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    A photography release form is a legal document between a photographer (Releasee) and a model (Releasor) that outlines the model’s permission to use the photographs of him or her in a publication in media. This legal document protects the photographer from being taken to court when publishing or using the images of the Releasor. Photo release consent forms are commonly used for commercial and promotional purposes. Edit this legal sample on Lawrina to your needs, save it to your inbox, and download it for future use everywhere.
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    Template Description

    What Is a Photo Release Form?

    A photography release form is a legal document between a photographer (Releasee) and a model (Releasor) that outlines the model’s permission to use the photographs or video of him or her in a publication in social media. If a model is a minor under 18 or it is a pet, the liable person, parents, or the pet owner, every time consent is needed for public use of these images. That is when a model and photographers need to sign the photo release contract as is required to publish any form of photography.

    This simple legal agreement is a standard procedure for arranging enduring cooperation between a photographer and a model or a single photo shoot. Primarily, it legally protects the photographer from being taken to court if the model suddenly changes his or her mind to allow for the public usage of their photos either for profit or non profit purposes. When the model has consented, they have no right to demand the immediate removal of the photo materials and sue the Releasee.

    Other general examples of the use of photo release forms include events, sports, education, pet photoshoots, or other events where photographers make photo reports. Photography professionals need the given permission to add the photos to a digital space, social media, printed media, etc.

    When Do You Need a Photo Release Form?

    Photographers always need a photo release agreement in their daily job to avoid any disputes with models and severe legal issues. People who agree to share their identity in pictures for commercial or promotional purposes should also have the signed photo release form sample. Commercial or promotional purposes are considered the ones which imply payments for taking photos of models and publishing them in advertisements, social media, websites, posters, brochures, and other sources of non-informational or non-educational purposes.

    Regarding mass media like newspapers, photographers do not need consent to use photographs on paper pages. These media must be unbiased and impartial when publishing their articles, according to the worldwide established journalism canons. Overall, standard photo release consent forms are not required for educational or informational purposes, meaning no party will get revenue from the published pictures.

    There are many examples of when you need a photo release form. One example is when you organize photoshoot in schools or photoshoots for employees. In the first case, parents should sign a form for minors to prevent any copyright issues. Or assume you need to post pictures on your church website. You can't just post your photos without having signed church photo release forms

    Photo release form for minors

    Each photographer should have an extra-important photo release form for minors and be ready to present it to the model. In this image release form, a parent or legal guardian should leave his or her consent to use the child’s photos in public materials for commercial or promotional purposes, such as child daycare services. The adult person who is a legal child’s caregiver should sign the document and keep a copy.

    Photographers should always take into consideration the age of their models. Even after signing a photo release consent form, there are copyright infringement cases when photographers publish the model’s photos in media sources. For example, on their own social media pages. Usually, the events of publishing photos of minors without their parent's or guardian’s permission are subject to filing a direct lawsuit against the photographer.

    What Should You Include in a Photo Release Form Template?

    Both parties should specify the following information in a photo release consent blank form:

    - Releasor: the person who permits or does not permit to use their images in public (it can be a model, a patient, a client of a particular service, or any other subject);

    - Releasee: the photographer who is responsible for the distribution, storage, and access to the photos;

    - The photo shooting details: the description of the expected pictures, the shooting event, and its address, generic property details;

    - Payment matters: the Releasee should specify his or her requirement to receive the fee for the photos of him or her;

    - Royalty: the Releasor should state that a royalty fee takes or does not occur every time when the Releasee uses the picture of the Releasor in public in a specific format.

    - Revocation: the Releasor should mention whether he or she wants to make changes to the contract or terminate it at any time;

    - Signatures of both Releasor and Releasee;

    - Contact information of the photographer and the model: full names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

    How to Write a Photo Release Form?

    Below are the key information details and clauses that both parties should mention in a photo release form sample.


    The Releasor party is the model who can either give his or her consent to publish the photos of her in media sources or not. In case of a favorable decision, the Releasor agrees not to sue the photographer for the images made after they are published in media. If the model does not wish to share his or her pictures with the publicity, he or she should mention it in the photo release agreement, and the photographer is obligated not to publish the photos in media sources.

    Mailing address

    The mailing address is a permanent photographer’s work address or the photo shooting physical address.


    The Releasee party is the photographer who requires the model’s consent to publish the images of the model. The Releasee should also provide his or her full name, address, phone number, and email address.

    Photo to release

    This clause includes the description of the expected photos to release.


    Here, the Releasor may ask the Releasee for initial fees for providing access to the photographs.

    No payment required

    If the Releasee does not require any public payments for the photo shooting or using images in public, this should be mentioned in the photo release consent form. Another option is to sign a waiver separately from the photo release contract.

    Royalty fee

    Royalty fee means the payment whenever the image of the Releasor is displayed elsewhere.

    No royalty fee

    If both parties agree that no fee is charged when pictures of the Releasee appear in specific media, then this statement should be explained in the photo release form sample.

    No revocation allowed

    If the photo release does not enable the Releasor and the Releasee to terminate the cooperation, this option should be indicated in the document.

    Option to revoke

    Revocation is possible if there is room for negotiations between the parties when force majeure occurs. The option to revoke and its requirements should be specified in the photo release form.

    Releasor’s signature and printed name

    The Releasor should sign the document and write the full name on it.

    Signature date of releasor

    The Releasor should write the date of his or her signature to start cooperation with the Releasee officially.

    Releasee signature and printed name

    The Releasee should sign the document and write the full name on it.

    Signature date of releasee

    The Releasor should write the date of his or her signature to start cooperation with the Releasee officially.

    After you filled out all the information in the blanks, you can easily download a printable version of the photo release agreement pdf by Lawrina's lawyers. The sample will help you ensure no detail is missed. Drafting a photo release agreement is simple with Lawrina.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the purpose of a photo release form?

    The primary purposes of a photo release agreement are commercial or promotional. It means all the pictures taken are used for commercial or promotional purposes in advertisements, social media, websites, and other promo materials. Hereby, the Releasor gives his or her consent to publish his or her photos in public media sources.

    What needs to be included in a photo release form from the client?

    The Releasor or the client who provides his or her identity for photographs should clarify whether these photos can be used in media sources. Also, the Releasor should mention the fees for each published image or the one used in public. 

    What should I not allow in a photo release form?

    As a model, you may not permit the photography specialist to use your photos for commercial or promotional purposes. If so, mention it in the photo release form.