contract enables personal trainers for sports, business coaches, or other training employees to perform training services for clients. Fitness contracts help contractors and clients outline the training scope and timelines, plus fees for each training session or fitness program. Create your training contract template with Lawrina, keep it safely in your inbox, and easily download the PDF document.

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Template Description

What Is a Personal Training Contract?

A personal training contract agreement is a formal document that enables personal trainers, business coaches, or other training employees to perform training services for clients. This type of agreement is prevalent in sports. These fitness contracts help contractors and clients outline the training scope and timelines, plus fees for each training session or fitness program.

Important Clauses in Personal Training Contracts

When you’re about to draft a personal training agreement form, here are the main clauses you should include in your sample:

  1. Training program: this section includes the framework the trainer should provide for a client or a group of clients. The program describes specific trainers’ tasks and key performance indicators (KPIs) if applicable. Both parties should discuss all the training details beforehand to fill out this provision.
  2. Payment: this clause describes applicable fees for each session or training program. Trainers and clients can also agree on monthly payments in case of long-term cooperation.
  3. Consent and Need for Medical Examination: this clause specifies that clients should pass a medical checkup before training sessions. The trainer cannot force their clients to do it, but this provision protects the trainers from additional liability for the trainee’s health.
  4. Release Liability: if the client refuses to check his or her health before training sessions, the coach cannot take full responsibility for the physical harm that occurred during the training or detected before the session.
  5. Waiver and Indemnity: by this clause, the client agrees to keep the gym equipment undamaged, which protects the trainer from possible lawsuits initiated by the client.
  6. Cancellation Policy: this provision describes the “penalties” if the client cannot make the training session on time. For example, the session can be refundable if the client has notified the trainer more than three days before the scheduled session. If the client cancels the training 24 hours before, the session traditionally cannot be refundable. Trainers and clients can also establish rescheduling terms and clarify which cases are considered “force majeure.”
  7. Warranties: this section clearly states the training outcomes that the client and the coach may expect from each other and for which actions they are not responsible.
  8. Contract Termination: either party may end their agreement if they break the agreed terms. For example, the trainer can terminate sessions if the client has crossed the payment deadline multiple times. The client can also stop training sessions if he or she has faced an inappropriate trainer’s attitude, and vice versa.

These clauses duplicate the agenda of your discussion with the other party. Staying on the same page on a personal training contract agreement will help clients and coaches avoid legal disputes and possible court hearings.

Why Is a Personal Training Agreement Important for a Personal Trainer?

This fitness contract template can always be tailored to the sports industry and perfectly assist fitness trainers in their daily job. With this document, they can protect their legal rights towards their gym employer and clients if arguments arise.

The main components to cover in a personal training client agreement form are the training program or session description, the trainer’s and client’s obligations, applicable fees and dates for the training services, warranties, and termination. Before creating copies of a personal trainer agreement template, discuss all the terms and conditions with the other party. 

Best Practices When Using a Personal Training Agreement

Personal training agreements can bring more income to personal coaches. Below see how it works nowadays. 

Refine your offerings

If you haven’t created your training offers, it’s the right time to start here. You should promote your training services on social media and specific marketplaces. Include the type of your services, fees, and location. You can get more client reviews when you add some information about yourself, e.g. what you enjoy most about your personal trainer job, which clients you can help, etc. Remember to update your profile and posts regularly. 

Convert more sales

After you have collected a sufficient number of clients, you can meet with them for the presentation of your training services. It’s best to create a visual information dashboard to let your potential clients learn more about your fitness programs and ask you some questions. 

You should also ask people your questions about their training expectations and health. Based on dozens of these responses, you can edit your scope of services to fit the needs of more clients. 

Prepare a personal training contract

When you finish creating your training services brief, you can take care of a personal trainer agreement template. You can ask a lawyer to draft it and get a sample on Lawrina. With Lawrina, you can fill out the data on your side online and send the template to a client to let them finish their part. 

Once a personal training contract template is set and ready, it gains its legal force instantly. 

Tips for a Secure Personal Training Contract

This section is dedicated to lawyers who will draft printable personal training contract templates for individual coaches. An interview with a gym’s legal department can significantly contribute to a lawyer’s experience and certification. So consider these up-to-date tips to pass all interview steps successfully and get more productive contract tasks from personal trainers:

  1. Before submitting your application, give your resume and cover letter to a person you trust. Ask them to review your application forms and provide objective feedback on what is good to highlight at the interview and what can be improved;
  2. Research the law firm which will interview you or the gym with its legal department. Learn their team specifics, client reviews if any, certifications, etc. You may also prepare job-specific questions for the interviewers;
  3. Stay true about your work experience. Don’t exaggerate your responsibilities at the current or previous workplace. Stick to the words “currently acquiring the required skills” if an employer asks you about specific expertise you haven’t mentioned in your resume;
  4. Finally, be yourself. Don’t control yourself too much, i.e. your emotions or body language. The other party can feel it immediately and decide on another candidate who has introduced his or her expertise more confidently.

In general, the best way to get a qualified job offer is to be sincere towards yourself and your employers and stay confident in your professionalism.

How To Write a Personal Training Agreement

Below are the detailed instructions on writing a standard trainer contract template.

Essential terms first

Beginning from the most crucial terms can help you include all the necessary details about the training services you provide or receive. These are the following information:

  • The full name of the coach and the client. If the client attends a gym, mention the gym’s name, or the fitness dealer’s name, and the name of its employed coach;
  • The dates when the training program or sessions start and end;
  • The cost of the program or the fees for each training session.

Overall, all the information in figures and proper names is always the first to remember and refer to during the whole cooperation.

The scope of your training program

The following section describes the framework of your training program and sessions. This is a descriptive clause under default names, for example, “training packages,” “terms and conditions,” “the scope of services,” etc. 

You can answer these questions below to ease the writing process of a personal training agreement form sample:

  1. What are your health conditions? Which exercises are better to include into sessions and avoid?
  2. How often and how long should the sessions be?
  3. What are the responsibilities of the client and the trainer?
  4. In which cases do the cancellation policies enter the legal force?
  5. What are the penalties if either party breaches the contract? 
  6. What are the warranties of both parties?

More provisions and details can apply depending on the individual cases and preferences.

The final step

When you have written the aforementioned components of a personal training contract agreement template, you can share the prepared document with the other party for revision. When they check it and approve its content, you can print out the sample and put a handwritten or an electronic signature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a personal training agreement?

A personal training document guarantees complete alignment with your expectations from training sessions. When both parties have discussed the training program and sessions in detail and outlined them all in this type of agreement, the chances of arguing or ending up in court are lower. 

On the contrary, when parties have not created any personal training agreement template, it is far more complicated to prove the liability in this cooperation between the parties.

Can I edit my personal training agreement template?

You can edit your personal training agreement form sample on Lawrina Templates. While you are creating your legal form, you can always get back to any question dedicated to the content of your personal training document and edit it. The changes will immediately appear in the sample.

Plus, when you finish editing your personal trainer contract agreement template, you can save it for your next clients or other trainers. 

How do I terminate a personal training contract?

There is a difference between fitness contracts for gym trainers and trainer freelancers. With the last ones, you can terminate the document whenever you want as a client and a trainer. Make sure you have discussed and agreed on the term when you should tell the other party about the end of your cooperation.

Gyms across the U.S. have individual regulations on personal training contracts. Commonly, trainers are eligible to terminate the legal agreement with their client if the client doesn’t notify the trainer of the absence beforehand or doesn’t attend three and more sessions. You should learn more about your gym regulations on fitness contracts on the gym website or ask the authorized personnel to clarify the matter.